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Memories of Teddy
Teddy was a good cat. His Brother Bear died in 1999. They both loved vegetables. They prefered it cooked. Teddy was a gentle cat. never caused me any problems. He could be very pesty and I would holler at him. He would just walk away and come back a few minutes later when all was quiet. He enjoyed company coming to the house as he was sure of getting a rubbing, maybe even his belly rubbed.

He lived 16 yrs. I knew he would die one day, but your never really are ready for it when it comes. I had him since he was 6 weeks old. He was such a part of me. I felt that we should grow old together. But then maybe we did. Cat years are higher than humans.
He enjoyed going outside, rolling in the grass and chasing a bug or two. But only under supervision. I will miss my " Tedsie Wedsie "

August 17 2009.
My sweet Tedsie Wedsie. 2 weeks ago today you had your 16th birthday. At breakfast all the kitties had to wait for their breakfast while I sang Happy Birthday to you. And now you are living in RainbowBridge. Sigh! what else I can say.

March 8, 2010

Hey, Tedsie Wedsie,
I miss you! Your death just came too fast. I adopted a beautiful Calico kitty from the Shelter. She has lived the last 7 yrs of her life at the Shelter. Sigh! She reminds me of you. She always makes sure that the dishes of dry food is filled. like you did and she " fetches " just like you did. Did you send her to me? It seems like it. :) Love you!!

August 3, 2010
Since your Birthday and the day of your death are so close. I have chosen your Birthday as when to write. I never told you the name of the cute Calico, her name is EmmyLou. On the first she was 10 yrs old. 5 weeks ago I adopted a black and white kitty. He is Handsome like you. He has a sad story that touched me. His name is Buddy....Do you remember your Buddy?... He is 17 1/2 yrs old.
He would probably have spent the rest of his life at the Shelter. Sadly, no one wants a cat that old. I miss you Tedsie Wedsie. I think on you and Bear so often. I'm so happy that I have wonderful memories that pop up. Are you playing with Shorty and Petunia? How is Boris?
I love all of you!

August 3 2011
Hi Sweetheart, Happy Birthday! Time seems to fly by, yet goes so slow. I think on you often. Always with nice thoughts. I try to remember you when you were alive. Some of the cute things you did that made me laugh. Things that I will never forget.
Give hugs to the group.
Love You !!

August 3 2012
All this morning I was trying to figure out what should I remember on this date. Shame on me Honey. Its your Birthday. Yours and Bears. I must be getting old?
My life is so busy lately, so many things that have to get done. I just plain forget things, but you are always on my mind, always a memory pops up.
I bought something for the garden. Its some kind of wind thingy. It a cutout of a black and white cat pedaling a bike. The faster the wind blows, the faster he pedals. It is adorable !!! I can always look outside and see you. :)
Love you and miss you. My Tedsie Wedsie.

August 7 2013
Hey Sweetie, I'm late again. My computer got attacked by a Trojan horse and knocked out my computer for a few weeks. I finally got around to getting it
repaired.. It seems that the past year. I do not use it that much. Besides people like me shouldn't have computers :) I hope you and Bear had a great Birthday
and ran through fields of tall grass. I'm back to fostering kittens again. I love it! Of all my kittens I never had one like you (tuxedo). One day I will
get one in a litter and I will call him Tedsie, while he is with me..
Hugs to all. Love You!!

August 2014
Hi Tedsie, Miss you!!! Guess what? I'm late again, a year later and another computer problem. I need to go back to a HP I never had problems with them.
We had one hellava December and January. I can't begin to tell you how cold it was here. I only went out when I had to, Now its summer?? If you can call it that.
Do you see your Buddy ? say hi for me. Sammy is getting old, he'll be 18 this month and I believe he is a tad senile, his eyesight and hearing aren't as good as they were.
sometimes he meows loudly in his sleep, wakes himself up and looks around as if to say, what was that!
Hi to all, Love you !!!!!!

August 2015
Hey tedsie, How is it going? Time really moves fast!!! Its Kitten time again, guess what I got a cute tuxedo kitten, But I can't call him tedsie. He just does not fill the picture, I call him Pandi because he reminds me of a panda. Got a new member to the family. His name is Henry and he is 16 yrs old and has kidney issues. But is doing okay..
Baby and Sammy will each be 19 yrs in a couple of weeks. I worry about them!! I feel like soon one or both of them will be joining you guys :(
Love you and miss you !!!!

August 5 2016
Hey Tedsie, So much has changed here.. Henry has passed, kidneys won.. Then Sammy left. I plan to bury his ashes by you and Bear Bear. Worst of all. Jill left.. she was only 10, oh dear, oh dear. 2 months ago I got a new kitty, she just turned 19 and she is deaf. I didn't know that at the time :(
If I did I still would have taken her. Its going to be a while until she is 100% comfortable here. But we have time. I miss all of you so much !!!
Love you !!!

August 2017

Hi Tedsie,
Man I had problems getting to your site. Hopefully I won't get knocked off.
I bet you were surprised to see Sasha? I wasn't really ready to let her go, But like with you, a decision had to be made, Did you remember Emmylou? I know you didn't know Autumn Storm, Give both of them a big hug for me...They will be missed.
All is fine here, Boo Boo and Gracie have joined the family. Boo Boo comes from the same County as you.
Now I started importing my furry Babies :) you have been on my mind so much these past weeks, I keep calling Noah by your name. You will like him.
Hugs to all, I miss all of you so much!
Love You !!!!

05-08-2022. ❤️❤️

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