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Memories of Ohio Majestic Ones
A stuffed animal with a sympathy card attached hangs from the locked gate at the Muskingum County Animal Farm last week in Zanesville. The picture speaks for itself.

On 10/18/11, a veritable tragedy occurred in Zanesville,Ohio. Numbers of Bengal tigers, lions, cougars, black bears, grizzly bears, leopards, wolves and monkeys were "set free" by the person who "owned" them. The cages were fixed so that they could not be used again. Upon releasing them, the person then took his own life and in doing so, took the lives of these majestic ones.

We could dwell upon the horror of it all but instead we choose to rejoice that these majestic ones are now at the feet of their Creator who loves them with an everlasting love. Yes, it is very tragic and so sad. As tears came when we heard of all of this from the news media, it was difficult to remember that these precious ones are now safe across Rainbows Bridge, each with his or her own guardian angel to watch over and comfort them.

They rest in peace where they lived, buried on the property there in Ohio. May they know of our love and our caring and our compassion.

And may we all learn a great lesson from this....that these great creations do not belong to us but share the earth with us, and we are the caregivers of their home....Mother Earth.

May God bless them all and wrap his grand love around each one. And may we find peace and comfort in knowing that they rest now in the light of Eternal Love.

This will be your first Christmas at the Bridge. May God's love shine upon you forever and always.

Happy Spring, dear ones. You will never be forgotten through all the seasons of our lives. God bless you with eternal Love and Peace.

5/28/12 - When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. You are remembered on this Memorial Day with love.

9/16/12 - As the seasons change, our love and remembrance of you will be forever.

10/19/12 - Precious Ones, this is your very first anniversary at the Bridge, and we know that you are safe and happy in the care of God and the Angels. Watch over us and forgive us for what we did to you. Please watch over the little ones who cross the Bridge and keep them safe until their loved ones join them forever. And remember that you are thought of with love and that we hold you close always. You are cherished. Clare and Martha

12/4/12 - Merry Christmas, Dear Ones! We know that preparations are being made...the Christmas trees are being decorated with ribbons and ornaments of silver and gold and the angels are getting ready to sing "hallelujah" on that bright Christmas morning. Know that you are remembered with love and that you are treasured always. Clare and Martha

3/31/13 - Happy Easter! May God's love enfold you at this glorious time of year. You are thought of with love. Clare and Martha

10/19/13 - On this, your second anniversary at the Bridge we know that the banquet is set and is grand with all kinds of wonderful food and the companionship that you share with one another and all the little ones there. Many will be at the Banquet and your guardian angels will be watching over you and everyone along with St. Francis. We know that you are safe in God's arms and surrounded with peace, light and love. We love you and know that one day we'll get to meet you when it is time for us to come Home. In the meantime, God bless you with joy and the knowledge that you will never be hurt again. You are remembered with love always. Clare and Martha

12/2/13 - Happy Christmas, precious ones. You are cherished and loved by us and we know that you are well and free. Your angels watch over you and Christmas is beautiful there. You are treasures to all of us. Clare and Martha

10/19/14 - This is your third anniversary at the Bridge and we know that your lives are filled with peace and comfort in God's sunshine there. Your anniversary is remembered here by many who think of you and send you love. Enjoy the wonderful banquet and know that you are in the hearts of those here who remember...you are free and loved always. We look forward to meeting you one day in God's time. Much, much love, Clare and Martha

12/25/14 - Merry Christmas, dear ones. May God's light of Christmas love shine around you always. You are loved. Martha and Clare

10/19/15 - On this, your 4th anniversary at the Bridge, please know that you are still remembered and loved. You are surrounded by God's love and there is no better Love. You are free and at peace and so loved. We'll see you one day. Rest well in light and love. Clare and Martha

12/2/15 - It's Christmas again, and you are loved and cherished. Light and peace shine upon you always. Clare & Martha

10/19/16 - This is the 5th anniversary for you here at the Bridge. You are forever remembered and surrounded by so much love. God's Light shines on you there and Love is yours. The banquet is ready and there will be many precious ones joining you. You are at peace and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you one day in God's time. You are cherished. Clare and Martha

12/25/16 - May the light of love that shines so brightly during this Christmas time shine on you forever. Clare & Martha

10/19/17 - You are celebrating your 6th anniversary at the Bridge. Please know that you are always remembered and surrounded by Love and Light. Enjoy the banquet, knowing that peace and joy are always there with you. We will meet you one day and in the meantime we send much love and much light, Clare and Martha

12/25/17 - May Love and Light surround you at this beautiful time of Christmas. You are loved, Clare & Martha

9/8/18 - Always remembered with love. Clare & Martha

10/19/18 - You have been at the Bridge now for 8 years. We know you are living in Love, Light and Peace. We will get to meet you one day in God's time and it will be such a privilege to do so. We send our love and peace to you today and always. Clare and Martha

12/25/18 - May Love, Light, Peace and Joy be yours at this Christmas Season. You are loved, Clare & Martha

10/19/19 - God bless all of you on this, your 9th anniversary at the Bridge. We send love, peace, compassion, grace and light on this special day. Clare and Martha

12/25/19 - Happy Christmas, and may the Peace and Love there be yours at Christmas and forever. You are truly loved. Clare and Martha

10/19/20 - May God's Love and Light shine on you on this 10th anniversary at the Bridge. We know you're surrounded by peace, grace, love, and so many friends. You are loved and cherished always. Clare and Martha and Jackie

12/25/20 - Merry Christmas and Love and Light surround you always. You are truly loved. Clare and Martha

10/19/21 - This is the 11th anniversary at the Bridge...doesn't seem possible that it's been that long. We know you continue to be surrounded by God's Love, Light, Peace, Grace, Love and so many who love you. You are loved and remembered always. Clare and Martha

12/25/21 - Happy Christmas. Love, Light, Peace, Contentment and all good things surround you. You are forever loved. Clare and Martha

12/25/22 - Merry Christmas. You are forever in Love and Light. You are cherished always. Clare

10/19/23 - On this anniversary, Light and Love surround you and Peace is your pillow. You are loved and remembered always and love is sent on angels' wings. Clare

12/25/23 - Happy Christmas. May love and light and comfort surround you. You are truly loved. Clare

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