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Memories of Tano
Tano, we know you will join your mother Petunia and brother Spanky, but we miss you so much, and it was so sudden. I still can't believe you had to leave...and I am so sorry that you left the way you did. I am so glad that you felt no pain, but I wish I could have back that last minute... oh please, may I have the last hour back. You were part of our lives and our hearts since before you were born, 14 years and 8 months ago...you survived a near fatal illness when you were 4, and we had 10 more years, but they weren't enough!!! Our hearts are broken, our lives are empty, and we see you everywhere. The minutes are long without you, much less the hours, days, and weeks. Thank you for being the best, most loving and devoted companion that we will ever know. Thank you for being in our lives. I hope you are with your mother Petunia now and that she is cleaning your face as she always did. Wait for us at the Bridge..we miss you.
Tano, thank you for coming back to show Peeps the way..she was too timid to leave on her own. Thank you so much for loving your family and taking care of all of us, here and at the Bridge... as you always did. Watch over your mother, father, uncle, sister and brother till we can join you. We love you all, wait for us under the tree as always. Love never dies.

It is now two years since you left and I think of you every day...when my heart hurts too much, I just say these words, I love you Tano, over and over...I hope you hear them at the Bridge. Caspar, your son, is old now too, but I love him and hold him and think of you...you always looked out for him, so I feel as if you are still with me when I am petting your son. You are God's greatest gift of unconditional love. I love you, Tano,..... always.

Tano,it is three years today since you had to leave,and I miss you so much still. You are the dog of my heart,even though I have loved all of your family so much. Today is a difficult day since your Dad, Charlie, is waiting to have heart by pass surgery on June 3.I try not to worry,but I wish you were here so I could hold you for comfort. I know you are watching out for Charlie from the Bridge, and taking care of your family.I will never be afraid to die,as I know you all are waiting for me there. I love you, sweet boy.

Tano,it is four years now since you left us, and I miss you still every day,every hour. Your dad is doing very well after his heart surgery, and the other dogs keep us busy. Little Casper is the last of you family with us, and he is now pretty blind and deaf, but he still loves to eat and enjoys being held. I know he will be coming to join you before too long. Mara, your other daughter, left for the bridge several months ago in Colorado, and I know she is with you now. You are still the dog of my heart and I love you.

Tano,my sweet boy...it is five years now since you left for the Bridge. Your son, Caspar, our youngest Chihuahua, has now joined you at the Bridge.He was 17 years old when he left us, still a great spirit, but his body was just too old to go on. Your whole family is now with you, and we miss you all so much. Your Dad is doing well since his heart surgery, and old Gravy is the matriarch....Caesar,Tinsel, and Boomer, who is new since you left, are our dog family now here, but we think of you all so often and wish we were with you. You are still the dog of my heart and the 15 years with were the best of our lives. I love you,always and forever. Take care of the family until we can join you again.

Please also visit Caspar, Peeps, Petunia and Spanky.

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