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Memories of Talyn
I found Talyn when he was homeless. He had been put out when he was around 5 months old. He was outside about three days before we met. He would not approach anyone, but that day he came out of his hiding spot, and called out to me, and reached out with a little paw. It was love at first site! I was not looking for, or expecting to have a cat, but he came out to me, and we ended up having 11 AMAZING years together! He was the most perceptive, astute, engaging felines I have ever seen or known to this day! I taught him a lot of tricks, and taught him several different games to play. I taught him how to walk with me, and to stay close by the house, even when he was outside. He had his own private little patch of woods behind my building, and he loved it out there. He was always within earshot when I called out to him to come in. He would be trotting up not more than a few minutes later. I buried him there in the place he liked to play the most. He was truly the greatest companion I ever had. Our interaction was very deep, verbose, and complex. He was head and shoulders above all others! It's unbelievalbe how suddenly he left my life, and I still play out that night over and over, thinking if I had only noticed this or that sooner...Nothing is quite the same without my feline companion. I don't know if I will ever have the same complex interaction, but he certainly changed the way I feel about many things.

He almost left me last year in june 2018, but I got him help just in time. I told him so many times after that "Daddy will always love Talyn, no matter what happens, I will never forget you baby boy". I meant it, and I intend to keep that promise. I had several nick names for him, depending on what he was doing or how we were feeling at the time. The one I used most was 'little tiger' or 'sukoshi tora' in japanese rumaji. We wuold play together for hours sometimes. He had a passive bashfulness about him that just made him so endearing, and he was very likeable by all. Where ever I took him, someone always wanted to keep him because he was so charming, like when we went to the vet.

I love him right now just as much as when he was in the world. I really thought he would be in my life for more than 11 years.

I really do hope I see him again in the 'after'. If it's possible, that's what I want! I will miss him deeply and passionately forever! DADDY LOVES TALYN!

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