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Memories of Sweet Adeline Addie
Sweet Adeline aka Addie was adopted at 7 1/2 years old from a rescue on July 2018.  I was so honored they chose me to be her mama, joining our family with my daughter,  son, and her younger furbaby brother Luca.  Every day I wish I had her from puppy til now!!  I told her she was safe with me.  I believe every day from then on, she knew it too!  She was half blind and deaf at the time of adoption.   She did have anxiety.   I was told that she was tormented to the point of hiding from a toddler.  She was a whole 8lbs when I got her, and the vet told me she was a little overweight.  So we put her on a lil diet, and she made her goal down to 6lbs.  She was so little....about the size of a small plantar for flowers.  I'm so upset I can't find that picture right now.  I was teaching her hand cues like 'Come' thumbs up for 'Good girl' with me saying it aloud too.  She was getting the hang of it, but as years came by I had to be closer and closer for her to see it.  Several months ago, I was told she could only see shadows.  And I would have to watch her every step to avoid falling down stairs, or running into things.  Sometimes shadows scared her and she'd slip on the floor trying to run.  The vet told me to lay stuff of my smell around so she would not panic or have anxiety attacks.  Our home was definitely her home.  She got excited and did twirls around and around, coming to a complete stop just wagging her tail, smelling food no matter if it was for her or not.  She loved treats!  Played puzzles and liked pet friendly peanut butter from a Kong.  She loved her belly rubs, but not so much butter scratches like Luca!  Always wanting to snuggle up on the couch with her mama!  She loved to hop around the yard while on her outings, even if it wasn't just for potty times.  With her blind and deafness, it was bringing on more anxiety attacks.  I tried to keep it to a minimum to avoid overstressing her with each episode.   Without going into great detail and in short, my baby passed away from multi system failures.   The last trip to the emergency vet, she looked at me while I was petting her driving there, blinking her eyes like it will be okay mama.  In the past, she'd pant and have an anxiety attack......not this time. My Sweet Adeline aka Addie passed away at 1120am, crossing the rainbow Bridge.  Fly high, run and play without suffering any longer ,Addie.  I will see you when my time is up on earth.  Be waiting for me!  Love you and rest in eternal peace! 💜

Aug 16th we received your ashes, my angel. I ordered an urn with etching to place them in. Tonight we had our own candle ceremony that I requested this site to upload the pic as I was getting an error message. My mind and heart knows you're happy, free of all your issues, running free and being a sweet angel there. But I gota say down here in this crazy world, I keep visiting this memorial for my mamas, my sweet Adeline. Addie, I miss you every day. I miss waking up to you, and cuddling. Your links and pawing at me when you wanted something. So even though I know you're in a better place, than we are, your memories will live on here in this house until we are brought together again. I hope my Buffy and Jake have found you. I hope my family members have found you as well. I love you, mama's! Fly high! Your mama, Kelly

8/22/2021. Happy heavenly birthday, Addie!! Hope you'll get all the treats and love today. Love you mama's!

10/30/2021. Miss you mama's 😘 it's been a couple months and still miss and think of you daily. I bet you are running and playing, snuggling and sleeping, and having good treats! Miss you Addie! 😘

11/21/2021. Miss you Sweet Adeline aka Addie. 😘 think about you daily!

2/11/2022 thinking of you daily, Sweet Adeline! Miss you're sweet self and your cuddles, your circles for treats! Keep flying high!

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