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Memories of Thumbs
In the fall of 2002 you showed up here looking for a home. After we found out you had been left behind by some neighbors we took you in. And, what 12 years of joy you brought to us. We loved your little paws. (You had extra toes) so we named you "Thumbs". You were never much of a lap cat, but you had your own little personality. You knew who to go to for food and who was your "doorman" The only place you like to drink water was in the bathroom. You had your own bowl, but if we came by you wanted us to turn on the faucet for you. We went through a lot of changes together, but you always adjusted. We always had a birthday for you every year.
Last May you begin to get sick. I knew your time with us was getting short. Next to your last day here, you wanted to go outside and run around. I found you laying in a spot where you first laid when you came up that I hadn't seen you lay in years. I think you were trying to tell me your life had come full circle, and you were ready to go. I always promised you I would never leave you to die alone. It was hard to see you go, but it was best for you. You went peacefully. I didn't take your collar off that morning before we left so I would have something to bring back home. We had you cremated so you could always be with us. We picked you out a pretty urn with a place for 5 pictures of you to go. Christmas was a week ago. It was so lonesome without you. You always had your bag of goodies under the tree.
My little angel, rest in peace and be happy at Rainbow's Bridge. Grandmaw and Paw-Paw will always love and miss you.

April 13th 2015 - Happy Birthday my little angel! We really didn't know when your birthday was but it is the date the Vet gave you, so we always celebrated it on this day. Today would have been your 13th. Even though we won't have cake today, we will still be remembering you as we do every day. I love you precious one.

May 20th 2015 - Six months ago this morning I held you for the last time before having to make that ultimate decision for you. It was a very sad day. I still miss you so much, especially at night when you are not sleeping in the computer chair. I still find myself stepping around the mat where you always ate. A habit hard to break. I thank God for all the years you were with us, and I'm glad to know you are not sick anymore.
BB, the black cat that you were always afraid of, she comes down now to visit and share some love with us. She knows we are lonesome and miss you so much. She will never take your place though. I don't know if missing you so much will ever stop. This day breaks my heart, but know that you are always in this old broken heart. I love you Little Thumbsie. RIP.

November 20th 2015 -My precious, Today is one year ago we had to say goodbye to you. What a terrible day that was. It has been so lonesome here without you. Not one day has gone by that you have not been in my thoughts. So many tears are still shed for you. I'm glad we had you cremated so a part of you could always be with us. Thanksgiving will be next week.I will always give thanks that you chose us to be your "people parents". It was a great 12 years. Looking back I'm glad I didn't know how it would all end, the way it would go. I could have missed the pain, but then I would have missed the dance. (You)
You were worth every bit of the pain we feel right now. We love you angel. R.I.P.

Dec 25th 2015 - Well, it is Christmas again and you are so on my mind. I remember on Christmas morning I always got up with you just like a child. I think you knew the last gift under the tree was for you. I have pictures of you looking into the bag. Santa was always good to you because you were such a sweet girl. Through the holiday season you liked to lay up under the tree, so I put your urn under there. I'm sitting here looking at it now wondering how 12 years slipped away so quickly, and how sickness came and I had to let you go. I miss and love you so much. Aunt Gail visits you often too. She knows how much I miss you. Merry Christmas "baby girl".

April 13th 2016 - Happy 14th birthday my precious little angel. It is that time again and we will miss celebrating it with you. You are always in our thoughts, every single day. I will never forget about you, and will always love you. You were my heart. R.I.P. and wait for Grandmaw.

Nov 20th 2016 - Today was two years ago we had to let you go. It was one of the saddest days of my life, but I had to do what was best for you. I remember sitting up with you the night before counting the hours until morning and it was time to take you. I prayed all night for God to help me do what I had to do, and HE did. I still miss you so much. I try to tell myself you are happy and healthy again and that is what I want for you. Your picture is still the screensaver on the computer. You will always be in our hearts. We will love you forever. R.I.P my sweet baby girl.

