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Memories of Suzi
Suzi was born on July 12, 1987 in Missouri. Shortly after her Sister Ginger arrived, during a browse through our local mall, we stopped in the Pet Store. There, huddled in a corner of a cage was Suzi. Actually she was in the same spot in a similar cage that our first Suzi occupied sixteen years before at the same pet shop. It was love at first sight. We thought how nice it will be for Ginger to have a "buddy." So we took Suzi home with us. Always together, inseparable, Suzi and Ginger became known as The Girls. Suzi was a shy little dog, she had a big face, like a marshmallow. If ever there was a couch potato, it was Suzi. She never played with any toys. She never played! She was content to just lie on a couch, any couch, indoors or outside on the patio to watch the world go by. Suzi would sit up as soon as there would be activity in the kitchen or at the barbecue grill.....food and rest were her life! Always a little slow to learn, when she was 8 weeks old, she slept in a kennel kab next to our bed on the right side of the room. She used the box for sleeping for about 4 weeks until she was big enough to join us in our bed. However, for almost 15 years afterwards, Suzi thought that the only way to get into the bed was from the right side of the room! At her puppy check up Suzi was diagnosed to have deformed hind legs and would probably need surgery and would never walk or run correctly. Well, Suzi never had any surgery and definitely could have been in the "Doggie Olympics." She out ran Ginger every time they raced across the front lawn. During the summer hours she would rise from her couch and take long walks around our property, sniffing and checking out every blade of grass and every plant in the yard -- after her inspection she would return to her chaise and relax until the dinner bell rang. In 1991 Annie Mae joined our family -- and Suzi and Ginger welcomed their new playmate. Annie was full of energy which Ginger enjoyed -- Suzi would play with her twice a year -- that was it! When Ginger left Suzi and Annie on May 23, 2003 to enter The Bridge, Killian Rose arrived. Suzi was already a super senior of 16 years old -- and Killian was just too energetic for her. They cuddled together on the couch, but playtime was out. We were very lucky to have Suzi for almost seventeen years. She was a wonderful friend and a loyal companion and brought so much joy to all of our lives. She and Ginger are together now at Rainbow Bridge -- "The Girls" are enjoying the beautiful meadow, running through the grass and making new friends. Suzi is still outrunning Ginger. Suzi, you and Ginger will be in our hearts forever. So many sweet memories. Annie and Killian promise to be good. We hope you found a nice couch at The Bridge! Love, Your Family
UPDATE: June 10, 2005. Ginger and Suzi. Annie is arriving at the Bridge today. She left us very unexpectedly. We are heartbroken. We know she missed both of you and I think she wanted to join you both these past months. Please watch out for her. We love you all so very much. The Girls are once again reunited. Forever. Love J and J and Killian Rose.

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