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Memories of Sweetheart
Our little snuggler under the covers. Sweetest smelling and silkiest fur baby I ever knew. Gave more than she ever knew. No words will ever carry the true feelings..... You came into our lives and opened our hearts to you and each other. You taught us the job isn't done until the tummy is rubbed.When you got sick our world folded in upon itself.We never knew how old you really were with your kitten ways and sage eyes.We miss everything you did, even being woken up at 5 AM with nibbles on the hand or nose to nose meowing. We Love You Little Girl! It has been three long months without you. Your Birthday was a few days ago. I sang to you and I hope you heard. I still have not forgiven myself for putting you down in my arms, The sting is still with me. We have adopted a new kitty to guard the house like you did, but she's too young and not as wise as you Sweetheart. Some day I hope she (Ellie) will be half as smart as you were! She cuddles like a great fur baby, but not the same as yours. I miss you girl.Happy Birthday. Always in my mind! Say hi to ma! 11/30 The season's change, my love for this little kitty continues, with a sad heart. As much as I don't want to cry for her, I want to remember her and the good times. 2/20/04 Still can't believe you are gone. Planted some grass by your gravesite. Nibble all you want! Miss you so much.6/11/04 Almost a year. Sunday it will be a year and I miss you so much. No matter how hard I try Ellie just isn't you. I miss you sleeping at my feet. Always know your Mommy loves you. 8/24/04 Your flowers are blooming. I clean your gravesite often my little girl. You always liked things neat and clean. XOXOX Dried some catnip for you. We cherish your bowl and toys. Always remember you are my sunshine. I love you and miss you everyday.Hung up your stocking for Christmas. 1/1/05 Tuna was given in your honor to Ellie today. Happy Easter little one. Was talking with you the other day and thanking you for helping with Ellie. I miss you my little sweetheart!!You will never be forgotten. 3/27/05 Sweetheart, Ellie is a fine kitty. But very different than you, Bigger,not as smart and not as loving. Maybe in the years ahead, she will become the loving kitty you are. I miss you more than ever. I hope you see my mom every once in a while. She would like you. Have fun with her. Daddy.Happy Easter Sweetheart. You are always in my heart. 3/27/05 You have my Mom now to play with. She is not used to kitties but so wanted to meet you. I love you both. Mommy 7/27/05 It has been two long years without you. I miss you so much. Mommy 8/29/05. Baby, your birthday has passed and I thought of you all day. Thanksgiving will never be the same. 11/28/05 I hope you are being spoiled now that both Grandma and Grandpa are with you. Remember how much we love you. I miss your snuggles even after three years. Know I miss giving tummy rubs. Daddy and I go to your grave and talk with you. 8/29/06 Four years have passed since you left us physically but you are always with us little girl in our hearts. Your Mommy and Daddy miss you. 8/29/07 2/24/08 : Sweetheart, time takes away the pain of you being gone. But the ehart and mind never forget. I will never forget you biting my left hand in the morning to wake me up. Let's eat was the reason. You had a keener mind than does our furbaby Ellie! Probably from being on your own for who knows how long. But when you wandered into our yard in Schaumburg, you had us! I miss you and always will. Mommy does too! Love and headbuts, Daddy. Tomorrow will be six years since you were taken away from us. You are missed so much. You have new company to pet you as Grandpa is with you. He loved you too. You have such a gentle soul that is forever etched into our hearts. I miss giving tummy rubs. Love you forever Mommy 8/28/2009.You are never out of hearts little one. We will miss you always.Eight years later and your little furry face is missed as soon as I wake every day. I miss our snuggles. 8/29/2011

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