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Memories of Sassy
Cuddling up at night. You jumping up and down and making vocal noises when I would enter the room. The rides you so enjoyed. My protector and most sincere friend. My best friend. Always wanting to share my food. The ice cream you loved. Your beautiful face and fur. Always wanting to be with me. Trusting me and loving me. How do I live without you, Sassy? I Need you. My heart went with you. Love forever, Mommy. It is one week today my darling and it is no better. I miss you more and more each day. I miss having your kisses your little body next to mine at night. The way you looked at me with such trusting adoring eyes. Though you could only see me with your heart since January, you always knew when I was close and how you would jump up for me to take you. Daddy and I cry every day. How we wish you were still with us. Sissy and Spunky miss you so much, too and are bewildered because you are not here. Rest well my little one until we meet again. Your heartbroken mommy. I will always love you and miss you.Today as everyday has been a heartbreaking day for me. I see you everywhere I go in the house and outside. I see your beautiful face, I hear your vocalizing, and yet I cannot see you and pick you up to pet you and to kiss you. Sissy and Spunky and Daddy miss you terribly. But we, my darling you and I had this indescribable bond and at times I feel I cannot live without you. But I know I must for you would want me to for daddy's, Spunky's, Sissy's and all the family who loved you so much sakes. Oh, but darling my tears keep falling. Please Dear God hold her in your arms for me, you and all the angels and comfort her and give her peace and happiness. I love you, my angel in Heaven and always will. Your heartbroken mommy. I will always love and miss you. January 7, 2004: My little precious darling, I am still grieving the same for you. I miss you so much. There will never be another you. You were my best friend, my soul mate,my protector. The nights and days are so empty without you. Everyday I look at your pictures, I kiss them and talk to them. I have them all over the house. How I miss petting your beautiful soft fur, rubbing your tummy which you loved. I miss your kisses. No, my darling I am no better with my heart ache, I can never be. I pray you are happy, healthy and playing and are watching over me just as you protected me when you were with me. You went through so much here on earth, and I know that now you can see again and run and play with the angels and the other furbabies in heaven. Let the angels hold you and kiss you as mommy did. And when they kiss you and when they hold you my angel, think of me and maybe I will know when you do and will feel your kiss again. I love you so very much and no words can describe how much I miss, need and want you. Forever I will miss and love you, your mommy Sept. 26, 2004. Today at 10 AM it was a year that you left me. I am so devastated that you are gone. Iwrite this to you my little darling through volumes of tears. Oh Sassy, my precious little girl, I need you so much. How do I live without you? I know I must, but my little baby girl, it is so hard. I am so lonely for you. The sun is not as bright anymore, and the light has dimmed in my life and is not very bright anymore. You were my sunshine. I see you everywhere I go in the house and outside. I see your beautiful face, I hear your voice, yet I can't see you and pick you up, pet you, hold you and kiss you and tell you how much I love you.I long for your wet kisses, to feel your little body next to mine at night, to see you bantering with Spunky and Sissy. You have a new "sister", Soffee and I know you would be her leader too just as you were Spunky's and Sissy's. I know they still miss you, and now Spunky and Sissy are not well. I am scared. You loved them, too. Pray for them, and ask God to heal them. Mommy needs and loves them so much too. Just as I do you. I need them, too. Today has been very hard on mommy as I mournfully talked to your pictures and kissed them. My God how I miss you. I could never put into words all you are to me. That part of me and my heart that went with you will always stay with you. Mommy can not be the same anymore. Not a day and night goes by that you are not in my mind, sweetheart. Things are not the same and never will be again. Wait for me little angel, someday we will be together again. No one can or will ever take your place, my angel. A poem for you, my angel: We thought of you with love today, But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, And days before that too. We think of you in silence, We often speak your name. Now all we have is memories, And your pictures in a frame, Your memory is our keepsake, With which we'll never part, God has you in His keeping, We have you in our heart.