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Memories of Tanner
11-10-15. You were two years old when you joined our pack. The first walk I took you on you managed to slip out of your collar and you took off running. It was a beautiful day in Brierwood and we all had our house doors open to enjoy the weather. When you took off running I was so scared you would get hurt or lost and boy was I wrong! You ran into the house of a neighbor I had never met and the next thing I know is this lady comes out screaming at me because you had pulled a plate of fried chicken off of their counter and started eating it. They just finished frying the chicken and they were going to pack it up to take with them on the family camping trip. This crazy women continued to scream at me because she was concerned you were not up-to-date on your shots and that she tried to pull the chicken out of your mouth, but you growled at her! I asked her why she would try pulling food out of a dogs mouth! I offered to pay her money for the chicken but she preferred to scream at me instead. That was only the first time you humbled me. I knew at that time, you were the right beagle for us. You had officially become a member of the nut house.

11-17-15 We are lost without you Tanner. You were the driving force around our schedule every day and night for the last 3 years. It is like having time on our hands, but we don't know what to do with that extra time yet. We walked Tara and Ludo for the first time without you and it was so different. I think Tara was trying to pick up your scent, her nose was to the ground more than usual. Over-all the walk went ok, it was just different and sad. You, my boy, always insisted on which direction we would go on our walks and I think 99% of the time you won and we went where you wanted to! God help us if there was a dead squirrel in the street because you had so much strength you would pull me out to the street so you could smell that poor, smashed squirrel. Of course, the last time you did that, you managed to pick up the body and carry it and I was not about to touch that dead squirrel with my hands to get it out of your mouth.....so I used my foot and that worked and I was so relieved it was no longer in your mouth......and then Tara grabbed it and started running with it. You both outsmarted me so many times on our walks! You always kept us on our toes and had us laughing. Are you making a lot of friends Tanner? Did you find Grandma? We love you and miss you so much, but we know we will be together again.....are you in purgatory still!

11-26-15 Hi little guy. We have been thinking about you so much. Last night we were in the kitchen preparing food for todays Thanksgiving Day festivities and it was just not the same without you being under foot! Whenever we would be in the kitchen, you were right there helping. Well we said you were helping, but we really know you were praying for food to fall so you could get it. You did hit the jackpot many times by being in the kitchen. I do think there were times you tripped me deliberatly just so I would drop whatever was in my hand. You were very clever. Tara is finally adjusting to you being away. She had been so depressd and it was really, really sad. We picked up your ashes the other day and the staff at your vet were so kind and compassionate to us. I really broke down when they handed me your blanket. You really did touch many lives. I was able to get some of your pictures from a friend at work that were taken at one of the picnics and in my opinion, those are the best pictures ever taken of you, and Tara too. Well I better get that turkey cooked! We will have a house full today of some of your favorite people. We love you little guy. By the way, do you remember jumping on the patio table when everyone was in the house and you ate all of the toppings off of the large pizza......all you left was the crust! Knuckle head!

12-10-15 Hi Sunshine. I thought about you a lot today and that made me smile. Often times I feel you sitting next to me and it makes me think of how much happiness you continue to bring me. We had a house full over on Thanksgiving and there were stories told about you and laughter, and there was sadness because you weren't there. Tara was sick and I took her to the vet and that was the first time going to the vet since we picked up your ashes. I was a bit of an emotional mess but the ladies talked to Tara and I and shared their stories of loss and it was a healing experience. That was also Tara's first time being at the vet without you and she seemed a little lost. Cousin Ludo did not go to the vet.....he is too much work. Do you miss my singing! The beagle song is not the same without you but I have changed up the words to "My beagle and my not beagle are so good. My beagle and my not beagle are better than your beagle and not beagle".......it's more work having Ludo the "not beagle" in the song, but we are managing! We love you.... Go bark at grandma!!!

Hey baby, It has been over a year now and I still cry as I type this. There has been so much loss this past year starting with you. You by now have seen Ludo and Slice too. Tara was depressed for a long time after you left because she really did think you were being fed steak someplace and she did not get any of the steak. Even when I go on my walks with Tara, I think about you and the trouble you got into, and got me into! You are one of a kind and the laughter you provided has helped me through many difficult times. Grizzly has kidney disease now, he is 15 years old. Homer is 16 years old! Sassy is still a crabby old cat, yelling all the time and Keadis, well he is just Keadis! Always know we all love you and think of you daily. Because of you, I will get involved in Beagle rescue after I retire. Hugs and kisses from me to you.

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