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Memories of Shannon
I remember the drive to the airport to pick you up, on Sept 18th, '95 - a little nervous, because your soon-to-be big sister Emma wasn't well...... wondering how you guys would get along...... then I saw you, your little rolly-polly chestnut coloured, 9 week old body - big brown eyes - and a red turtleneck - You were thrilled at being picked up - thrilled to be out of your "cage" - and thrilled that when you were put on the grass in your new home, there were two "little people" to jump all over...... you won our hearts immediately. You fit in right away - you were happy - and cuddly and such a good girl from day one...... and when Dad came home from his trip a few days later, you melted his heart too..... and continued to melt the hearts of everyone who met you. Then the fateful day came , three years later, when we lost your sister to bloat - there you were, at her side - scared, confused and oh, so sad........ It took you over a year to even attempt to step up and bark at the door when someone came - a job Emma always had...... you were our baby then and remained our baby until the end. Remember dad and i used to make "shannon sandwiches" in bed - we'd kiss you and hug you until we thought you couldn't stand it anymore - but you never had too much !!! I remember your first day in the snow - you stepped outside on the deck, looked up, and began prancing like a deer, trying to catch the flakes in your mouth....... goof :o) - you never lost that love of the snow either, thank goodness we got that 10 inches of snow last week - something you loved. You touched so many people's hearts - you were loved by so many people - and will be missed more than you could ever imagine - Your trips to the vet and groomer - i'll always smile about those - you just didn't want to be there did you - you silly-willy - you'd pick up your leash in your mouth - exactly half way along, (after careful studying and analysing of course)- and stand at the door, look at me and bang on the door with your foot - "cummon mum, lets get out of here" - of course, that never worked, so the next step was to climb on my lap and cuddle...... and, the "nose", that nose, waking up in the morning and seeing your nose right there..... in my face, and saying "good morning nose", or "hello nose" and kissing it..... remember ?- and your response was always the pounding of your tail on the bed. I could always get you to prance around by singing "shan-shan shanoodles, puppy wuppy woodles...." i'm sure it wasn't my singing, maybe it was because i often gave you a piggy ear afterwards - we had fun, didn't we..... :o) Two weeks ago when we went to the vet, i never thought, never dreamed, i would hear the news i heard - a part of me died when he said, "i'm sorry, Shannon has bone cancer" - it was aggressive, it was so fast - you were such a trooper..... who would have known there was something wrong - I did honey, i looked in those eyes and there was something different - all i could do was to spoil you, cuddle with you, soak up every minute of every day with you and just pray that you knew how much i loved you and that i would have done anything if i could have taken that horrible lump away - i'm sooooo sorry i couldn't do that for you. And then the day - i don't know how i got there, i remember sitting in the back of the car with you, us both swaddled in our favourite nap-time blanket, your paws on my leg, your head on my arm, my tears gently dripping on that beautiful face of yours - I'm sorry Shannon - i hope you understand........ Two days have passed - the snow has melted and taken the pawprints with it, no more nose-prints on the door, no waterbowl to be filled, no treats to be given - i look for you everywhere - all your favourite places to lay - everywhere i turn, i see you, hear you, smell you...... i turn the music on for you when i leave the house - i talk to you in my head as i walk up to bed, "cummon honey - bed time" hoping you'll be right on my heels..... All I can do now is hope you know how much you gave to us all, your undying unconditional love, your licks and cuddles, the smiles....... and how much we loved you unconditionally, in return - you gave so much to us, in every sense of the word........ - My wish for you now is that you are pain free and running in that beautiful grassy meadow, with Emma, carefree, warm and happy !! I'll see you again my sweet sweet puppy girl...... be well, be happy, I love you.......... WEDNESDAY, JULY 16TH, 2003. Happy Birthday precious....... We miss you soooooooooo much - :o( The kids and i are sending up balloons for you today - be sure to catch them and know we are thinking of you and love you...... (THURSDAY MARCH 18TH, 2004) i'm sitting here at my desk thismorning, Maggie is sleeping on the sofa, your picture is in front of me and its snowing...... big huge snowflakes - the kind you loved. Thinking of you and missing your snuggles - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARCH 11TH 2005 - can't believe its been two years..... i still miss you so much - guess i always will..... we had a really warm few days, then guess what, it snowed last night...... i'll always look at the snow and think of you...... love you to bits......xxxxxxxxxx Dec 29, 05 - hi baby.... we got dumped on with snow a few weeks ago - Fiona said "too bad Shannon isn't here to enjoy this" - chrismas came and went.... and we miss you - soooo much !! Still got that photo of you with the crispy creme hat on, on my fridge - sorry - but i love it.... its so you. we're moving at the end of feb - i love this house, it has so many memories for me - but onward and upward right.... don't worry, i'm taking yours and emma's butterfly bushes with me !! I love you sweet girl. See you down the road, mum xxxxxxx MARCH 11,06 - Hiya puppy girl..... its been 3 years :o( - missing you today, as always..... we moved last week - i think you'd like the house - maggie does - but she keeps wiping out on the wood floors. Not much to say today, a little sad.... love you bunches xxxxx MARCH 1ST - 2007 - Hey you.... just checking in to remind you of how much I love and miss you. I hope Emma and Doobie are planning a big old Birthday bash for you - you would have been 12 this year - wow! - Its been almost 4 years now since you had to leave us - I still have your favourite blankie and always think of you when i curl up for a nap - I miss you shan... more than you could ever know. Love always xxxxx WOW - Shan.... 5 years already - :o( - it just seems like yesterday you were out running around in the snow - we still have snow on the ground- we got so much of it this year. nana and grandpa were just our for a visit... remember how you loved grandpa and he teased you and called you the chicago tart because you just couldn't get enough of him - we miss you girly-wirly - love you always xxx NOV 21 - 2013 - 10 years... where does the time go - still miss you like crazy :o( - Rachael came home from college last year with a St Bernard puppy, we named him Oliver, (but, you probably already know) you would have loved playing in the snow with him, even though he's more than double your size... sometimes he comes up to me when he senses I'm sad and he puts his head on my chest, and looks into my eyes with his big brown eyes like he's trying to tell me something, just exactly like you used to do, and I catch myself thinking of you each time he does it. Oh, how I miss you sweet girl - always and forever <3 xxx

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