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Our precious little Sweetie, born with clep lip, soft pallet, liver shunt, and seisures, we were told she wouldnt last a year, She lived 15 1/2 yrs. Our miracle baby. She beat all odds. She was 3 weeks old when we rescued her from being put down because of her condition. We went to see her and my husband said no more dogs, but when he walked in the house and saw the lady feeding her with a bottle, he said can I do that, she said yes, he said can I take her home now, she said yes. She was only 3 WEEKS OLD..She went every where with us, on trips, conventions, job sites for my husband everywhere. She went to work with my husband he said she helped him, but being with him helped him My husband would walk her around the block she looked like a tiny cotton ball all walking with a leish I have pictures of them together. My husband preceded her in death on Jan 14, 2014, I would play his messages to her as he had videos of her and him, and when he was talking to her she loved to sit and listen to him and messages on my phone he left. Sweetie never acted like a dog, she went every where with us, she liked to chew on her toys, one in particular in the car like a little dstuffed animal made of cloth.. She went to work with us, she went into restuarants, she went every where she was never left behind. So quiet people didnt even know she was there sitting in my purse. While driving if she got thirsty she would bark twice at me and we would get the bottle water out for her to drink, I would say good girl sweetie dink a water, and she thought she ws doing something great, or I would tell her to sneeze, as food would get up her nose with the clep and sneezing was only way to get it out. She didnt care much for other dogs, she tolerated them. She was the most predcious Gift that GOD could have given us. Sweetie loved Christmas, she would tear those packages open to see what treats she would get. She loved the geenies dental bones, but I would have to hold them when she eat them so she wouldnt swollow them whole My bed was her bed, I would have to lift her up because she was to small - but my bed was her bed. She was so special, everyone that seen her loved her, her favorite stores were home depo shopping with her Dady or me -on his scooter what a special baby girl. She hugged me and She laid her head on my shouoder, I could see she was very sick, then she looked at me and they her the shot her heart was next to mine, and it always will be my baby girl She loved icecream, and cheese- not to give her to much but it was her favorite.
I picked her ashes up today, with her foot print, hair, and beautiful vace she will remain with me now and all eternity, and her dady was waiting with open arms to receive her. GOD BLESS MY SWEETIE GIRL

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