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Memories of Teensie
It was December 7, 2002, when we picked you up. I remember it well. I made a comment that you were born on Halloween and we were getting you on Pearl Harbor day. I hoped it wasn't an Omen. It wasn't. You were one of the greatest blessings God has ever granted me.

Our story began before you were born. I was so depressed facing permanent disability and a prognosis that was not promising. In fact, it was very pessimistic. I had lost the will to live believing I would be no use to anyone including myself. Everyone was telling my wife to get me a dog and I fought her the entire way. I had one when I was a child and it was heartbreak city including the fact he was stolen. Then I tried it one more time with Oreo. Once again that relationship ended in disaster. Still, my wife talked me into It citing it would give her piece of mind when the time came she had to leave me to go to work.

Teensie, you were the runt of the bunch. When I first saw you, I resisted getting close to you. You were so tiny and your markings were unlike anything I had ever seen on any dog. You were white with a brown heart on each side of your body, uniform. You were beautiful. You always have been. You also had some brown on your head with a little birth mark in your forehead. You were so beautiful, more than all the others. I wouldn't hold you much. We left you to be weaned and we came back to get you on the evening of December 7. It was a cold night. We visited with our friends for a while and I held you. You were still so tiny.

We got in the car to head home and it was cold. I had you wrapped up in a towel and was keeping you warm tight against me until the car warmed up. You wormed your way out of the towel and got under my coat and snuggled next to my heart. You stayed there for the next 14 years and never left.

We would put you in Reva's pocketbook and take you everywhere. We would take you into eat with us or shopping with us. No one ever suspected... or if they did, they never said a word. You would sleep or we would feed you. That worked for about 3 months and then you discovered your greatest asset, your yapper. That pretty much ended your fine dining experiences but we still took you into Walmart and a few other places for a while, until you decided to take a dive out of the shopping cart. You were always fearless.

As you grew we had so much fun and my depression disappeared into oblivion. You would chase a ball all day and beg me to throw more. My arm would be worn out and you wanted to chase it down that hallway just one more time. You would stand on all fours and suddenly jump as high as my waist. Then you would get into my lap and sleep. I had a buddy and someone to take care of. You made me forget all my problems and sadness. You would grab things out of my hand and make me chase you for them. To you it was all a game, but it was healing for me.

You were spoiled so bad. We would go on trips and I would stop to get a nap. You would wake me up and scratch at the wheel wanting me to drive again. I would start driving and you would lay down and go to sleep. You loved to sleep while riding in the car.

So many pictures in my mind. You were tiny and Reva would get ready to go to work and she would put you on the corner of the bed and you would run straight to my chest and curl up to me and go to sleep. You would sleep there until you were ready to go out and then eat. You were a companion and my best friend.

You are the last of the Thompson Quartet. When Nikki learned to sing, you would sing with her. Poncho would chime in and sing for people's birthdays and special occasions. I miss those days so much.

Last night we came full circle. Cancer spread throughout your body, you came and slept in my chest for the last time. You put your head against my breast where you could hear my heart You stayed there until 2 O'clock today when I had to put you in the bed by yourself while I took a shower. Saying Goodbye is not fair. We should have had more years together. Death isn't fair. Life isn't fair.

The only hope we have left is the rainbow bridge. Play with Nikki, Daisy and Poncho. One evening at sunset, your mother and I will come for you. We will cross that bridge together where we will not be separated again. We will play and play. We will play ball and I will never be tired again. We will tug the rope and play keep away. You can still make all the rules.

But of all the things I believe you know, We Loved You. I know how much you loved us. Not a day passes that I do not remember all my babies. Not a day will ever come I will not remember you until my eyes close in death also. That is a promise. I miss you so much and it's only been a few hours. God be with you all until I get there. Be Good for the Good Shepard. He will keep you and take care of you until I get there.

10-31-2017: Today would have been your 15th birthday. We had the birthday for Lucy and Snoop. We got them stuffed animals, doggie birthday cake bones and treats. As Lucy played with her animal, she looked just like you. You taught her well. She is out of her shell now. You brought her out of that too. Snoop missed you too. I could tell, he wouldn't play with his stuffed animal. She just laid on it. They knew you were not there. I love you and I miss you daily. There is not a day that passes I don't listen for your bark or break down as I wish you were still here. I hope you and Nikki are having fun. One day we will be together again.

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