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Memories of Sparky
Jennifer was Sparky's owner, but I always figured she felt like she belonged to everyone. The entire family - Rob, Alex, Jenn, and now Nick as well - enjoyed intense love, companionship, and guardianship and protection from the Dalmatian. Sparky and family shared living space with Pat and Jim - Rob's parents, and guardians of no less than four or five other dogs and cats. George, Jean, and myself (Jason) always enjoyed coming to visit, even though Sparky would bark ferociously at us, even after realizing it was us - but only because she wanted us to come give her a skritch or allow her to give us 'kisses'. Sparky's extended family was the entire membership of Redwood Meadows Emergency Services. Everyone enjoyed having the dog around, and she enjoyed being there every so often. Being the Dalmatian pet of a firefighting family, it was only natural to teach her to stop, drop, and roll; crawl low under the smoke; and check the door for heat before opening it. She would do these 'tricks' with such fervor at the mere mention of "What would you do if your clothes were on fire?". It's hard for me to believe that the same puppy that could fit in a fire helmet when she was first with us could have grown so big (even though I always said she looked small to me) and, when I look back upon it now, have led such a full and rich life. Goodbye, Sparky. Until we all meet again.

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