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Memories of Tag
Tag was born May 16, 2001. He was a poodle/chihuahua mix. He was brought into the Chavez family on my parent's anniversary, July 3, 2001. My mom picked him out, saying "I want the little brown one with the little brown lips." He will always be remembered for his crazy hair and for always having one ear up and one ear down. Oh! And for cocking his head to the side when you were talking to him like he was trying to understand...and for being a little ankle biter.

He was always invited to family functions and was missed when he wasn't there. All of my neighborhood friends and their parents loved him too. He loved being outside, mainly being able to lay in the sun and sunbathe. He loved to be around the family when we would BBQ or hang out outside. He would never want to be alone, always following someone around, hence the name "Tag." When I was younger, my mom would put him on my bed and he would come and lick and jump on me to wake me up in the morning. My mom would always comment that he could "run like a greyhound." He may have been little, but he was fast.

His favorite animal was his stuffed lion, which I placed in his arms when we took him to get cremated. His favorite table food was most definitely French Fries! He would run to the table or wherever we were sitting as soon as he smelled him, hoping we'd accidentally drop some on the floor...of course we "accidentally" did. He loved to wear his blue sweater when it was cold out. His favorite place to go was grandma and grandpa Chavez's house. He'd love it there because he could lay right next to them and be at peace and rest. And he absolutely loved car rides too! When we had our Nissan Maxima, we'd let him sit in the back seat and within minutes, he jumped up and started laying on the top near the rear glass.

He grew up with a feline sister, Tarri Lynn. We always say that she tought him everything he knew. Crazy dog thought he was a cat, laying on the top edge of the couch! But, he loved his sister. There was a time that she was crying outside because birds were picking at her. None of us heard it, but Tag did. He ran to the front door and barked and whined until we let him out; he needed to protect his sister. We always joked that his brain was a poodle brain because he was extremely smart. He would let us know when he had to go outside by ringing a bell at the front door. Even up until the day he passed, he still went and rang that bell.

Tag has traveled the world too! He grew up in Victoria, then moved with my parents to Madrid, Spain for a while, and then moved to San Antonio with me.

I felt bad leaving him at home all alone with me working and going to school. So earlier in the year, I got him another sister: an Australian Cattle Dog named Faith. She was much bigger than he was but he loved her. As he got to know her and grew closer to her, once again, his protective brotherly instinct came into play. I would come home and catch him laying in front of her kennel as if he was protecting her. He would also lay in the door way where he could see both myself and Faith to keep an eye on us both.

Unfortunately, he had a rough last few months. His joints became sensitive and his liver was suffering. We tried to give him as much comfort as possible. He passed away peacefully in his sleep as he was napping. He may have grown old and be may have been small, but he was a fighter.

Tag touched the hearts of many. He will be missed and never forgotten. His loving memory will live on forever on our hearts.

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