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Memories of Tiffany
8/6/17 Hi Precious Tiffany, I started fresh this month with notes. All the past ones are saved. I miss you so much and after all this time I am sitting here crying and holding you. I have you and Gracie on my dresser, so I know you are always with me. Give kisses to Sadie, Penny, & Gracie. I hope you have also met all the other fur babies I had before you. I was talking about Casey the other day, so I hope you have met him. Zoey and I had to leave our therapy dog visits with the move, but come September we will be looking for a new place here to visit, to carry on your work. I love you so much and think about the day we will all be reunited. What a reunion that will be. Sending lots of love and kisses. Mommy

3/7/18 Hi Precious, Sorry it took me so long to write to you. It seems like this move is the best thing I ever did and I am so active in so many things. I think of you all the time and it's amazing how often I talk to others about you. Zoey got a new therapy dog job here and it is the best ever. The patients love her and she loves them so much. I am so thankful you sent Zoey to me. She is so much like you and the day of our reunion will be so happy because I will have all my girls with me again. Give kisses to Sadie, Penny, and Gracie. Also I hope you play with Zoe and Clayde-Bailey. Their Mommy misses them so much. I love you, sweet girl. Mommy

It's been 7 years today, my sweet girl. I miss you so much every day. I love you for sending me Zoey shortly after you left. She is carrying on your therapy dog work. She was just diagnosed with liver issues like you had, but I am praying she will get better because her patients love her and so do I. She has more work to do like you did. Give kisses to Sadie, Penny, & Gracie. I will see you all one day again. Love and hugs, Mommy

Hi Sweetheart, I don't know why it has been so long since I was here. Believe me, I think of you so much and still tell people about you. I know you sent Zoey to me because she is so much like you in so many ways. She has 3 therapy dog jobs and you would love all the patients. I see pictures of you that pop up and miss you so much. I know you are with Sadie, Penny, Gracie, and all the other fur babies, and look so forward to the day I am with all of you again. Lots of kisses and hugs. Love, Mommy

Merry Christmas in Heaven, Sweet Tif. So many photos are popping up on Facebook of you and it makes me miss you so much. I am so thankful you sent me Zoey. This Christmas is different and the first year not with the grandkids. Friends will be coming for dinner and Zoey will be here to greet them. I love you so much and the holidays make me miss you even more. Give kisses to the other girls. Love, Mommy

4/20/19 My sweet Tiffany. I am sitting here thinking of you and miss you so much. Zoey is so much like you and I am so thankful for her. It's been a tough year health wise and please send us some heavenly Poodle kisses. I sure miss those kisses. I hope you are with the other girls and I hope Grandma is there with all of you. Her plant is blooming and I like to think she is there with you. I love you, Sweetheart. Hugs and kisses, Mommy

12/4/19 My Darling Tiffany, I haven't been here for awhile and it has been a tough and busy year. I am missing you so much, especially when a memory pops up with you. Zoey has had her health issues and I have also, along with 3 surgeries coming up. Plus, with Mom & Dad moving here, who you loved so much, it has been a lot. I know you are there watching over us all, along with Sadie, Gracie, & Penny. I sure miss you every day and am so thankful that Zoey came along right after you left me. I know you had a big part in that. I love you so much and know one day we will all be together again. Love and kisses, Mommy.

1/6/20 My Precious Tiffany. It is a new year and decade. The past decade was tough and I hold out hope that this one will be better. I miss you so much at times, especially when memories pop up of you. Zoey is continuing your therapy dog work still. My dear friend, Chel, lost her beloved Mom today. Please welcome her and give her lots of love and kisses. Let her know how missed she is here. I know all you fur babies will surround her with love. I look forward to the day that I can see you again and know that Grandma will also be there with you. I love you always. Mommy.

5/4/20 Hi my Precious Tiffany. I saw a photo of you pop up the other day and realized how much I miss your sweet and loving personality. It was a photo where Katie had dressed you up and put a crown on your head. So many special memories of you. It is a different world right now. Zoey can't do her therapy dog work due to a bad virus, and it is the first time ever this has happened. I know how much you loved visiting your patients. I know Zoey misses them. I love you sweet baby. Give kisses to Sadie, Penny, Gracie and all the other babies there. I love you always and miss you every day. Love and kisses, Mommy

5/1/21 Hi sweet Tif, I saw a memory photo pop up with you and Katie, and it sure made me miss you still. It's so hard to believe you have been gone so long, but since Zoey is now 10, it is obviously true. I know you are happy and I hope you are with Dad. Zoey misses him so much and I know he loved you too. Give him a Poodle kiss for me. I love you sweet girl. Run free and know that I will see you again. Kisses and hugs, Mommy

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