Dec 25th 2016 - Merry Christmas my little angel. This is the 3rd Christmas without you. Your Christmas pillow always said "All hearts come home for Christmas" I always let you lay by it under the tree. I am so thankful one year we made a footprint cast of your sweet little paw. It goes on the tree every year too. I know you were with us during this season. You will never be forgotten. We love you "baby girl"..

Jan 11 2017 - Thinking about you so much during these cold days Baby Boo.. I'm thankful you are not in the cold ground. Always inside with Grandmaw!

Feb 14th 2017 - Happy Valentine's Day to my baby. You were always my little Valentine. R.I.P.

Apr 13th 2017 - Happy Birthday once again, my little angel. Today you would be 15. I still miss you every single day, but I know you are safe and healthy now. I wouldn't change that peace you are at for one more day with you being sick. You are always in my heart. Grandmaw loves you.

Nov 20th 2017 - Good morning my baby girl. It has been 3 years since we had to let you go. I still miss you every single day. We have changed the carpet and redone the room that was yours. I may put your ashes in there to rest. You always loved that bed.I guess time has helped some but so much still reminds me of you. I don't think you could deal with the stray cats coming around here in your yard now. BB still comes in the afternoon to eat but she will never, ever take your place. I love you sweet baby girl! Thanks for the wonder 12 years you shared with us.

Dec 25th 2017- Merry Christmas, my Christmas angel. This is the 4th Christmas you have not been with us. I missed doing Christmas with you this morning, but you are sitting under the tree. I remember how much you always liked laying under it for hours. You are still very much in my heart everyday. And, I will never stop loving you or forget about you. Be happy. Grandmaw loves you.

Apr 13th 2018 - Happy 16th Birthday my angel. I miss you so much but I know you are well and happy now. Just a cupcake today in memory of you. I love you so much baby girl. I know Aunt Gail will stop by to wish you a Happy Birthday too. RIP.

Jul 10 2018 My sweet baby girl. I miss you so much. I know you never liked BB and I hope you will forgive Grandmaw for taking him in. His parent is moving and he needs to stay with us. Just know that you will always be #1. You will always be in my heart. I love you "Baby Girl"

Nov 20 2018 -Baby Girl today has been 4 years since I held you for the last time before saying goodbye to you. I guess time has helped to heal some, but not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I'm thankful you are not sick anymore. BB had to come live with us. We found out it is a he. He offers us some loving. I hope you don't mind him sitting in your Grandmaw's lap. Nothing will ever take your place in my life. You will be put with me when the time comes and we will spend eternity together, my beautiful baby girl. I love you.

Dec 25 2018 - Well, it's Christmas again. This is our 5th year without you. This morning I missed seeing you look in your Christmas bag to see what Santa left for you. You were always such a sweet girl, he was good to you. I have you laying under the tree like you always liked to do when you were here. You will always be with us. Thank you God, for allowing us to enjoy this beautiful little creature for 12 years. I love you Baby Girl! Merry Christmas!

Apr 13 2019 - Happy 17th birthday my baby girl. You are still remembered everyday that goes by. I wish you could still be with us, but you had to go where God could heal you and make you well and happy again. You are still my heart and will always be with me even when I am gone. I love you angel.

Nov 20 2019 - My sweet baby girl. Today marks 5 years of you being gone. I still think about you everyday.You were such a beautiful cat. It really brings tears to my eyes if I dwell on you too much. You will always have my heart. I wish the day had not come when I had to give you up, but you were so sick and it was the best thing I could do for you. Until we meet again, Aunt Gail and me will continue to come and see you. R.I.P My angel.

Dec 25 2019 -Merry Christmas my sweet baby girl. This is our 6th Christmas without you. We still miss you so much. God gave us a little angel for awhile and I enjoyed every day of having you around. BB will never take your place but he is being a good friend to grandmaw. I love you sweet Thumbs and I will see you soon. Wait for me!!

