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Memories of Teddy Kligman
You were rescued from the freeway and placed in a shelter. I found you there. Your breed was unusual and so you finally were labeled a Dandie Dinmont Terrier by the vet. I never heard of that breed but your eyes seemed to recognize those words. I named you Teddy beause you looked like a beige teddy bear.

There are not enough words to describe a love that lasted twenty-two years. You were so spirited and independent. Everything was your way, and I listened to you. You showed your love for me in very subtle ways. You had your own bedroom, but you would visit me to remind me to stroke you and say hi, and then you would retreat to your bedroom.

You let me know immediately that dog food was not your thing - each dinner was a gourmet dinner for you with people food. In fact, I agreed with you about the dog food not being the most tasteful. Yet, your health did well with your people diet so the vet did not force me to change the diet for you.

We loved taking our daily walks in the neighborhood and saying good morning to everyone. You were the king of Whitaker Avenue. You woofed whether you wanted to go left or right. You let me know when you were tired, and I "obeyed."

When you were younger and healthier, we would take a walk at Balboa Park which equaled 1.5 miles, and you loved it. You said hi to the other dogs but did not become too friendly. Your eliticism was showing.

Teddy, you are now in a good place. You will be healthy and active again. You will have fun and show all that you are still the king of the kingdom. So, rest now, be happy, and someday you and I will be together. Love you always, your mommy, Ellie

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