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Memories of THF Scharafa
Scharafa, how could you leave us so soon and unexpectedly after your mother? I will miss your back rubs and kisses, and the way you poked your head through the feed hole begging for attention or a treat. You always wanted to be near people. You would walk away from the other horses and always come to the fence to greet us and any visitors. You would follow me in the field when I went out with a brush. I loved your "eyeliner". It made your eyes even prettier. The barn seems empty without you.
I'm glad that for a short time you had the love a young girl who rode and showed you. You were so good together. She also took beautiful pictures of you like the one on your memorial stone.
I know you felt an obligation to protect your mother, TS Schakara. I've never seen another mature horse run interference to protect another like you did when the herd started to run. Now, you will be with her to protect her again. I wish you would have waited. Schakara would have waited for you.

Scharafa: It's been almost a month and I think of you all the time. Losing you still brings tears to my eyes. It's hard to walk past your stall and not put feed in your bin or clean the hay out of your water bucket.

It's been a full month since we lost you. The other horses keep us busy in the barn with the bad weather, but none of them has your horse-anality. The others like attention, but you loved attention. You always poked your head through the feed hole whenever people were in the barn, and when I went to scratch your chin, you would lift your head and rest it on top of mine. Tears still stream down my face when I think of losing you.

Almost 2 months now. I still look at your empty stall every time I feed the other horses, and I still cry when I think of losing you.

It should be spring, but winter is hanging on and I still miss seeing your pretty face. I think of you often and tears still come to my eyes.

We went to our first horse show this past weekend. I was wishing that Arnie's mane was as easy to braid as yours. I never knew how to make a long, running braid until I practiced on you. Now, I don't have anyone else who can wear one. Your bridle in the tack room is the only one I knew for certain who it belonged to. Only your head was petite enough to wear a cob size. Alexa was at the show. Her dad said she cried when she heard we lost you. I still cry for you, too.

I think of you all the time. I miss you so much.

I bought a garden statue of a mare & foal to remember you and Schakara. It sits right outside the house. I miss you, honey.

The weather is getting hot and humid. It's time I would have made long braids in your mane to keep your neck cool. The pain of losing you is still with me.

You're still in my thoughts frequently. I shared the picture of you with your tongue sticking out on Facebook to show the anti carriage horse people what you think of them for trying to ban horse carriages. One of my friends liked your "selfie".

Always in my thoughts,Scharafa. It was one year ago when you went on your last trail ride to Green Lane. I felt bad that Izzy squished you in the trailer, but you survived. The picture I took that day of you,Starry,Arnie and Izzy hangs on my locker at work for everyone to see. I'll add it here, also. Love and miss you, honey.

The weather is getting cooler and I think of you often. I put some mums around your memorial statue. I know that "daddy" misses you also. He can't say it, but he gives me clues like when he asked to get a better look at one of your pictures on the computer.

I think of you often. I miss your pretty face, and I cry every time I visit this page.

Scharafa! Tomorrow will be one year since we had to let you go. It's still a painful memory. We have snow and cold weather again like we did when you went to the hospital. It really hit me when I was driving down the same road we took you and I saw the car thermometer in single digits like it was that night.

Another bitterly cold month. There are new horses in your old stalls. Each of them has one of your habits, but neither of them are as sweet as you were. You would have liked all the visitors in the barn.

"Daddy" is in a bad mood again. Everything is muddy and he got knocked down by Dusty a couple of nights ago, so everyone is spending most of the time in the barn and that means more mucking. Then we got a heavy downpour tonight on top of all the mud we already have. It seems like spring will never get here. I bet seeing you could make him smile again. Still missing you.

I can't believe I missed writing to you in April. I think about you a lot. The weather is finally more like it should be.I rode your half-brother Arnold at the April horse show. I only did Walk-Trot, but that's all I can manage for now. I'm still working on my fear. Arnie was a good boy for me though. "Daddy" is working with your half-sister, Winnie this year.She still has her allergy, but not too bad yet. We're hoping to keep it under better control this year. Your real dad, TwoSocks, got a betadine scrub bath today. He's having skin problems. I hope the bath helps him. You were always so healthy up until that awful night.