(s) I love you my sweet little girl, how I wish I could reach out and touch your soft ears and kiss your sweet head! Forever, your Heartbroken mommy February 12, 2005 ONLY THE BEST A golden heart stopped beating, two shining eyes at rest, God broke our hearts to prove, He only takes the best. God knows you had to leave us, But you did not go alone, For part of us went with you, the day He took you home. To some you are forgotten, to others just part of the past, but to us (especially your mommy) who loved and lost you, The memory will always last. Your Heartbroken Mommy Her name was whispered, her soul responded.... If our dogs were granted extra hours according to the depth of their love, wisdom, devotion and duty Our dog would surely be immortal. Alas, it was not to be - her name was whispered, and her soul responded. Her bed lies empty, waiting, cold Lifeless toys fall scattered, scarred, still My fingers are searching, seeking, lost. There will be no comfort today, no cosy cuddle, no loving look, her name is whispered. My soul is calling, my heart is aching I am glad to have known her, shared, cared, learnt and loved. But, oh how I will miss her. She will live on in my heart, my soul, my mind. We will meet again I will whisper her name, she will respond . Until we meet again my precious little darling and I again can hold you and kiss you, please wait for me. I miss you so much and so does daddy, Willie B (your markie) and Spunky and Sissy and now Soffee. I told her all about you and I talk about you to all of them and I know they understand because when I cry and I am holding them close as I used to do you, they all try to comfort me and lick my tears away as you always did. If you can please try to communicate with them and me. Give me a sign my darling that you are still with us. Mommy needs this so much. I will never get over losing you. Mommy Sept.26, 2005 My darling Sassy. Today at !0 AM I lost you. I still can not believe you are gone. My grief still has not lessened. I need you, I still am crying an ocean for you. Words can not say how much I miss you and love you. You are always on my mind. Sissy your "sister" is sick and I cry about that, too. Pray for her my darling. I know she and your "brother" Spunky still missyou. Soffee mama"s new little girl knows you through me and when mommy crys and she is there, she will put her paws on my shoulders as you used to and "kiss" away my tears. I know you know her, too. Spunky, Sissy and Soffee are sad when they catch me crying and they stay by me and get on my lap. I know they understand my grief, probably more than any human ever could. We all need you Sassy. Mommy's life will never be the same without you, my precious darling. Sassy, my little girl. SUNLIGHT STREAMS THROUGH WINDOW PANE UNTO A SPOT ON THE FLOOR.... THEN I REMEMBER ( AS ALWAYS) IT'S WHERE YOU USED TO BE, BUT NOW YOU ARE NO MORE. OUR FEET WALK DOWN A HALL OF CARPET, AND MUTED ECHOES SOUND.... THEN I REMEMBER, IT'S WHERE YOUR PAWS WOULD JOYOUSLY ABOUND. A VOICE IS HEARD ALONG THE ROAD,AND UP BEYOUND THE HILL THEN I REMEMBER IT CAN'T BE YOURS.... YOUR GOLDEN VOICE IS STILL. BUT I'LL TAKE THAT VACANT SPOT OF FLOOR AND EMPTY MUTED HALL AND LAY THEM WITH THE ABSENT VOICE AND UNUSED DISH ALONG THE WALL. I'LL WRAP THESE TREASURED MEMORIALS IN A BLANKET OF MY LOVE AND KEEP THEM FOR MY BEST FRIEND UNTIL WE MEET ABOVE. Sassy it is so hard to live without you, but I know I must for Spunky's, Sissy"s and Soffee"s ake and for daddy and all the family. But my darling it is so hard without you. Plese wait for me. My heart still aches in sadness, And secret tears still flow, What it meant to lose you, NO ONE WILL EVER TRULY KNOW. I LOVE YOU AND YOU LIVE IN MY HEART FOREVER UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, NEED YOU AND MISS YOU. YOUR HEARTBROKEN MOMMY Sept. 26, 2007, My darling Sassy, today at 10 Am it was 4 long years since you left me. I grieve so for you. I miss and love you so and will forever and ever. How I wish you were still here with me. I will never get over losing you. Today your "sister" Sissy has joined you on this site. I am devastated at her loss and your loss. It is so hard. I need you both so much. I need to pet your beautiful fur, I need to hold you, kiss you and feel your wet kisses again. Oh Dear God how do I go on, I know I must for Spunky, Soffee and the family, but it is so hard. I am so heart broken without my babies, Sissy and Sassy. I think of you every day and night. I talk to you. I kiss your pictures. Please let me know you are alright. Come to me in my dreams. Now you have another one of mommy's greatest loves, Sissy to play and run with. Tell her I love her and miss her, too. I cry for you both. The tears do not stop. Rest well my little baby and try to be happy until we meet again. I love you more than words can ever say. Your heartbroken Mommy Sept.26, 2008 My Precious darling baby, Today is 5 years since I could hold you and pet your beautiful fur and kiss you. Words cannot express how much I love and miss you. The tears are flowing as they do