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Memories of "Stinker"
You gave me so much love. You were so happy to see me every single day; and I, you. You were my cuddle bug. You were my unconditional love source. I'll love you always my sweet thing. Sleep peacefully my love. We'll cross the bridge together someday. With love, Mommy ------------------- 3/19/05 It's now just shy of two weeks since you left for the Rainbows Bridge. All I have here are my memories of you, your ashes in a small cedar box and an impression of your left front paw in a plaster cast. No longer will we wake to greet each other on my bed. You won't be following me to the bathroom to fall at my bare feet and rub your face on my big toe. You won't be there to wipe the water from my feet as I step out of the shower and give yourself an easy facial cleansing. You won't be there to "meow" to smell my toothpaste, lip balms and facial creams any more. Oh, how you loved those aromas! No longer will you steal my Q-tips to play with. I won't see you rubbing your face on the corner of the kitchen cabinets or feel you run between my legs coaxing me to feed you. As if I could have ever forgotten to. I won't hear your collar bell jingle as I call out "you want to eat?" I miss your sweet meows all day long. You're not there to run and greet me when I come home from work. I long for your cuddles. I miss your musky kitty smell. I miss your stinky breath. I did laundry the other day and remembered how much you loved to plop on the stuff just out of the dryer. You loved to curl up on all the warmth, even in summer time. That, I never understood! It was probably soothing to your arthritis, which I never knew was such a problem until just before you passed away. You never let on. You were such a good sport. Your brother misses you. He seems lonely and I think he misses curling up with you for naps. I wish I could explain to him why I haven't brought you back to him. The thing is, I did. But that's not really you in that little box. I know you had a soul; a big and beautiful one. And that soul, that energy, that love is somewhere else; somewhere I can't see but I can surely feel. I hope you're happy where you are. I trust you're in good company and that the water is fresh and the food tasty. I know that you'll be in good care until we're together again. I'll miss you my little bear; my stinky cat. Your mama loves you. Be a good ki-cat! ------------ 3/09/06 My sweet kitty, I can't believe it's been a year since you passed away. I've missed you so much. I sent your brother "Hollywood" to be with you on August 18th, 2006. He was so sick. I think he missed you too much. I hope you're together. I miss him so much too. My life is forever changed now that you're both gone. I'm a different person. Papa and I adopted another kitty. His name is Cisco. He's so different from you both. I love him too. But no one and nothing could ever replace you my sweet thing. You have such a big place in my heart and it's yours forever. I hope you and Hollywood are together. It's my solemn hope that you will both be there waiting for me when it's my turn to cross over. We can then cross the bridge together and forever be united in a beautiful place. I love you my sugar bear; my little lamb. ~Mommy

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