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Memories of Tasha Lynn
07/10/15- My dear sweet Tasha Lynn.... Oh how Mama misses u so Babygirl 8::( Today marks 7 long years ago (at 4:25pm) that we had to let u go. My heart still breaks for u like it was yesterday. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see ur beautiful lil mischevious face... Yes Babydoll, u were always into something it seemed lol. Even when it was something real bad n Mama would be ready to scold u for it, u would look up at me with those beautiful reddish brown eyes, prance, bark/chomp quietly, wag that curled tail of yours, and of course Mama would crumble lol. I could never be mad at u, even when I should have been lol!! U made r lives so joyful Babygirl ... It so so hard not having u here8( U looked after us all, even Kuddo Nicole and Pebbles Marie, whom u were not thrilled when we got and r just as sadly with u now at Rainbows Bridge. U loved them just as u did us Angel. We have all of r Babies, r Angels, r Girls in one beautiful Urn now and the 3 of u r together once again. Although Mama loves n misses all of u, today belongs to u my Lil Angel. I don't think my heart will ever mend from u, just as it won't for Kuddo n Pebs. I proudly wear my heart/paw print pendant that's got an ash of each of u inside. It's always resting right next to my heart, never will it be removed, not now n not when I am able to b united with my girls again..... Each of u will always be with ur Mama, my sweet Babygirls. Kuddo n Pebbles, I know I don't have to worry about u two behaving, but please look after ur Big Sis for me, just as she has always done for y'all and for us As everyday passes here, it's puts us one day closer to being together again.... That's what gets Mama thru most days! Tasha Lynn, Kuddo Nicole and Pebbles Marie, I will Love n Miss u always. Daddy does too!! Be good my babies, especially u Tasha Lynn lol ! Hugs & Kisses Babygirls and All my Love, Mama

(07/10/08)Oh,our Dear Sweet Precious Baby, you may no longer be physically here, but you left us with almost 16 years of beautiful,funny,adoring and loving memories of you. From the day you walked into our lives, you showed nothing but the utmost respect which continued to the day you left. We can remember it like it was yesterday. Just like that, our lives were forever changed. It all started like this:
I was out back pinning Shanne' s baby clothes on the line(back then we still did that),and you came up to me. You followed me as I went to go back inside, stopping at the back door, as though you were waiting to be invited in(and of course you were). You looked so scared and hungry, yet you had this beauty about you. I was just going to get you some water and maybe something to snack on, then I would try to find out where your home was. Since you had no collar or tags, the only thing I knew to do was to contact our local animal shelter. I was sure your owners would look there for you. As I waited for them to come and get you, I made a promise to you. I vowed that if no one claimed you, I would come and adopt you. I had just lost my " Brandy Sue " a few months back, who I had for 19 years, so I really didn't want another pup( or so I thought). Oh my godness how beautiful you were Tash. It was 6 hours later before the shelter came to get you. I already knew I never wanted to let you go(boy how I struggled to let them take you), but,it was the right thing to do. I knew you belonged to someone else, and again, I was sure they were be looking for you. The agents told us your rightful owners had 5 days to claim you. As you know Tasha I called there 3-4 times a day to see if they had come for you(I know they were sick of me calling but,oh well).What seemed forever,"Day 5" came.The agent said no one had come for you(I couldn't believe it, I was elated)!!!Day 6, Smiling ear to ear I drove to the shelter to get you. Upon arriving they told me it wasn't going to happen. They said that because you had Chow in you, you would not be eligible for adoption. Like that wasn't bad enough, they said that you were going to be destroyed(I was sickened,this couldn't be). I just kept thinking to myself how scared you must be back there and the "vow" I made to you. No way,they're not doing this to you,so Lil Girl.... our battle began. Well, $92.00 dollars and 72 hours later ( $92.00 adoption fee & 3 days of working my way thru the phone lines ), we won that fight!!! After all,you were already in my heart and a part of our family. That was only the beginning, wasn't it Lil Angel. The next day I took you to our family vet, only to find out (after he examined you thoroughly),that you had been severely abused. He said you were covered in cuts and welps. The Doc said the wounds were at least a week old. You poor precious baby,my goodness,you were nothing but this lil red ball of fur(how could they???). No wonder you broke free from there( more importantly,thank heavens you did). No wonder the @%$#*%@!!! never come to claim you! For the next 15 yrs I tried to find out who they were and to locate them. I suppose there's a part of me that always will. Tasha, even though you had a horrid start in life, God let you see that not all people were like them. He let you learn to trust in humans again. You showed nothing but loyality, love and compassion to us. You protected us, you brought laughter in to our lives(and boy did you give us a lot of that), we just couldn't get enough of you Baby Girl. For almost 16 years you gave us your all..yet you ask so little from us. Tasha, we watched you grow from this lil frightened furball, to a strong, loving, young lady.I say young lady, because you always carried yourself so gracefully, so mannerable, so polite, all the way to the very end. You absolutely deserve the best of everything Tasha Lynn. Although we have such a big void in our lives baby girl(I mean a huge one), we find comfort in knowing that you are free from the pain you were in. As you know Baby, we made a vow to you, that God willing, we'd never let one ounce of pain come to you again. We always did our very best Tasha to keep that promise to you. We know that God has now removed your arthritis, and your back has once again been restored. You can now run and climb up those trees, just as you always use to do(we know the squirrels are probably having to sleep with one eye open again,lol).My/our hearts ache so,so bad. Lil Angel, you are truely free baby(GOD knows you deserve it). Although you're missed more than words can ever say, for us to keep you here would only have been selfish. You were/are the best friend anyone could ever have Tasha. I can't think of one time baby, that when I turned to you for comfort, that you weren't there. You raised Shanne'from this 5 yr old lil girl to a beautiful young lady, all the way keeping her safe. You gave us the best of yourself Babygirl, oh what a awesome member of the family you were. You will always be with us baby. We have your beautiful urn with a picture of your smiling face, resting high upon the fireplace mantle. It will always be there. Just as your beautiful soul and spirit will always be with us. Never will a day pass our precious, so precious, Lil Angel, that you will not be loved, dearly missed and thought of. We can't wait to see you again Babygirl. Until God makes that day happen, please know that you are forever in our hearts. People always tell me what a good thing I did, that I rescued you. What's not understood is, "I didn't just rescue you... you rescued me also"!! My heart was hurting so bad from losing my Lil Brandy Sue that I never thought I would be able to love another pup as I did her. Well... my darling Tasha girl, you showed me that I could. We did it together Sweetheart. We were so very blessed to have you in our lives, and for that, our beautiful girl, we will be forever Greatful to you. You truely were and are an " Angel " from above. We love you so very, very much Tasha Lynn. Run and play in peace our " Darling Angel ".
Love, Hugs and Kisses Always, Mommy, Daddy, Shanne', Kuddo and Pebbles(woof,woof)xoxo

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