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Memories of TATS
We all have so many memories.You were very smart so much character. You were just the KoolestKat ever You were the muffin man loved cheddar popcorn the best at catch so loving and sweet the hole in our hearts will never be filled we will be thinking of you every single day. We will visit you all the time. Goodbye for now, say hello to Tiger Tobey and BooBoo. You go play now and have eternal fun I know you are feeling so much better now WE LOVE YOU! There are so many funny things you have done. The way you were an actor; to get Siobhan's attention you faked limping so she wouldn't go out then when I took out the treats you were just fine; as well as the fake cough which you went to vet for...doc said " anything new going on"? YeS IT only happens when my daughter goes
Out "nothing is wrong he just wants attention lol You were so smart if we were talking about him he would start whipping his tail around cuz he knew what we were saying.The house is so empty. even though we have 3 other cats we miss you so much 7-4 I know ur happy u dnt have 2 hear the fireworks today all of u hated them lol poor babies I put a flag up for u and thought of u wen I had a muffin today we luv u sooo much & miss you TATSY Happy Birthday beautiful boy I left you your own birthdaycake and a bowl of milk... all yours we miss you
little man. Its Sept 7 its been 2 months plus. It still is really hard; I look at the picture on fridge every morning and get misty. We miss you so much we think about you all the time you filled our hearts and lives with everything we luv u Happy Thanksgiving muffin man. We miss giving you your little dinner and having you try and raid the garbage after dinner. Siobhan adopted a kitten that looks like she could be your daughter. She is an imp the way you were when you were a baby but she is no TATS. Well I hope you had a good day with Tiger tell her and BooBoo Tobey and Candy I love them and I give you all hugs and kisses Happy Valentines Day Tatsy we love you . When we remenice (which we always do) we laugh and cry and really really miss you I hope your happy and don't miss us too much.
Happy Easter hunnybunny hope your having fun having anything you want to eat We still miss you dearly everyday we talk about you we love you baby boy.Well it's almost the anniversary. 1 year already we think about you everyday and reminisce about all you did and your TATS being I hope your ok and we hope you know how much you mean to us always and forever mmwwaa we Luv you Tatsy.
well Tatsy we moved Siobhan and Ashleigh r in their own apt. and we moved upstate. You wouldve hated the whole thing from start to finish ur B/P wouldve been up. grumpy boy we luv u and miss u so much we talk about u all the time no one could ever replace u muffin man !! Happy Thanksgiving little guy of course we discussed how u would have been begging for turkey lol we missed u mmwwaa we luv u baby boy. Merry Christmas muffin man Hope u and Tiger Tooly had a wonderful holiday We miss u guys Happy newyear Tiger will protect u from the fireworks.LoL;You babies look after each other I luv u guys and say merry Cristmas to my Tobey and Candy mmwwaa!!!:) wow I have been so busy my baby I let a lot of holidays pass but I certainly thought of u everyday we luv u and miss u Tiger tomorrow it will b 9 yrs we luv u and miss u 2 and unfortunately Sable is coming soon she has the same thing u had Tats well tata for now I luv u Well I'm sure Sable has come to u by now please b nice to her u can have two ladies at ur side now lol Tiger & Sable is a very sweet and relaxed cat and she likes to sing everybody welcome her.. I luv u Sable and miss u Tats Tiger Tobey And Candy too mmwwaa!!!! OMG, now it's two years and still we talk about u everyday. U were certainly a special boy. We all stilll MISS u sooo much and we luv u sooo much. Here r somethings I thought u would like. Goodbye for now Muffin Man. :( Hi, Tatsy I haven't written anything lately, I'm sorry, but we still have you in our hearts everyday. I know you are always watching over us and know we love you very much! I hope you are still having fun with Tiger and Sable say hello to everyone. Happy Autumn,I changed your toys and things. We love, you talk to you soon. Merry christmas happy new year we miss you so much. My wonderful boy happy holidays to all of my dearly departed keep each other company! Sock for Sable;filet mignon for you and Tobey, chinese food for Tiger bell for Candy Happy Valentines day we luv u baby boy.Hey Tatsy happy easter now u can eat all the palm u want without getting sick! Lol we luv u.Hey baby boy I hope ur doing well everyone's birthdays have past and we r still thinking about u and missing,just wanted to let you know we luv u. Hi to Kandy,Tobey Tiger and Sable... BooBoo and Teddy Ginger too Hi my luv, dnt know wat to say except we luv u amd miss u so much.I hope you have a party today to celebrate you being free of pain and discomfort you had you are wonderful we luv u baby! Hi sweet baby we miss u u r probably watching down on us hopefully not missing Us much we miss u ALOT HOPE ur well and say hi to Tiger Tobey Candy Sable Teddy Lazlo Booboo I luv u another Thanksgiving went by, ofcourse we spoke about how much u loved the day and turkey.How I miss u trying to put our forks into ur mouth lol I luv u baby and miss u soo much.Merry Christmas 🎄 muffin man Hope u had fun with Tiger and Sable.Ofcourse we spoke about u guys say hello to Tobey and Teddy and Kandy as well we miss and luv u all:)we love you always!!! We luv Tatsy we miss u so much. Have some potroast😸 💙We luv u baby. We miss u so much. Love u still. Still tell all the stories of ur silly antics. Hope ur having fun with Tiger and Sable and Boo Boo. I luv u muffin man Wow. Ten years, my little boy. I hope your doing well. Your brother is hanging out with you. Tiger and Tobey, Sable, Teddy, Kandy, Boo Boo. Murphy and Kelly we luv u and miss you Merry Christmas we love you
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