Winnie went to another show today. She did really well. She even won one of her classes. She's real cute under saddle, and I was thinking about how cute you would have also looked if you were dressed up Western. We love and miss you.

Hi honey.I love you. We're going to take Brave to New Bolton Center to see an eye specialist. He's been losing the vision in his only eye, and we're hoping they can do something to stop the progression. He knows he's handicapped, but he can still get pretty strong when he wants to walk someplace. I thought that him losing an eye was the worst thing until we lost you.

The vet said that Brave will eventually be totally blind, but we have the right meds to slow the progression of his glaucoma now. Brave also needs to lose weight. We were surprised to learn he weighed 1530#. So, now he's on a diet and so is Starry. I'm concerned that your lipoma was caused by us feeding you too much also. You didn't look fat, but you were a solid little mare. I hope we didn't kill you with our love. I still miss you, honey. You were the sweetest horse I've ever known.

I kept thinking about you today. I didn't realize it was a month since I last visited you here. Last show for the season is next weekend. Wish me luck with Arnie, and "daddy" with Winnie & Arnie. We both miss you.

The months go by so fast. You're never far from my mind. We finished out the show season and did OK. My last class was my best one. Arnie & Winnie were both well behaved. I so wish I could see you again. Your pictures just remind me of how much I miss you.

I missed writing to you in November, but I didn't miss thinking about you. It's time to renew your place here at Rainbow Bridge. I can't believe it is almost two years. I can still see your pretty face in my mind. I saw a video of another little mare dressed up as a unicorn for a little girl's special wish. She looked so much like you that I showed her to "daddy".

It's been 2 years since that awful night when you fell ill. I remember it like yesterday, and after a warm December, the weather has suddenly turned cold like it was the night we rushed you to the hospital. You are always in our thoughts.

Two years today.I had so hoped you would have improved when I visited you, but you hadn't. I told them to get that awful tube out of you ASAP to make you feel better. For a very short time you were, but then we had to put you down before you started to suffer again. It ripped our hearts out then, and still does today.

You are always in my thoughts. You were one of a kind. So beautiful and so sweet. I still miss you.

I'm sorry I missed visiting you in March. I thought I was here.
Do you remember Quin? She was our barn kitty that moved into the house with us. She was brought to us by the lady you kissed in your picture. She also passed away unexpectedly this week. Like you, she had been healthy and was too young to die. I hope to see both of you again when it is our turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I'm going to put a picture of her here if you don't mind. Love you always.

Time is moving fast. I think of you often.

OMG. I didn't realize two months went by. Today is my mom's birthday. If you know her, please give her a kiss and a nuzzle for me. She never met you, but she would have loved you also.

Since I last visited you, I'm having a few problems with my leg. I haven't been able to do any barn work, and I don't get out to see the horses as much as I would like. I hope the next time I visit you, I'll be feeling better.
You're never far from my mind. Love you and miss you, too.

Hi Scharafa. I still love you. My leg feels better, but last Friday, a mare that is here to breed to Joe,stomped on my foot because she isn't really halter broke too well and she got scared when I went to unclip her halter. She reared up and came down on my foot! Nothing is broken, but I'm still very swollen. I hope it heals up soon. xoxooxoxoxoxo

Another two months have flown by. My leg is still healing up, but I'm finally back to work and starting to do some barn work again. It's almost the anniversary of your mama's passing. I think you missed her more than we realized.
I'll visit you again soon. I think of you often.

Three years! So hard to believe. I told "daddy" I would be visiting you today, and he wants to say he misses you also. We'll never stop loving you, and we both miss your pretty face looking at us.

I didn't realize it has been another two months. Do you remember JoJo? Daddy finally took him to have him gelded yesterday. I wonder if he realizes what happened. We'll be able to introduce him to the herd next month. I hope that makes him as happy as it made your real daddy. You're always in my heart, honey.

We tried introducing JoJo to the herd across the fence line this week. At first it looked like things were going well, but then the mares all came into heat and started teasing him. Unfortunately, for Joe, we had to separate him again. We'll try again in a few more weeks. I think of you often.

