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Memories of T.C.
T.C. joined her sister, Chloe, at the Rainbow's Bridge on 12/10/2004, after a brave battle with cancer. T.C. loved spending time outside on her dad's lap in the nice weather. 06/01/05 - We really miss you T.C. Daddy is outside planting more roses around our little memorial for you, Chloe, and Lily. The weather is getting nicer, just how you loved it for sitting on our laps on the deck. But, we know that it is even nicer for you every day now and that you feel so much better. We love you and miss you so much. 12/10/2005 - We miss you more everyday, TC. We put up the Christmas tree and have your ornaments on it, with the angel cats close-by, and your "special" tree is up, the one that you now share with Chloe - beautiful, just like you!! We miss you so much, but know that you are well and healed now. It is not the same without you here. 04/20/07- Oh, TC, we miss you! Matilda crossed over the bridge yesterday, and Daddy said that the 2 of you will be great friends at the Bridge - no more fighting! I hope that is true!! And, of course, Chloe will be there to supervise you both - always the queen. Please be easy with Tildey, she will need you to guide her around. We love you, TC, and not a day goes by that we don't think about you. XOXOXO 11/20/07 - We are still thinking of you everyday, TC, and we miss you so much. We came across a picture of you sitting on Daddy's lap, outside on the front deck - you looked so happy, and so proud to be sitting with him - you loved him so much, and he loves you always - me, too! Love you.... 12/17/07 - Hi, TC. We miss you so much! I hope you can see the new "girls' tree" that we put up for you, Matilda, Chloe, and Lily! It is white, with white lights and silver and gold garland, a beautiful angel on top, and all of the ornaments are sparkly, with cat angels, and ornaments that have your pictures in them. It is the most beautiful tree ever! I just know that you can see it and love it, too! Your stockings are out, too. We love you so very much, and miss you forever.....12/07/08-Hi, TC. We really do miss you! It is not the same here, especially at Christmas-time, without you. I know you are looking down at us, but really wish you were here. Your sparkly cat angel tree is up, with your picture, and it is beautiful, just like you. We miss you so much, Mom & Dad 12/24/08 - We Miss You, TC! Santa will be visiting you tonight, we just know it, with lots of treats and toys. You are always such a good little girl. We miss you, XOXOXOX Mom and Dad 2/20/2009 - Hi, TC. Missing you so very much. We have adopted a little black stray, named him Kerby, and you would love him - he likes to play! He was quick a mess when he showed up on our deck, but he is all fixed up now. He has heard all about you and would love you as much as we do. Miss you so much,TC XOXOXOX Mom & Dad 2/17/2010 - Hi, TC. Oh, we still miss you so much! We moved across town, downsized. You would like it here - there is a basement and you would have fun playing downstairs. Dad is having fun down there building shelves and doing guy stuff - you would have fun watching, I know. We think about you so much, TC, and have put your picture on the entertainment center so everyone can see our beautiful little girl. Love you forever, xoxoxo Mom 12/9/2010: Hi, TC. Still missing you every single day and always thinking of you. I can't believe you left us 6 years ago now. We love you very much. You would really love playing with Kerby. Mr. Floyd is showing his 17 years now, but still gets around pretty good. I hope you, Matilda, Chloe and Lily are all getting along okay and have learned to play together by now. Miss you so much,XOXOX Mom 11/20/11-Hi, TC - my last post did not show up here - I'm sorry! Mr. Floyd is with you now. I hope you are getting along with him! We all miss you so much, especially Daddy - he was your special guy. We love you and miss you. xoxoxo Mommy 12/10/2011 - Hi, TC. Hard to believe that you have been gone from us for 7 years - we miss you so much. We hope you are keeping Mr. Floyd company now and are playing - nice - with him alot. We love you, Mommy & Daddy 12/24/2011 - Missing you especially tonight, TC. Hope you are spending lots of time with Mr. Floyd - he needs you. Daddy misses both of you so much, and LIly, Chloe and Matilda. We know that you and Mr. Floyd were "Daddy's", right? I know you will be getting lots of treats and toys tonight from Santa! Miss you so much.... Love you, Mommy 12.02.2013 - Hi, TC. Now, where did our notes go from last year??? I know we came on here to tell you how much we miss you?? Mommy and daddy love you so very much, TC, and miss you everyday. Kerby is hanging in there with his diabetes, and Jules, well JULES - you and he would have quite a time together, we are sure. I can just see the "tussles" as daddy would call them! Lots of furiends crossing over The Bridge lately, TC, so I'm sure you have lots of buddies to run around with as well as running and playing with the angels. Remember we love you, we miss you, and still cry for you, TC. xoxoxox Mommy 12/11/2014 - Hi, TC. I can't believe it's been 10 years already, where did that time go? It seems like only yesterday that you were here with us. We miss you so much. Remember, you will always be daddy's little girl. Things here are okay. Kerby is still hanging in there with his diabetes, and Jules is still being Jules. I think he's happy to be inside now, just like you were. Hope you are having fun playing with the angels. Remember how much we love you and miss you everday. xoxo Mommy 12/07/2016 - Hi, TC. We are still missing you so very much, and think of you everyday. Daddy just said how much he loves this picture of you beneath the covers on the bed - you were always so photogenic and beautiful. Please know that we miss you so much, but know you are in a much better place now and no more suffering or pain. We love you so much, and always will. xoxoxoxoxo Mommy and Daddy

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