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Memories of Sydney
My dear Sydney, the tragic day I lost you was probably the saddest in my life. I thought I would lose my mind. You were just about 12 weeks old when you joined our family, so it was only a little over 10 months you were with us. If I had known in advance how it all would end, I wouldn't trade a second to avoid the pain I endured by your loss.
You were supposed to be Jill's dog. I didn't even want a dog after 4 years without one, let alone a PUG! But out of our whole family, you chose me and we were devoted to each other.
You were such a comfort to me during the months my Dad was dying of cancer, enduring the numerous rides from New York to Ocean City even though you got car sick. You provided comic relief for the family during one of the most stressful periods of our lives. Remember when you raised your leg against Mam's potted "tree" in the living room? You couldn't understand what all the fuss was about!! I remember how we had a game of tug with your rubber pretzel toy every morning and how you loved apples.
I didn't know about this memorial site until last November when your Aunt Kerry gave me one for your sister, Abbie. I decided to wait until the anniversary of your death to start your residency.
Even though we had such a short time together, we were special, you and I, weren't we? I'll love and remember you to my last breath, and I'll be calling your name as I approach Rainbow Bridge. Rest in Peace my darling Pug Boy!
12/10/06 Such a long time dear Sydney, so many Christmases, and I never forget. My fondest hope is that your spirit is free and at peace this Christmas season. Sleep tight my darling pug boy and wait for Momma no matter how long it takes.......Love you 2/18/07 Happy Birthday, dear Sydney! You only celebrated 1 birthday with me here on earth and this is #14. I'll never forget you! I love you my forever young pug boy. Kisses & Hugs, Momma 3/17/07 Dear Sydney, Today it has been 13 long years without you. I will never forget you my sweetheart. Snuggle with Abbie and wait for Momma. Love you so much!
3/17/08 Another anniversary....so long ago and still the tears fall when I remember that awful day that I lost you. I've missed having you with me, my darling Sydney. You were the love of my life. Wait for Momma and listen for me calling your name when it's time for me to come get you at Rainbow Bridge. I love you my sweet pug boy. Momma
2/18/09 16 years ago today, the sweetest boy pug ever was born! Happy Birthday darling Sydney.
Remember Momma loves!
3/17/09 Good morning my darling boy! I just know you are well and happy with Abbie on this sad anniversary for me. 15 years...........and I still miss you as if it were yesterday!
Love you so much! Momma
12/22/09 Merry Christmas darling Sydney! Love you, Momma
2/18/10 Happy 17th Birthday, Momma's Boy! Hugs, Kisses and lots of love, Momma
3/17/10 So long ago, still pain in my heart and tears in my eyes. I love you, Sydney. Momma
12/24/10 Momma finally added some photos to your album. There is one of you with your first and only Christmas tree. I still miss you so much and think of you often. Merry Christmas dear Sydney!
2/18/11 Happy birthday, Momma's big boy! Love you so much, Momma xoxox
3/17/11 The 17th anniversary of one of the saddest days of my life. I wish so much that you could've stayed with me longer. Wait for me, Momma's boy..........xoxoxox
12/25/11 Merry Christmas, Momma's boy. Kiss Abbie for me...
2/18/12 Happy 19th birthday, dear, sweet Sydney. I miss you so much. I'll never forget you, my darling boy!! big kisses & hugs, Momma
3/17/12 18 years ago you left my life and it seems like yesterday. I miss you still my darling pug boy! Love you, Momma
12/20/12 Your girl, Jill got married on the 8th. It was a beautiful wedding and I know she will be very happy. I love you & miss you, baby boy.
Merry Christmas, Momma xoxoxo
2/18/13 Good morning, birthday boy! 20, where did all those years go? I only had you for such a short time, but it was heaven! Happy Birthday! Love you, Momma xoxoxo
3/17/13 I have beautiful memories of our short time together my dear, sweet Sydney! I love you Momma's boy. 19 long years.....
2/18/14 Happy birthday my gorgeous boy! I'll never, never forget you, lovey. Love you with all my heart, Momma
3/17/14 20 years, the saddest day of my life. You are never far from my thoughts, darling Sydney. Mamma loves and I will see you again someday. Wait for me.........