I didn't realize it has been so long since I visited you, but you are always in my mind and heart. I need you to do me a favor and help out a kitten that died much too young. I had rescued her from the road, but daddy's nasty dog killed her just when she was starting to feel good with her new life with us.I'll post a picture of her. I named her Ivanka. I'm very angry at the dog. I'm leaving a pot of catnip at your memorial for Quin and Ivanka. Please don't eat it.

Where does the time go? I think of you often. The picture of you on your last trail ride popped up on my FB page. It was taken 4 yrs ago. I'm still mad at the dog. I can never forgive her for what she did.
Joe bit Arnie and Starry on the butt when we tried to mix him into the herd. We thought it was going pretty well until that happened. Now we have him turned out with only Winnie. They like each other. Dusty had to be put down last month. Warner was very upset, but finally calmed down when we turned him out with Brave and TwoSocks. He feels safe with them.

Time flies so fast, but I always think of you. Not much has changed since my last message. Two boarded horses moved to the West Coast, so now we only have 11 horses here. We could use more boarders, but it's a lot easier on us taking care of fewer horses. I wouldn't mind if you were still here, even though you always washed your mouth out in the water bucket. XOXOXOX

Four years since that awful day. You were special, and we don't regret the cost of trying to save you. I think we gave you a happy life. We wish you were still here with us. Your old stall is available again.

We moved Winnie into your stall. She's washing her mouth out in her water bucket just like you always did. It makes me smile.

Oh my! I didn't realize it had been this long since my last visit, but I think of you all the time.Starry had surgery on her eye to save her sight. So far, so good. Not much else has changed. Love you always.

Hard to believe it has been 5 yrs since we had to lose you. You are always in my thoughts. I keep the picture of you, Arnie & Starry at the park on my locker at work. Starry's eye is doing OK. xoxoxoxo

You will always live in our hearts. We loved you.

Still missing you.

Another year has passed, and you are still in my thoughts. Love you always.

We had to put your sire, TwoSocks, down last week. He had been doing OK, then last Monday morning Jerry noticed he seemed colicky. The vet came out and the prognosis was not good. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with you that afternoon. I'll post some pics of him here.

A visitor stopped by & left a message after all these years. I guess your pretty face caught her eye.

I didn't think I would be back here so soon, but we lost Braveheart on Thurs. 8/13. He developed the same problem you had, but was not a good candidate for surgery. If you weren't able to survive, he had even less of a chance. We put him down at home. I hope you greeted him when he crossed the bridge, and I hope his eyesight has been restored along with his health. I'm sure you'll put him in his place if he gets pushy with you, but hopefully he'll just be happy to see you again. We miss both of you so much. I'll add some of his pics to your memorial.

I renewed your residency, honey. You are sharing it with so many others of your family. Your "daddy" and I are no longer married, but I'll always have all of you. I miss all of you.

I no longer own the farm, but "daddy" is still there and so is your memorial statue. I visit there frequently. There are more horses & people there now. The new boarders are very nice to me.

I didn't realize it has been 2 yrs since my last comment. Since then, "daddy" has managed to piss off most of his boarders & they moved out. I would have gone with them if I could have. I'm hoping he's learned a lesson, but I wouldn't bet on it. Your half sister Winnie is living in your old stall, Rosie is 32 yo, Starry bowed a hind tendon last May, Arnie & Joe are doing OK. It would probably cheer up "daddy" if he could see you again. He loved you.

I visited today after telling another lady who lost two of her horses recently how I created this page for you & your mom. I just saw that tomorrow will be 3 yrs since we lost Brave. I still miss both of you. Thankfully, everyone else is OK right now. Rosie's 33rd birthday is coming up on 8/20.

Oh, Scharafa! It's been 10 yrs since we lost you. I think of you often. Recently, I was combing out the matted mane of a rescued horse at Last Chance Ranch. She looked so much like you. Same long mane, mottles on her nose, and eyeliner just like yours. But, you were still prettier with your refined face.

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