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Memories of Scrapper
Scrapper came to us from Heaven. She was a true gift. She loved to ride in the car and go anywhere as long as she was with us. If there is such a thing as a sole mate for dogs, she was mine. You are missed my lil sole mate! We will meet again! I miss my beagle angel! 12/09-Thinking of you and missing you this holiday! Behave yourself, don't eat everything in sight! 3/14/12-Hi Scrappy, I wanted to stop in and wish Licorice a Happy Birthday and say hello to you! On the anniversary of your death this year I watched some videos of you, I had thought I was forgetting you but all of a sudden it all came back to me and was comforting. One of my biggest fears is forgetting you or Licky. I miss you and hope your life in heaven is happier (healthier) than what you endured on the earth. I love you Scraps. I have a painting of you and your 2 sisters whom you did not know and I look at it every day!! Take care of Licorice for me, she is going to be looking for me! 1/1/13 Happy New Year! I started taking dance classes at the Elms and even went to an event and it makes me think about you and the times I took you to the pet ball. You have a new sister named Shylo. Yep another Beagle. We got her in November and she was just the most scared thing I have ever met, she was more afraid than you were when I met you. You now have 3 sisters, Licorice Louise, Sadie Sue and Shylo Laroo. Yep all the beagles start with an S and all middle names rhyme, Doo,Lou,Sue,Laroo. I am hoping for a wonderful year up in heaven for you. Be happy!! Love Mommy 9/27/18 Been awhile. Licorice & Sadie have joined you. We have a Shih Tzu Bugsy and a Chihuahua Chi Chi. They also have middle names to rhyme. Bugsy Blue and Chi Chi Cashew. Shylo is still with us. My parents have also joined you, my mom in 15 and Dad this year 18. I still have pictures up of you my sweet beagle. Sadie had bladder cancer the same as you did. I may not adopt any more Beagles but w are full up with dogs now anyway. I won't ever forget you my sweet sweet Scraps. One day I pray we can be reunited, Love Mom 12/12/20 Hi there my first beagle butt. I miss you as always. I wish we had more years together. We have gotten to know Chi Chi your sister and she is so much like you. She sticks to me like glue, not sure you would have liked that but promise me you will be kind to her when you meet her. Hope you have a great Christmas, I have your ornaments on the tree as always. Say hi to the girls and grandma for me. We changed Chi Chi's middle name to Bobaroo after your grandpa. Love you always! Mom

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