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Memories of Thumper
When me and my sisters decided to have a new friend at home, we thought about having a friend from a special or unique breed... Which isn't usually an option in our home country.. So we thought, any bunny will do, so we asked our nanny to give a visit to a pet store nearby our schools, and she got us a beautiful 3 months old bundle of love and fluffines.. She was so sweet, she got used to us from day one, I remember when we let her walk around the first time, she was binky-ing around, we thought that something was annoying disturbing her, but she was actually telling us how happy she was,

Every time I feel down, I know she'll be there for me to cheer me up, I just sit there and she'd come to me, climbs to my lap, she would let me brush her fur... Sits calmly there and looking at me... I'd give anything to see her again..

She was a little big girl, so there was a running joke about how she looks like a little cow, friends and family made fun of her double chin and all.. By my gosh was she the most beautiful bunny I've ever seen...

There is an Arabic song, it's a pretty good one,I always sang it for her.. translation might be tricky .. but it means something like comparing her beauty to the moon light, and how among the girls she's prettiest, and among the flowers she's the rose. I thought by singing the song it'll make it up to her .. You know after calling her little cow..

She left us on March 2nd, 16 in the afternoon..
Even though she became a member of our family for a little bit over a year, she did find her way to our hearts, and managed to break us when she left us.

I'll always love her, thumper, you're the most beautiful bunny I've ever seen... You'll always be in my heart and mind.. Mama loves you baby girl... Wait for me...

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