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Memories of Shy
The energy Shy had when I would come home from a stressful day at work, She always made me smile . She'd jump up on the bed stretch out until I rubbed her belly, back,neck and chest!It was routine every workday. She was the joy of our lives and now she's gone. Some of her favorite things to do (besides following us around everywhere) were to play with her squeeky toys and she loved to go get the newspaper on Sunday morning. It has now been a couple of weeks since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Your Daddy and I still miss you so much. We hope in our hearts that you are not too lonely without us, and that you are well and happy. Our home is very quite and the joy we shared with you is gone, but just know that we still love you and will for eternity. Hi Baby, It is a new year now, and as you know your sister is now with you. She left us to join you on New Years' Eve. Our house is very lonely without the two of you. We still hear and see both of you around every corner and still love you so much. Cinnamon will have her place in Rainbow Bridge with you soon. We love you both. Mommy and Daddy. Hello again Shy. It is almost the end of January and it only seems like yesterday that you left to go to Rainbow Bridge. We still miss you terribly. We have two new little puppies, one who looks a lot like you, but can never have your wonderful disposition or personality. Her name is "Shy's Little Angel Baby", we named her after you. Your other new sister that has joined our family is a Chihuahua, who has the same coloring as Cinnamon did, and her name is Chynna. They in no way take your place in our hearts, but they do help with the sadness and loney feeling we have been having without you and Cinnamon. We love you baby. Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby girl, Your Daddy and I have started decorating for the holidays and as we were hanging the flying bat and witch, you were in our thoughts so much. We know how you loved to chase these toys and how much you loved all of the Halloween animations. It does not seem possible that you will be gone a year next month, it still seems like yesterday to us. We love you and miss you so much, and we hope you and Cinnamon are well and happy. Love Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby, today in 11/15/01 and in three days it will be a year since we lost you. Daddy and I are not going to be at the house on that day as it is still too hard for us to think about you being gone. We will love and miss you so much, you are in our thoughts every day. Chynna and Angel are growing in leaps and bounds, and they have a new brother now, his name is Max. Angel is changing every day and many days she reminds us of you, but you were still the sweetest and most loving companion anyone could ever have, and we are so thankful to have had you in our lives as long as we did. I hope you and Cinnamon have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We love you, Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby, it is now December and we both made it through the anniversary of your passing, but it was very hard for both of us. We still see you everywhere in the house, and at this time of year when we are starting to decorate, we see lots of reminders about you. We found your stocking as we were unpacking ornaments and we both started crying. We still love you so much. We hope you are safe and happy. I will talk to you again soon. Love Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby, its Mommy again. I was just sitting her thinking about you and missing you. Your sisters and brother have all started to learn how to swim, but Max (who is a lot like you) does not like the pool very much. We bought him a small childs pool and he jumps in and lays in that all the time. Chynna and Angel will swim some. But just like you they just want to be held and loved on. Daddy is sure lonely without you and thinks about you all the time. He really misses coming home and seeing you. I really hope you and Cinnamon are happy. Just know that we love you very much. Love Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby, It is November now and the anniverary of your passing was yesterday. We love you and wish you were still here with us, but we know that you are healthy and happy now. We have started getting out the Christmas decorations and we had an ornament made with your name, along with Cinnamon, Chynna, Angel and Max's name, so that we could put it on our tree. Time seems to go by so quickly now. Everyday seems to get a little easier, but Daddy and I still miss you terribly. We love you. I will write to you again soon. Love Mommy and Daddy. Hi Baby, It is summer again and one of our favorite times of the year. We spent a lot of time in and around the pool together and whenever I am outside, I think of you. You are still our precious baby and always will be. We love you so much and miss you terribly. Daddy still gets real sad when we talk about you, but we also remember all of the wonderful times we had with you and how much love you brought to our lives. I hope you are doing okay. Daddy and I love you and we will talk to you soon. Love Mommy and Daddy. Hi Shy Baby. It is almost Thanksgiving again and the saddest day of our lives is approaching. Daddy has been talking about you a lot lately. He really misses you so much as you were a very special baby to him. We so wish that we could turn back time to when you were with us, but we can only wait until we can join you again. We really love you a lot and miss you so much. We hope that you are happy playing with Cinnamon and the other beloved pets that have joined you. Will talk to you again soon. Love forever, Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby, well today is the fourth anniversary of your passing. To us it still seems like yesterday. We still think about you all the time and miss you terribly. We have a new addition to the family now, a little Chihauhau named Midorrii. She belonged to your Uncle Anthony, but as I am sure you know he passed away in June and is up in heaven with you. We adopted Midorrii and have given her a good and loving home. Your other sisters and brother are doing fine. We love you lots and miss you more with each passing day. Take care of Cinnamon. Love Mommy and Daddy. Hi Baby, It's just your daddy saying "HI". It's been four years since you passed. I will never forget that awfull day! As mommy said we have a new addition to the family, because of the passing of your uncle Tony. She is a charm! However nothing can replace the bond we had then. Today is truly a sad day for me! My hope is that soon we can all be reunited in the love of God's arm! Nothing would give me more pleasure, than having you with us after we pass! Daddy. Good morning sweetie. I love you, Mommy. Hi Baby, it is getting close to the fifth anniversary of your passing to Rainbow's Bridge and we still miss you terribly. We love you and your sister Cinnamon more and more each day and wish you were still with us. Your sisters and brother here are doing fine. Daddy and I just wanted to say that we Love you. Mommy. Goodmorning Shy. Today is the 5th anniversary of your passing and as hard as it is today for us, we know that someday we will be with you again. We miss you so much and love you more each day. Take good care of your sister. We love you, Mommy and Daddy. Goodmorning Shy. As I am sure you already know, your cousin Aspenn has joined you and Cinnamon. He is truly missed by us and his daddy. We know you will show him the way and take good care of him. We love you and Cinnamon so much and still miss you every day. Six years is a long time, but to us it seems like yesterday when you were with us. We hope the both of you are happy and healthy. Love to you both. Mommie and Daddy. Today is the anniversary of your passing. It is a sad day for your Daddy and I, but we still love you as much today as we always will. I am glad that you have a lot of your friends with you so you will not be lonely. Give Cinnamon and Aspenn love for us. Mommy and Daddy. Hi baby girl, just wanted to let you know how much we love you and miss you. Mommy. Goodmorning Shy - Another anniversary of your passing has come and gone. Your Daddy and I still love you and miss you everyday. I put some pictures of your brother and sisters on here for you to look at. They are a joy to have around, but your snuggles and love is greatly missed. Hope you are taking care of Cinnamon and Aspenn. We love you baby girl. Mommy and Daddy Hi Baby girl; I am sure you are having a wonderful life at Rainbow Bridge just running and playing with your friends. We love and miss you so much and think about you all the time. You will always hold a special place in our heart. Love you Mommy
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