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Memories of Spanky

Two years gone, but the love still strong!
Dear Boo Boo Boy, today is March 19, 2005 and you've been parted from us for two whole years. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and wonder o you're enjoying that place over the fabled bridge. Your collar hangs over the bed, just where it used to, and your ashes are on the top shelf in a place of loving respect. We never go to the dog park anymore, although Mom visits with Denali once in a while. We have become very active in helping homeless kitty pooters with an organization called Humanimal Connection. They helped us to get Gypsy and her kittens fixed and find homes. Gypsy has taken over the house, but we have not forgotten the most special pooter that ever lived here, and the best friend to my best friend, your mom. And speaking of the preciouslady, I'll sign off for now so that she can say a few words. I love you Spanky!

2nd BooBoo Goodbye
Love Eternally Yours

I was just thinking of you lately and how much fun it would be to take a spirited walk with you or see you smiling at me on the lawn as I gardened . You were my best friend and companion and are absolutely irreplaceable.I hope you are happy and getting lots of biscuits and walks otherewise it wont be heaven for you. Be patient my friend. I hope I will see you there and join you for that long stroll when the time comes, Dont forget me. I love you so. Your spirit lives on within my heart and on this earth forever barking and running and playing.

I have a big cat now that I love a whole lot and she even acts like you sometimes, but I know she is not you when she doesn't come running when the spray and wash comes out squirting! But she loves me and likes her treats too so maybe you can cross the other side someday and give my Gypsy the wild side so we can say 'hi' for just a moment if that is at all possible.

Don't ever forget I will be there for you Boo Boo when the time comes.

Lots of love,
Your Mom, Laura

On the first anniversary of your passing

Spanky, you taught us all about pure love. We've missed you and that love so much this year. Little Gypsy has stepped in to try to fill the gap in our hearts, but she can never really do that. You will always have the most special place in our hearts. Dad (Robert) says he really likes looking at the Quicktime movies we made of you being silly with us at the house and the Dog Park. Mom gets a tear in her eye whenever she looks over at your picture, or goes walking (that's when she REALLY misses you).

We're both thinking that it'll be really cool someday when we cross that bridge and get to play together again. We love you,

Robert & Laura
ps. Have you seen Gumby by any chance?

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Spanky taught me how to put his biscuits and treats in my mouth so he could jump up and get them from me. He taught me how and where he liked to go for walks. He taught me about taking him to the dog park, making room for him in the bed and an endless list of new tricks.

But now that he's gone I have an intensely empty feeling and wonder if the hurt of loss will go away. I know it is shared with Laura and others, which to me, makes the hurt less. I read and re-read the poem and pray that it's predictions come true. We will always love and remember you Spanky...(BooBoo!).

-Robert (step-dad)
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Memorial Day Thoughts

HI sweet boy! It's been 2 months now since you left us. I miss you so much it's as if you are still here.

I tried to go on our walk without you, but it was too sad. It's funny beacuse all the cats acted like you were still at my side...hmmm, maybe you were. Every time I have a little left over water I want to pour it in your bowl, but its not there anymore. I started to plant a big garden and as I play out there I imagine how you used to sit in the dirt by my side and smell all the growing flowers etc.

You were such a sensitive boy. Please dont be too lonely without me. You always loved lots of other dogs to play with,so I hope you are in good company. Other parents here at Rainbow Bridge assured me you will have lots of friends!

I wish you love always and have a great time up there, OK?

your mom (Laura)

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