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Memories of Shoo-Fly
Visit Shoo-Fly's Memorial Website: My Forever Friend at www.bunnylvr72001.com "Where your treasure is there will your heart be also." My heart is always with you Shoo. You are my treasure. Shoo-Fly was a wild cottontail rabbit who befriended me that magical May of 1998. Though we were only together for one year he changed my life completely. 11/16/2013 I took to writing Shoo letters during our year together. I am going to copy one here that was written 1/25/1999. It was a very cold and snowy winter. My husband shoveled a path to the apple tree so I could continue to feed Shoo. "My dear, sweet, darling Shoo: This has been the biggest snow in 20 years. Also, the coldest. We shoveled a path to the apple tree so I could put out your food, but we have seen no tracks and the food, as much as we can tell, hasn't been touched. I have cried many times. I don't know where you are or what has become of you.I wonder if you are somewhere unable to get out and are hungry. I remember I promised you that you would never be hungry. I have kept my promise Shoo but I don't know if you have been able to get to the food. I wonder if you are cold. I always wanted to prevent that but never could. I don't know what happened or maybe what is happening to you. I sit and think about our times under our star.Warm nights and treats and apples. I would give anything if I could just sit with you again. I love you Shoo. I look out toward the evergreen tree where we met and hope to see movement. You eating enough to keep warm and then running back to your warm burrow...but nothing is there but the snow and the wind. In the spring if I see a bunny I will have no way of knowing it is you unless you come up to me. Will you remember me in the spring Shoo? You will always be my Shoo...my Shoo-Fly bunny. You will always be in my heart. You did so much for me. I wish I could have done more for you. I love you Shoo.".....I did see Shoo after that. He came in a couple of days, bounding up through the snow to the back door. I remember throwing on a coat, gloves and boots and going out onto the step and sitting once again with my forever friend. Little did I know that it wasn't the winter I would have to worry about but the spring. May 9, 2013 Today 14 years ago you left me for the Bridge leaving me with the hope of eternity in my heart. I love you Shoo and I always will. When you passed that day from a violent attack from a predator, I hope you knew how much you were loved. I hope you know now just how much you are still loved and will be forever. I love you my precious precious friend. Always and forever. My forever friend. (**I have added photos of some of Shoo's offspring that have graced my yard throughout the years. Also Little Joe Squirrel who would not be forgotten! People ask WHY little Joe squirrel was in trouble. He usually was and getting ME in trouble as well with the neighbors! July 12,2014 My beautiful friend, I have moved. !Leaving that yard where we were was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I told you I needed you and this thought came to my mind. I called the backyard of the old house "Shoo-Land" because it was where we met and where we spent our time together. But the thought came to me that "Shoo-Land" is in my heart and always will be! Here there are trees, bunnies and birds who visit the yard and a beautiful pond. I light a candle on the new porch and think of you and think of us. Actually, this poem came to my mind. "A candle I light in my window, a candle only you can see. A candle each night in my window to guide you back safely to me. A candle I've lit in the darkness each day that we've been a part. My candle burns on in it's brightness...for the candle for you is my heart." I love you my forever friend and I always will. October 10, 2014: It is Fall Shoo. I remember you didn't like the leaves, You would sit and watch me clear a space for you and then you would come and sit by me! In my mind and heart I can see you there. I can almost hear the crunch of the leaves as I moved them aside. I love you Shoo. 12/10/14 My beautiful friend...in the Christmas present you will find all my love for you...now, forever and always. Once again, we wait for spring. 12/23/2014 Tears are here Shoo, but they are tears of gratitude. Gratitude for all you have given me. You were and are here to help me become. Thank you my friend. I only wish I could have done more for you. 1/11/2015 I saw a wild rabbit run through the yard Shoo. As always I was in awe of the complete beauty and grace of your kind. As always too I said a quiet prayer for her safety. 16 years you have been gone...but never from my heart. I love you. April 3,2015: It is spring Shoo. The time we waited for that long winter of 1999. And then, after that wait, we were parted. I still wait for spring Shoo, but now the spring of eternity when we will never part again. Shoo, you are my heart. Right out where I can see it. I love you and wait for our true Spring./ May 5, 2015: 16 years ago Shoo and I were together on this night. It would be the second to the last time we would be together. May 7: You sat by me longer than normal that night...our last night together. It was a beautiful night and we sat and shared an apple and looked at out star. We didn't know what was to come. May 9, 1999: I was sitting in my lounge chair waiting for you to come so I could show you the beautiful bunny wind chime that had been bought for me. You were always curious and would wonder where the beautiful sound was coming from. Finally at 4 pm I began to worry and went looking for you. I thought you might