Apr 13 2020 - Happy 18th birthday my baby girl. I can't believe so many years have gone by. You were not even a year old when you showed up here. I still miss you everyday. You are well now and I wouldn't change that for anything. Until next time, I love you so much and Happy Birthday at Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure God provides for all of His fur creatures. Whatever makes ya'll happy.

Nov 20 2020 -Well, baby girl todays marks another year you have been gone. These last 6 years have passed by so quickly, but it seems like you have been gone for an eternity. I still think about you every day and how pretty and precious you were. I thank God for allowing you in my life for the 12 years that you were. Always RIP my sweet baby girl and I will see you soon. Love and hugs sent your way. Aunt Gail will come by and visit you on this day. She always remembers.

Dec 25 2020 - Merry Christmas baby girl. This is 6 years since we shared this day with you. I'm looking at your urn sitting under the tree. You always liked laying under it, and wondering how these 12 years passed by so quickly. I am thankful for each one of them and I still celebrate our love and times with you. You will always be in my heart. I still love you so much. Merry Christmas!

Apr 13 2021- Wow I can't believe my sweet baby girl would be 19. I am so glad you came to us and we got to spend 12 of them with you. You are still in Grandmaw's heart and I think about you every day. You were such a beautiful cat even though you were never a lap cat. BB is doing a good job taking care of your territory and your Grandmaw. But there will always be just one of you in my heart. Just stay happy and I know you are well and in a good place now. Just wait for me. I love you sweet baby!

Nov 20 2021 - My baby girl, today has been 7 years since I had to let you go. I remember that day so well and all the tears I shed for you. I still miss you and always will. But I know you are well again and happy. A lot has happened this year. We lost your Paw Paw a few weeks ago. I am so sad. I know you would be sad if you were still here. He loved you and was always your "doorman". I still have your ashes beside my chair. Now, I have both of you still with me. BB turned out to be a real comfort to me these days. God must have sent him, never to take your place in my life. All of you have your own special place in my heart. I don't have much left to live for now so I hope soon I will be able to pick you up at Rainbow Bridge and we can meet Paw Paw again together. RIP my sweet angel. I love you my beautiful baby girl!

Dec 25 2021 - Merry Christmas my sweet baby girl. I miss you as always on this day. You have been sitting under the tree where you always like to lay every year. I still love you so much. Be happy! I know you are well again.

Apr 13 2022 - My sweet and precious baby girl, I can't believe it has been 20 years since you came into this world. Even though they were cut short by sickness you gave us the best years of your beautiful life. I still miss you every day. Since I lost your paw paw I only have BB left to keep me company. I still look at my birthday pictures of you every year. I miss those parties. Until next time, I love you sweet baby girl!! Happy Birthday!

Nov 20 2022- My baby girl, today was 8 years ago we had to give you up and I still miss you so much. You will always be in my heart and hold a very special place. I love you my beautiful baby. RIP.

Dec 25 2022- My angel you still are and will always be and I have never stopped missing you. Merry Christmas!

Apr 13 2023 - Happy birthday my sweet baby girl. I can't believe you are 21 years old. I still think of you everyday and you still sit right beside my chair. Until I see you again, know that I love you so very much..

Nov 20 2023 - My sweet baby I can't believe it has been 9 years since I had to let you go. Your ashes still sit on the table by me. I still love and miss you every day. You would be 21 years old by now. I am so thankful and blessed that you came into my life. I hope Paw Paw picked you up at Rainbow Bridge and you are with him. God is taking care of both of you. BB and me will join you one day and we will all be together forever. I love you so much.

Dec 25 2023- Merry Christmas my baby girl. I miss you so much. You have been sitting under the tree since it was put up. I hope you are in Paw Paw's arms and you both are taking care of each other. I wish I could see you all well and happy again, but I know I can't. Until that time comes, be happy and wait for me. I love you so much.

Apr 13 2024 - Happy 22nd birthday my baby girl. I still find myself thinking of you and remembering how it was when you were here. So much has changed. I hope Paw Paw picked you up and you are with him. I will never forget you and I will always love you.

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