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Memories of Sabrina Jane
Sabrina you were the most independant kitty cat I had ever met. When we first got you we had to have forced cuddles! Then you decided you love tummy pets from your Daddy and being brushed for hours and that was that. You always lay between our legs as watched TV getting your brushing and purring away. You were our go to sleep kitty. For fourteen years you slept between our pillows and turned on your purr purr engine so we could go to sleep. We miss your purr purrs very much. You loved to go outside and watch the chipmunks from your deck. Those were your favorites. When you were a young girl you escaped out my window of my apartment and went into the neighbors window to explore - you were just so darn independant. We called you our pee pee kitty because when we left town you invariably made your feelings on the subject known by pee peeing on our bed.. You and your brother Phillip were born to be together and after he left in February your interest in life waned. Your own health waned, your interest in getting better wasn't there. Then your heart failure was diagnosed and we just thought you were dying of a broken heart from losing Philly Boy. We have so many stories we can tell of you - the time you got lost in your grandma's bathroom and almost drove her nuts, the time your Dad let you outside and swore he was watching you but you scampered off the the neighbors and almost gave him a heart attack. The way you drank from faucets all your life; and near the end we had to teach you to drink from bowls and you wanted ice water in a glass instead. You loved rides in the Beemer. You love acupuncture. You loved Brandi the St. Bernard! You were my secretary at work for 6 years, watching from your condo not only my actions but those of the entire neighborhood. You were so loving Sabrina. You would snuggle up so well especially when you were being our nurse when we were sick. You always followed Philly around to see what kind of trouble he could get you two into. You followed me around from room to room because you were so interested in life and what was going on. You would come in a room, sit down in the middle of the floor, looke up at us and then open your tiny little mouth and utter a big long MEWOOOW. We knew you wanted something and it was up to us to figure it out. Your brother did end runs on your food, so we were always feeding you in special places...like on the counter...until you could no longer jump safely down. Still today I feel you are in my office with me, I can't shake the feeling. Your death was beautiful Sabrina. The nice vet came out to our house and we had all your candles lit and our friends on KittyHeaven had their candles lit, and your favorite music was playing. You went to sleep gently in my arms looking into your Daddy's eyes and hearing us say we love you, we love you, you will be with Philly soon. Then when you had relaxed and were unaware due to the tranquilizer shot, we laid you on your favorite sweatshirt your Daddy bought you when you first got ill. I held down your litle vein so the vet could put the the needle in your vein and then I released the vein. I personally sent you on your way my sweet daughter. And at that moment, at that very moment, Phillip's favorite song came on the TV and we knew he was telling us in the only way he could that he had come to you, that you were safe with him and that he was safe himself. Gently, indeed you went into the night my daughter. And the message from Phillip brought a smile to our lips. You were safe with your brother at last. We miss you so very much, but we know you are safe and again behaving like the little lion you think you are - protecting your brother even as he washes you from head to toe showing you his love. I love you my daughter. Your Daddy loves his girl and we miss you, and always will. 2006- Sabrina, DaddyKitty has left. I am so sorry. Please keep PhillyBoy warm and look over me from Heaven. I am so sad to lose you all. My heart is broken into pieces. I still cry when I think of you and Philly away from me. I remember your meows and your soft tummy so well. You are my AngelGirl and I will always take out your memory and stroke it for comfort. I love you. August 28 2006, another year without you. Time does not heal. I think of you everyday. Losing Philly Boy and then you and then DaddyKitty, Suzette, Jon, Brandy, Buck, and Bentley and Bob is too much loss Briners. Wait for me in Heaven. We will be joined by your new brother Perry and new sister Shirley. You will especially love Shirley. She is like you. Quiet and lovely. Briners I will never put another animal or myself through what you went through. If that is any lesson to be learned from your illness and passing that is it. You helped all the animals I will ever come in contact with or give advice to. Oh Briners life without you is so hard. I just miss you miss you miss you. Your earthly remains are still on my dresser and you and Philly are united. I will join you in the same box and we will all be together for all eternity. Just wait till my time comes..........it is when God ordains it Sweetie. Not in my power, I wish it was. Love love love my darling daughter. Mama Kitty Feb 9 2007, Thinking of you and Philly Boy together in Heaven. Your love keeps me going Briners. Lay in God's lap and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for him. Love Mama Kitty.

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