every day for you. I cannot believe you are gone. How do I keep on without you, but I know I must for the family and my other babies. I cannot get over losing you and I never will. Sissy is there with you now and what I say to you oes for her,too. I have rescued three other little babies, Soffee, Sarrie, and Shainee. I love them with all my heart, but I want you and Sissy, too. I talk about you and Sissy to them and Spunky who you grew up with, misses you, too. My tears flow like a river and I need you, my darling. Tell Sissy how much I miss and love her, too. Play with her and all the other precioous furbabies at the Rainbow Bridge. Dear Father in Heaven and all the Angels hold them in your arms and kiss them for me and tell them how I miss and love them. I know that someday we will be with one another again. But until that day when I leave this earth, I will hold you in my dreams and in my heart. My darling, I will love and miss you forever. Your Heartbroken Mommy Sept.26. 2010 Oh my Darling I still cannot get over losing you. I sit here with tears streaming down my face blinding my eyes. I love ytou so and need you so, I will love you and keep you in my heart forever. Oh my darling, I feel I can't bear it, oh how I miss holding you, loving you, petting you, having you by my side. I am worried about oiur Spunky, he is sick, but I am sure you see this and know this. Say a prayer to God that he get well. I now have as you know Soffee, Sarrie, Shainee and our Spunky, but I want you, too. I love them with all my heart, but I still need you and our Sissy here too. Oh my darling please wait for me, someday we will be together again. Time can never take away the pain I have in losing you and Sissy and all the others, you live in my heart, my darling and there I shall keep you forever. Love your Heartbroken Mommy Sept.26, 2011 Oh my little darling I have been crying all day for you. Words can never ever tell how much I miss you and need you my darling. Although 8 years have passed the pain of losing you is still as bad as the day I lost you. I have 4 rescued Chis, I am sure you remember Spunky. But now I also have Soffee, Sarrie and Shainee, but I am sure you know that because I feel you and Sissy sent them to me. No one can ever know, but perhaps you do my darling how I cry for you and Sissy. I also lost my precious Sissy 4 years ago on Sept. 4, and I cry for her, too and all my precious furbabies that you probably know now at the bridge. Oh my darling I feel at times I can not stand it not having you near me especially when I go to bed. Rest well my darling until we meet again and I know you are with the angels and see God. Please dear God kiss her and love her for me and hold her close. I will always love you and miss you forever and ever and ever. Please come to me in my dreams and kiss me and me kiss you. I love and miss you more than I can express ever. Mommy Sept. 28, 2012 Oh my little darling I am so sorry that I didn't write on the anniversary of you going to the Rainbowbridge. But I have been so devastated as on this same date you sister Shainee was taken from me. But I am sure you know this. I am sure as kind and wonderful as you were that you ran to meet her. Kiss her for me and a big kiss to you, too and know my darlings that someday we will all be together again. Teach her where the beautiful areas are and tell her to let the angels and God hug her and love her and to know that I will always love her and you and all, too. I keep all of you in my heart. I miss you all so much that my tears fall everyday and I look at your pictures day and night. I know I must go on although my heart is so broken and crushed. I love you my darling Sassy and long to hold and kiss you. Soffee and Sarrie need me so I must carry on and I talk to them about you all all the time. come yo me in dreams and let me kiss you and hold you in my dreams my darling. Love forever, your heartbroken Mommy Oct. 1. 2013 Oh my precious Sassy ten long years without you. Oh my G-D how I miss you and your beautiful face. Shainee and Spunky are with you now, too, my darling. Please play with them and know that time will never take away my tears from losing you. I am sorry I did not write on the 26th, but ironically Shainee who you now know also went to the Rainbow Bridge on the same dat as yours. Please remember that I will always, always love you and miss you. How I want to hold you and kiss you once again. My darling the tears fall everyday for all of you. Please wait for mommy and know that someday we will all be together again. I will always love and miss you. It is so hard without all of you. Please let the Angels and God hold you and kiss you for me. Oh my darling I feel as if I am going to burst with the pain of losing you, Sissy, Spunky, Shainee and all the rest. I will always be heartbroken forever. You live in my heart. I will always love and miss you, your Heartbroken Mommy

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