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Memories of Taipan Ellis
There are memories of the 12 plus years we were together,always happy to see me,he never fought with any other dog or cat,and he taught me the real meaning of true love.I miss him so much,its hard to bear,but I sincerely hope he's crossed over and is waiting for me at the bridge with his smiling face.I love you Tai.

03/12/12 Tai,there hasn't been 1 day I havn't thought about you,I've shed tears everyday.I love you

I'd like to thank everyone who has visited Taipan,he was so special,I know when you meet him you will fall in love with him.

Tai,I know your in heaven,Just be patient and wait for me,I love you boy.

04/19/12 Taipan,I think of you all the time,I hope you can hear me when I talk to you,I love you so much,I hope your grandma is walking you.Be a good boy,we'll be together forever one day;Love you

5/01/12 Tai,Its been a long three months since you left.I'm doing better.I love you more than ever,your dad.
5/30/12 Tai,I miss you,you were my boy,I love you buddy,your dad

06/22/12 Taipan,my boy,I think everyday about you,one day we will be together again.I know you guided me to your
new little brother Buddy,its his b-day today.I miss you so much.Please watch over us. your dad.Sept,19.2014,I love you Tai,your my boy.

07/25/12 Taipan,I love you buddy,I just wanted you to know that,be patient,I love you

09/05/12 Hey Boy,Thinking about you often,I love you so much.

10/26/12 Hey Tai,I love you ,I talk to you everyday,Your picture still on the dresser,it will always be there.
I know your having fun,please come see me,don't forget me.I love you

12/06/12 Tai,thinking of you every single day,soon it will be Christmas,the first one without you
Celebrate it with me in spirit,I love you
11/06/13 Tai,miss you,love you,come to me in a dream.

12/26/12 My bud Tai,This was our 1st Christmas apart,I sure miss you.I love you you,your dad
03/21/13 Tai,I want you to know how much I miss you,I'm doing ok,I love you sweet boy,08/27/13-I love you
01/08/13 Tai,Thinking alot about you today,I miss you
My prescious little boy,Its been 1 year ago,I love you every bit as much.Find me when I d pass,I love you
12/17/13Tai,I think about you everyday,This is Christmas #2 without you.Merry Christmas.I love you
4/17/13 Tai,thinking about you today,and everyday,I miss,you,I love you
5/23/13 My prescious boy,your b-day is around the corner,I love you,June 4th,Happy b-day Tai.I love you 3/25/14-My b-day Tai,miss you and still love you,2/5/24Tii I think about you often.Ilove you and we will be together again.your my boy.Buddy,Demi and Autumn are there. Be with them and everything will be ok. Let's be you Dad.

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