be in the neighbor's yard and as I looked over the fence.. I saw you...lying so still between two trees, the victim of a predator's attack. Shoo I hope you knew how much you were loved and I hope you know how much you are still loved and always will be. In the midst of all that violence... I can't really write this. I love you my beautiful friend. My forever friend. I love you. Your short little life changed mine forever.11/8 I just renewed your memorial Shoo. My gosh! Has it been almost 17 years? Know this Shoo, in all of these years I have never had a day that I didn't think of you and miss you. Not one. I love you and I always will, my beautiful friend. <3 You are forever in my heart.12/22/15 My beloved friend...it is almost Christmas. The year you and I were together it was very warm for December in Chicago and we sat together and shared an apple and looked at our star. I will never forget that Christmas. I love you Shoo and you are always with me. Merry Christmas my friend. My forever friend. In my heart we will sit together again this Christmas. I love you Shoo and thank you for hte beautiful gift you gave me. The gift of your friendship. I will always thank you. I will always love you.12/31/2015 Happy New Year Shoo. I will always wait for you. I will always love you. 2/17/2016 Shoo I am sure that 17 years ago we were together on this day and looking forward to spring. Our spring was cut very short and so now I wait for the Spring of eternity when we will never part again. Remember my beautiful friend how much you were and are loved and you always will be. You, a small brown cottontail wild rabbit changed my life forever. I love you Shoo. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know and love you. 2/24 My beautiful friend, it is a blizzard here. Cold, snow and an unbelievable strong wind. I remember how afraid I was for you Shoo during winter storms. I love you Shoo and believe you are somewhere warm and beautiful. I love you. 3/1/2016 The first day of March is here Shoo. I remember March 1st when you were here Shoo. I was so excited to tell you! The spring we waited for was surely coming... but unfortunately it was not what we had hoped for. Now I wait with you for the Spring of Eternity when we will never part again. 3/27/2016 Happy Easter baby. I love you. Forever. 5/5/2016 My beautiful friend, 17 years ago we were together for the 2nd to the last time. I remember it so well. You sat with me for quite awhile then you went and laid between the swing posts in the yard. I can still see you lying there so comfortably. Shoo, we knew complete peace. Shoo it has almost been 17 years. I miss and love you every day and have for all this time. You were much more than a wild rabbit befriending a human. I light the candle for you every night. Today and through the 9th it will burn all day and night. I love you my friend. My forever friend. Thank you. 5/7/2016: My beautiful friend, 17 years ago this day we were together for what would be the last time. I light the candle in the window in memory of that beautiful day. It was "our day". We were together. In my heart we are still together Shoo and will always be and I believe in some way "we" still "are". I love you my friend. I always will. 5/9/2016: It has been 17 years today Shoo. The candle in my widow is lit. I love you Shoo and I always will. 5/10/2016: And thus began that long lonely summer. 9/22/2016 Shoo, Fall has begun. What I remember most is how you didn't like the leaves! You would wait until I cleaned them off and then you would come sit. :) We spent many beautiful evenings looking at the beautiful Harvest moon. How I wish you were here to look at it again with me. I love you Shoo and I always will. 11/24/2016 Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful friend. I love you. 12/11/2016 The gift Shoo holds all of my love. I love you. I miss you. 12/19/2016 Shoo, I love you my beautiful friend. 12/22/2016 We will be going out of town in the morning Shoo so I will wish you a Merry Christmas now. How I wish we were together like the Christmas of 1999 when we sat out and waited for our star. Me with gloves and a coat and you huddled by the house with me! I love you my precious friend. I love you. Merry Christmas. 12/31/2016 It is New Years eve my beautiful friend. In all the years that have passed Shoo there hasn't been a day that I don't think of you and miss you. And once again we wait for spring..but now the spring of eternity. 3/9/2017 Shoo, in 1999 I was so excited to see this month come. We had made it through winter! Now we could look forward to long beautiful nights sitting under our star. I didn't know on this date in 1999 we only had 2 more months together. 3/23/17 Well, Shoo as one of your poems says..."The time looked for had surely come...robins sang...spring had begun!" Spring is here my beautiful friend. I will never think of spring without thinking of us. In spring we met and in spring we wait for the eternal spring. It has been almost 18 years Shoo and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I love you my forever friend and I always will. 4/16/2017 Happy Easter Shoo. I love you. May 9, 2017: You have been gone for 18 years Shoo. How can this be?? May 10, 2017: 18 years ago today Shoo began the loneliest time of my life. "Every day I miss you, each day I miss you more. I often seek to find you, among the fields of yore. Running up to greet me at day's long weary end. I will always seek thee, my forever friend." I you Shoo. 5/14/2017: Mother's Day. I will always love you Shoo. I miss you. I miss us. 7/7/2017: Shoo it was my birthday on the 3rd. I wasn't able to write you that day but I do want to tell you. The picture on your stone was taken on July3, 1998. I was 50 years old. I was talking to (my daughter) on the phone and giving you a treat. You were so small! Shoo I love you and miss you. I always will. 10/8/2017 It is Fall Shoo. I remember you not liking the fallen leaves and I would clean them off for you as you watched! Only then would you come up! I love you. 11/10 As you can see Shoo I put the leaves in a basket! I love you! 12/9/2017 Shoo, I put our Christmas tree on here today and your gift. The gift is the same as always. All my love...then, now and always. 