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Memories of Ticks
Ticks, I never knew you or met you, yet I feel like I know you. Your little life so brutally taken without reason by two evil, evil women. They are mother and daughter Samantha and Kelly Palermo from Chicago, Illinois. Murderer's that deserve the same fate they inflicted on you! I am so terribly saddened and sorry for what they did to you and what you had to endure. I don't even know how old you were or anything but your name and that you were a beautiful little torti, and the date when you went to Rainbow Bridge. There are so many loving fur babies there for you to now call your family, my Zaki and Aja, just two of them. I have asked them many times to find you and take care of you, and I know by now they have. There are also many many people here on earth who know your story now, and love you too! You are part of OUR family now. Rest in peace sweet little one, and stay close to all your new friends. Run free, play, purr, and head butt forever now! And we all thank Christine for telling us your story, so we can now all love you too!
12/24/15 Merry Christmas little Ticks! Have you met my Zaki and Aja? How about Tazma, Taffy, Pressy, Bella and Sadie? ( There are many other's there too, for you to play with.) You are safe now, out of harms way! Have a wonderful holiday filled with love and no fear! Head butt, play, eat, to your little hearts content this holiday season, and know YOU ARE LOVED! Love, Nancy
12/25/15 Merry Christmas Ticks! Santa left you a present at your residency! Are you happy there and safe, I hope and pray that you are, and you now having a wonderful life and holiday with Zaki and Aja. Many people now know your story, and love you. I hope that helps you heal. Love, Nancy
1/5/16 Hi sweet Ticks! Are you happy playing with Aja and Zaki and all your new friends? Happy New Year! Did you see how many people signed your book and love you now? I am so happy you are not being hurt anymore, and hope you are much more secure now in your little life with your new family! We all love yo very much! Nancy
2/10/16 Hi sweet Ticks! Sorry I haven't written in awhile, (I am not much on writing) but that doesn't mean I don't think about you, Zaki, and Aja on a daily basis. I am so very glad you are safe now, happy and whole once again, and in the company of Zaki and Aja, who can definitely show you what being loved and having real friendship is all about. Make sure you stay close to them, and I am so happy I was able to provide this "safe place", (Rainbow Bridge residency" for you to rest in now free of pain and fear! I love you little one!
3/3/16 Hi sweet Ticks. I just stopped by to change your season from winter to spring, yeah!!!! I also have some very sad news, my little Kiwi has just joined you, Zaki, and Aja. Please greet her and give her a hug. Tell her I miss her so, and you are now her "new" family member. Please Ticks, now that you are safe and warm once again, take care of my little Kiwi, she is new there. thanks! Love Nancy
4/14/16 Hi sweet Ticks! Are you having fun now that you are no longer scared and terrified? I certainly hope that you have been set free. Please Ticks, if you haven't already, make yourself a part of my family with my babies, Aja, Zaki, and Kiwi. They are very sweet and will welcome you with open arms, playing, head butting, and purring. They are very special as you are, so the 4 of you need to be together as a family. Fly free little one! Love, Nancy
4/19/16 Hi Sweet Ticks! Are you having fun in this nice weather with Aja, Zaki, and Kiwi? I love you, THEY love you, and you are free from fear now, enjoying the beautiful weather, chasing birds and butterflies! Enjoy your summer sweet one! Love, Nancy
6/22/16 Hi sweet little Ticks! Are you having fun with Aja, Zaki, and Kiwi? I hope so. No more fear and pain. You will always be loved and a part of our family, little one. Be a good little cat, run jump and head butt the way you were always meant to! Love always, momma Nancy
8/2/16 Hi little Ticks! No we didn't forget you, I've just been wrapped up in some of my own health issues. Are you purring and playing with Aja, Zaki, and Kiwi?? I hope bringing you onto "Rainbow Bridge", brought you some happiness, and sense of love and family. You will never be forgotten, little one. I proud to be able to honor you and have you as a member of my family. Love, momma Nancy

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