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Memories of Spooky
You have been gone almost 3 weeks now and I miss you so much. You were always there for me. We went through alot together. I remember when I first got to see you, the day Paul brought you to me. They found you underneath a dump truck. You were just a baby then probably about 6 weeks old. I had to hide you the first 3 years I had you with me because we always lived in apartments that didn't take pets. I remember everyone helping me hide you at the U.T. apartments. All the neighbors knew about you and wanted to help out. Finally after I got out of school I moved into a place where you didn't have to hide anymore. You liked to lay in the sun in front of the patio door. We moved around town alot and I know you never liked going in the car. You were there when Jessica was born. Everyone said you would be jealous but that was never a problem. Then we moved from Tennessee to Florida in May. I brought you down here on the plane because I didn't want you to have to ride in the car for 16 hours. As it turned out with all the delays that day, I could have driven you down here faster but you handled all that like a little trooper. We kept going to the vet over what we thought was a sinus infection. Then they wanted to run more tests. We wanted to do anything we could to make you better. We never really found out what was wrong with you after all that. I kept hoping you would get better. I remember being afraid to come home from work because I was afraid you would be gone. Things started getting worse. You went blind and then you couldn't walk but I kept trying to work with you. People kept telling me that it was time but you were still taking your feedings and didn't appear to be in pain. I didn't want you to die on that exam table in the vet's office. I knew how you didn't like that place. In the early morning hours before you died, you started crying out. I knew you were suffering then. We made the decision to take you to the vet the next day. But you didn't have to die in the vet's office. You died in the bedroom floor with Jessica and I holding you and there with you. It was so hard to let you go. You had been there with me for 16 years. I had to call Cyndi in Tennessee and tell her you were gone. You were always so special to me and everyone knew that. Please let us know you are allright now. We all miss you so much. I have talked to alot of the people I used to work with in Tn. and they were all very sad. We adopted another kitten from the animal shelter here. Gabbi is a very sweet kitten. I know you would be happy to know that we gave another kitten a chance to have a good home and be loved. Gabbi will never take your place and I will always love you and miss you. You were the best friend I have had and I will never forget that. I could talk to you when I could talk to no one else and you always cared. I will always love you for that. I know you are waiting for me at Rainbow's Bridge and one day I will meet you and we will cross the bridge together. Until that day always remember how much I love you. January 11, 2013 - Spooky please look out for Hannah who joined you at Rainbows Bridge today. You never got to meet Hannah but now you will meet each other and will be able to take care of each other. Hannah is very protective and will make friends easily. I hope to be able to make a page for Hannah here soon. August 2, 2013 - Hello Spooky and Hannah. Just wanted to let you know that Sammi joined you today at Rainbows Bridge. I need for both of you to take her under your wings and show her around. I love you all until we meet again. April 9, 2014 - Hello Spooky, Hannah, and Sammi. Maci joined all of you today at Rainbows Bridge. Hannah I am sure you will be glad to see Maci again and you two were best friends. You all look out for her and welcome her to the bridge. I love and miss you all. Take care of each other until we all meet again. March 20, 2017 - Hello my babies. I just wanted to let you know that Gabbi is joining you today. Please watch out for her. Sammi I am sure that you will be glad to see Gabbi again since you all were such good friends. Rememeber that I love you all and take care of each other. January 3, 2018 - Hello my precious babies, please watch for little Zoe. She left here to join you last night. Please take her under your wings and show her around. I love you all and take care of each other. June 10, 2018 - Hello my babies. Just wanted to let you know that Willow joined you all on June 4. I feel sure that you all have already met up with her and are all hanging out having fun together. Just continue to take care of each other until we all meet again. I love you all. June 12, 2018 - Hello babies. Shelby joined you all today. Hannah I am sure you will be glad to see Shelby again since you all grew up together and were good buddies. Please take care of each other until I see you all again. I love you all. November 18, 2019 - Hello my loves. Bear joined all of you yesterday morning. Gabbi I am sure you remember when you were passing that Bear never left you side and sat right next to you and watched over you. Please continue to take care of each other until I see you all again. I love you all. June 18, 2020 - Hello babies. Please watch for Bella and Murphy. They both joined all of you tonight. Something terrible happened today. Someone poisoned them. They both passed away within a hour of each other. Shelby I am sure you will be glad to meet up with Bella again just as Willow will be so glad to see Murphy again. You all get together and show them all the love and beauty of where you all are now. I love you all. December 21, 2022 - Hello babies, I am sure by now you know and have met Firefly who got her wings last night. Please keep a special watch over her. She was so young. I love you all. February 27,2023 - Hello my precious babies. It has taken me a week to write this. I hope you all have found Zachary by now. Zoe your brother is now with you. Zachary got his wings on 02/19/23. He was in renal failure and put up a good fight, but he decided it was time to leave. You all stick together and let me know you all are ok and together. I love you all. March 31,2024 - Hello my babies. I am sure you all have met up with Tanner by now. Tanner got his wings on 02/22/24. Tanner I tried my best to save you. You got through your surgery last spring for your urinary track blockage. I wish you could have stayed with us longer. Love and miss you Tanner.

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