12/25/2017 Merry Christmas Shoo. I love you always. I miss you. I miss US. Merry Christmas my friend. My forever friend. 1/1/2018 It is New Year's Day Shoo. In My it will be 19 years since we sat together. I would give anything for just one of those days again! I still miss you. I love you. Now once again I wait for spring alone as I have for 19 years now. 3/12/18 Daylight savings beregan yesterday. Shoo spring is coming soon. I remember how we waited for that second spring and how excited I was to tell you we had a robin in our yard! I love you baby and I always will. 3/21/2018 I saw a robin in the yard today Shoo. I remember how excited I was to see the first robin in 1999. I could hardly wait to tell you. 19 years now. I will always love you. 3/28/2018 Happy Easter Shoo. I will be out of town but know I will think of you as I always do. I love you my bunny! 5/5/2018 19 years ago we were together Shoo. We didn't know that it would be the second to the last time. 5/7/2018 At this time of night we would have been together for the last time on Earth. We didn't know it though. Maybe it is best that we didn't. 5/8/2018 I didn't see you this day Shoo. I went to a party next door. This is where the poem "Knowing" came out of on your website. Would it had made a difference? I don't know. If I had stayed with you all night. I ony know that I didn't see you this day until I found you on the 9th. 5/9/2018 I love you Shoo. You have been loved and missed all these years. That will never change. I love you my friend. My forever friend. 6/21/2018 I will love you forever. 10/30/2018 I renewed your residency today Shoo. I love you and I always will.12/25/2018: Merry Christmas Shoo. I remember the year we were together it was warm on Christmas and I sat outside with you. I wish I could do that now. 12/31/2018 Happy New Year Shoo. I love you. 1/1/2019: Happy New Year Shoo. I will always love you. 3/21/2019 As it says in one of your poems Shoo.."the time waited for had surely come! Robins sang! Spring had begun!" We didn't know what Spring would bring Shoo and I am glad we didn't. 5/5/2019 In 1999 this was the second to the last time we sat together. 5/9/2019 20 years Shoo. I love you and I always will. 9/26/2019 Happy Fall my bunny. How you disliked the leaves! I would move them out of the way while you watched. Only then would you come and sit with me. I love you. You are my forever Fly Bunny. 10/18/2019 Just saying I love you and miss you.12/17/2019:Another Christmas without you Shoo. The gift contains all my love as it has all these years. 1/12/2020 I love you. Will you remember me in the Spring? 4/3/2020: 21 years ago we would probably have sat together on this date. I would give anything to be able to sit with you now. I love you. 5/9/2020 It is now 21 years since we sat together. Not one day has gone by that I don't miss you. I love you my Fly Bunny. I always will. 12/05 Another Christmas coming without you. As always my gift holds all my love. I love you Shoo. 12/25/2020: Merry Christmas Sweetheart. I love you. May 9, 2021 23 years Shoo and you have never left my mind or my heart. You never will. I love you.3/12/2022 Daylight savings starts tomorrow. It has been so many years Shoo but I still miss you every day. I miss US. I walk at the park near where we were and I feel close to us. When I go there I feel I am home. I love you and miss you so much.4/9/1999 we only had 1 month left Shoo but we didn't know it. Maybe it's best we didn't.5/9/2022 Shoo it has now been 24 years since we were together. At this time 24 years ago I was waiting for you to come into the yard to show you the bunny windchimes. I didn't know that only a few feet away you had passed. I love you my friend. My forever friend. I always will. 6/21/2022 We are feeding 2 squirrels at the park Shoo. Molly and Millie. It's by the house where we lived. I believe you are there in spirit with me.11/30/2022 I changed your memorial for Christmas Shoo putting a tree and a gift. I didn't choose the fancy wrapped gift but the small one I always leave. We weren't fancy. The box holds all of my love and it always will.4/16/2023 Shoo I know this date so many years ago we were together. I put the gift back today on your memorial. You can open it when I see you. It holds all my love.5/5/2023 Shoo 24 years ago we were together on what would be our second to the last time. I wish I could just go bto that day one more time. I love you.May 9,2023 My beautiful friend. 24 years ago at this time my heart was shattered. It will only be whole when I sit with you once again. 7/29/2023:Shoo l I spent some time looking back through your guestbook. Clear to the beginning. So many beautiful things.Beautiful words about you. And about US. Means the world to me May 1st. Our month. The month we met 26 years ago. I love you Shoo. You are forever and ever in my heart. You always will be. May 9,2024:25 years Shoo since we sat together. I have loved you and missed you all these years. I love you my beautiful friend. I hope you know how much. ❤️
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