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Memories of Teddy Bear
06/12/2017: You meant the world to me Teddy Bear! I only had you for 18 months but you were my whole world. I'm so sorry you came to me as an older cat with cancer and a mouthful of bad teeth. I was able to take care of your teeth but not your cancer! I hope to see you on the Other Side. Wait for me!

06/17/2017: Teddy Bear my love, I miss you so much! You were the light of my life in the short time you were with me. You were just so special to me and loved me so much. I loved you lots back, too! I have faith I will see you again when it's meant to be. Looking forward to it!

06/18/2017: PETS DO GO TO HEAVEN!

Owners and their animals will reunite. Pet lovers everywhere who've mourned the loss of a beloved animal can take comfort in the knowledge that all God's creatures do go to Heaven. (per Gary Kurz, author of "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates"). The Bible gives indisputable and convincing evidence that heartbroken owners will see their pets again. Animals are important to God. Jesus also promises eternal life for all in Revelation 5:13: "And every creature which is in Heaven."

Losing a pet is one of life's most traumatic experiences and people too often lose perspective. Hold pets in your heart but know that physically they are in another place, a place far superior to the one they left. There is no doubt that animals are eternal creatures. In truth, they really are His animals, and not ours. They belong to the One who created them and gave them life. They're merely on loan to us." Amen to that!

I will see you again Teddy Bear, Tommy and Chaz at the Rainbow Bridge! My beloved orange kitty boys!

06/18/2017: Teddy Bear my love, I still cry for you everyday! Every time I look at your photos the floodgates open big time again! I know it will get easier as time goes on but it's so hard right now. I don't understand why this had to happen and it was so totally unexpected. I tried my best but it wasn't meant to be.

I was your Mom and always told you that you were my bestest boy. I know you adored me and you knew you were a handsome boy; I always told you that you were gorgeous. I treated you like a human and not just some cat. After all you were my child. I loved you so much. But your body gave out and your soul is on the Other Side.

06/20/2017: Today is my birthday Teddy Bear. I wish you were still here to celebrate it with me! Miss you so much. You were my heart and soul!

06/30/2017: Teddy Bear my love, it's been almost three months since the day I had to put you to sleep here at home. The worst day of my life! When does it get better? I still cry for you every day. I so wish things could have been different, but it wasn't meant to be. I loved you so much but you know that! I can't wait until we meet again and we will!

07/15/2017: I want to tell you Teddy Bear that I've allowed another orange boy kitty to come into my life as of July 9th. His name is Winston and he is five years old. He is very lovable. He is helping to heal my heart from missing you so much. It's been three months now since you went to the Rainbow Bridge so I need to love another kitty that is in need of a great home like you had. I'll love you always!

07/24/2017: Teddy Bear my love....missing you so much still. Yes, I love Winston lots but he isn't you. I do love him so much....at least I don't still cry every day for you. I'm happy Winston came to me through the angels. I'm attaching a picture of him. I know you approve!

08/11/2017: I'm feeling melancholy today my love! Miss you so much!

09/05/2017: Teddy Bear I miss you so much! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and our happy times together. You were my lap cat and loved my kisses and hugs so much. I really miss that. Winston only tolerates me when I want to do the same with him but I do it anyway. I need my daily fix. I love you!!

04/05/2018: Hello Teddy Bear! Today marks the first year of the anniversary of your passing. Hard to believe it's been a year already. I still think of you all the time. The memories of the two of us enjoying each other's company everyday will never leave me. I also often look at your pictures on my computer (not without crying I might add). I wish Winston could have known you, too. You two would have been like two peas in a pod. Orange kitty boys rule in my world. I can't wait to see you again. Until then my faith will keep me going. Love you so so very much.

06/01/2018: Teddy Bear my love, it's now June 2018. I can't believe all the time that has passed. I miss you so much every day. What I would do to have you back with me if only for one day. I adore and love Winston so much but I sure wish I could spend more time with you! I'll never understand why certain things in life happen the way do! Love you lots forever!

06/14/2018: Teddy Bear, I needed to check in with you again here. I hope you're happy and roaming free at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me with Tommy and Chaz. I pray I'll have Winston for many years yet...we'll see.

06/18/2018: Teddy Bear my love, my birthday is this Wednesday, June 20th. I so wish you could still be here with me. I have Winston now who I love with all my heart but I still want you so very much. I do thank the angels though for sending Winston my way in my time of need. For that I'll always be grateful.

07/25/2018: Teddy Bear, I was thinking of you and how much Winston seems to be like you. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking. He's very loving and cuddly like you were but he's not as fearless for some reason. I don't understand why he is so afraid when he hears small children squealing outside playing which makes him growl and go hide under my couch for hours. I'm glad he is with me now so I can take care of him and love him to no end. I just wish I had him for the first five years of his life. Love you Teddy Bear.

08/07/2018: Teddy Bear, I so wish I could look at your pictures on my computer without wanting to cry still. I'll never forget the day that I was blindsided by being given your death sentence and taking you home with me to be put to sleep. However, I'll never forget the vet that did this in such a horrible way; at least she is now retired. Thank the Lord! Love you so much! Can't wait to see you again on the Other Side! I believe!

09/07/2018: Teddy Bear, I think of you so often. My hurt from losing you so soon will never go away. I feel so blessed having had you in my life but I want you back so much! And I can't. I am grateful for Winston coming into my life in my time of need. I do love him so much but I still want you! Love you!

10/13/2018: Teddy Bear, I'll never forget you! I wish I could have you back every day of my life. Love, love you so much. Forever! Please be waiting for me when it's my time to cross over. That will make me so happy!

11/12/2018: Teddy Bear, I've been thinking of you a lot these past days. Not without tears for sure! I try not to delve on how you left me all of a sudden. Totally unexpected! I know I would never have accepted Winston into my heart without you being gone. I just have to believe that things happen for a reason and I may never understand why. I so hope I will see you again when my time is up. I'm counting on it big time!

11/23/2018: Teddy Bear, I hope there was a happy Thanksgiving Day at the Rainbow Bridge yesterday! I can't wait to see you, Tommy and Chaz again! Love you all forever!

12/02/2018: Teddy Bear, my love, I was just thinking of you! When am I not? You were the best and I miss you so much! I wish you could here with me to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Love you lots!

12/14/2018: Teddy Bear, Christmas is almost here. I miss you so much and still want to cry for you. I adore and love Winston so much but he isn't you. I want to see you again so much at The Rainbow Bridge when my time is up. Love you bunches and forever!

12/29/2018: Teddy Bear my love, 2018 is almost over. Still miss you as much as ever. Some days I just can't believe you're gone. Such a short time I was able to have you. You were the best and will be forever in my heart. Love you!

01/10/2019: Teddy Bear, I was just looking at your pictures on my computer. I still want to cry for you. Why did you have to leave me so soon? I'll never forget the day I came back home with you from the emergency vet where I was given your death sentence of cancer. I brought you home because I wanted you to be put to sleep at home. I just wish the vet that did it showed more compassion than she did but nothing I can do about it now. I know we'll be reunited again! Love you!

01/31/2019: Just stopping by to tell you that I'm thinking of you! Love you always! If I didn't have Winston in my life now I don't think I could go on.

02/14/2019: Happy Valentine's Day to you Teddy Bear and all the other pets, too at the Rainbow Bridge. Winston gave me some pink mini carnations to celebrate this day. They sure are pretty, too. lol

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