2/18/15 Happy Birthday, my dear sweet boy! Forever young...I miss you so much! Kiss Abbie & Tessa for me. Love you, Momma
3/17/15. Never far from my thoughts, always in my heart, my forever young Sydney. I love you to the moon and back. Wait for Momma. Love you
12/25/15 Merry Christmas, my sweet Sydney. I love you Momma's boy.
2/18/16 Happy Birthday, Syd!! Momma's lovey, miss you so much even after all these years. We didn't have enough time together. Love you to the moon and back, my handsome boy! xoxox Momma
3/17/16 The 22nd anniversary of a tragic day. I lost you way too soon, my darling Sydney. My heart still aches but it comforts me to know you are at Rainbow Bridge with your sisters, Abbie, Tessa and Heidi. I love you, boy! Momma xo
12/26/16 Merry Christmas, my sweet boy! Kiss Abbie & Tessa for me. Love you, Momma
2/18/17 Happy Birthday darling Sydney. I miss your love so so much! xoxox Momma
3/17/17 How can it be 23 years? You are my only boy, the sweetest, most loving dog. I miss you to the moon and back. Wait for Momma, I love you, Syd! xoxoxoxox
12/19/17 Momma's boy, Sydney, it's been a really long time but I remember your breath, your snorting, your sweet disposition like yesterday! I've decorated your site for Christmas and I hope you like it. Two more of my girls have joined you since last Christmas, Bonnie & Bella. Now Momma is alone but I will see you some day darling. xoxoxo Momma
12/24/17 Merry Christmas, Momma's boy! I hope you are together with my other pugs and Bella too of course. You be a good boy and Momma will see you some day. I love you sweetheart! xoxoxo Momma
2/18/18 Happy Birthday, my darling boy! I left you a basket of apples today, one of your favorite treats. I miss you to the moon and back. The thought of the day I lost you still brings tears to my eyes. I will see you someday, Syd. Love you, Momma xoxoxox
3/17/18 Good morning, my lovey. I changed your music today to Remember Me from the movie Coco. I will always remember you my forever young pug boy. And I hope you will always remember me, your momma who loves you just as much today as I did those many years ago. I still can't stop the tears on this day. I so wish we had many more years together. Love you Syd, Momma
2/17/19 Happy Birthday my little man! Momma is a day early because I am traveling tomorrow. I miss you so much my darling boy. Forever young.........Love you, Momma
3/17/19 So many years since this awful day. I miss you so, Syd. My heart aches. I will see you someday. Love you so much, Momma
12/29/19 Momma is late wishing you a Merry Christmas! I miss you and your sisters beyond words, Syd. I love you, Momma's boy!
2/18/20 Good morning and Happy Birthday, my darling boy! Celebrate with your sisters! I love you so much, Syd!
3/17/20 And here we are again on the anniversary of the day you left me. I will never forget how devastated I was. We didn't have enough time, Momma's boy! I love you and miss you til the end of my days darling Sydney!
Momma xoxoxoxo My sweet, gentle boy! :-(
12/25/20 Merry Christmas, Momma's big boy! I miss you so much and love you more! Hugs, Momma
2/18/21 Happy Birthday to my best boy! Seems like yesterday and feels like forever, Syd. I love and miss you more than ever. Celebrate and snuggle with your sisters, lovey. xoxoxo Momma
3/17/21 Good morning my lovey on the anniversary of this awful day. I cannot believe it has been so long! Please know that I think of you always and will be calling your name when it is my turn. I love you and miss you so much my darling boy. My heart is broken. Momma
4/9/22 Sydney, my darling I just noticed I didn't visit on your birthday or your passing anniversary this year! I am so sorry! I have it on the calendar so I must have been distracted. I always think of you and your sisters. You were my sweetest boy, loved so much. Momma
2/18/23 Happy Birthday my darling boy! I miss you beyond words. Kiss your sisters for me. Love you, Momma
3/17/23. I miss you so very much, my little boy. Taken from heart way to soon. I love you more than words can say. Wait for me! 💕
12/23/23 Another Christmas without you Miss you more than ever, Momma's boy! Love you, Syd!
2/18/24 Happy Birthday my sweet boy. Miss you so much! love, Momma xoxoxox
3/17/24 Thirty years and it feels like yesterday. Fate cheated us out of a long life together but I know you are waiting for me my darling boy. Love you! Momma

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