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On Friday, December 28th, our baby girl, Sunny, was laid to rest with the help of our veterinarian. She had severe arthritis as a result of surgery that repaired her two torn ACLs in her back legs four years ago. She also suffered from complications from Lyme's Disease that she had since she was two years old. We are grief-sticken by our loss and even though we knew this was coming, we weren't ready to say good bye to her.

Our little baby was a fighter right up until the very end. She was the sweetest angel and we feel lucky that we were able have her in our lives.
We pray that she is no longer in pain and is in a better place now. We hope so much that we will see her again someday.

We love you with all of our hearts, baby, and you will never be forgotten.

01/01/2013- Dear Sunny, Today was your birthday...We are all missing you terribly. My heart aches so much for you..I would have given anything for just one more hug..We all love you so much. Love, Mommy

01/04/2013- Hello, my baby girl..Today has been exactly a week since we lost you. Mommy and Daddy lit a candle for you and said a prayer. We also had some beautiful pictures made today that we hung up in the living room so that we can see yor sweet face everyday. You are in our thoughts every minute of every day, baby girl. Brandon also sends you extra hugs..He misses you too, so much, every day. He was with me when we picked you out and you were with him since he was 3 1/2 years old. You were the most patient baby with him when he was little. You were his best friend, and he's having a hard time without you. We hope you are playing outside with your tennis ball that you loved much.
We love you, sweetie...Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Brandon

01/19/2013- Dear Sunny, Yesterday was exactly three weeks since we said good bye. I was feeling too sad to write. We are all still missing you with all of our hearts and your absence has left a giant hole in our hearts. We got your ashes back from the vet finally, so now you're back home with us again. We lit a candle for you last night, and we do almost every single night now. We know we must move forward, but it's hard when you're not here with us. I say prayers every night to send me a sign that you're okay and that you're with me in spririt. I'm still hanging onto the fact that someday we will be together again and that we'll be able to play again like you used to. Brandon also sends you his love. We're all so grateful that you chose us to be with during this lifetime, and although we're still so sad, we are so thankful for all that you were and all that you taught all of us, especially me. You were my rock, baby girl. We all love you so very much!!! Love, Mommy

02/24/13- Hi Baby, It's been almost two months since you've been gone, and you are still with me as much as the first day that we lost you. We all still missing you so much. There will never be anything that will diminish the love that we all have for you, sweetie. I pass all of your pictures everday in the living room and it's still so hard to believe that you're gone. It snowed today. I remember how much you loved playing in it and how you loved playing catch with snowballs. You always acted like a puppy in the snow, no matter how much your hurt. You were such a tough little girl. We have an angel crystal hanging in our kitchen window that we put up since you've left. It reminds me of the angel necklace that I left around your neck that I was wearing that day we said good bye so that you'd know that a part of me would always be with you. Your buddies Max and Chloe still miss you, too. Max sleeps on only one part of the bed that you used to share with him, like he's still saving a space for you. I hope you know that there's not one day that goes by that you're not thought of and missed. I can't wait to see you again someday. Brandon sends lots of hugs and kisses your way, too.

We all love you sweetie..Love, Mommy, Patrick, and Brandon.

04/25/13- Dear Sunny, I can't believe it has now been almost 4 months now since you passed away. It still hurts just as much today as it did the day that we said good bye. I didn't realize that the pain would be so deep. I still look for signs each day that you're still with us in spirit and I hope someday that I get a sign from you. We found a garden flag that has a picture of a yellow lab that we put in the rock garden in the back yard. It looks so much like you..I can see it every time I look out of the kitchen window. There's a small patch of purple flower that are growing right beneath the flag. It's almost like they're there just for you. It's getting warmer out and the snow is finally gone. I know how much you loved playing outside and sniffing around exploring once the weather got warmer. You could do that all day. I wish you could see how big Chloe has gotten. I wish you had been able to be here longer to enjoy her. I hope wherever you are, sweetie, that you're okay. I hope you know that you will always be our hearts and you will always be a special part of our memories. You really were an angel. We love you, baby
girl...Love Mommy, Patrick, and Brandon.

12/27/13-Dear Sunny,

Tomorrow will be a year since you've passed away. We are missing you just as much today as we did a year ago. It was so hard to reflect back to last Christmas. We just bought you a beautiful new charm for your collar only a few days before we had to say good bye. Christmas was so sad this year without you! I cried when I hung your ornament on the tree. I'm sorry I haven't posted to this page for so long.. There was a period of time this year when it was just too painful to visit this page..It just hurt too much..With every season that has passed we have been reminded of so many special times with you. I was missing you so much this summer and it was so hard not seeing you play in the water like you used to. I've continued to look for signs that you're still with me, but I haven't seen anything yet. I hope someday I will. Wherever you are sweetheart, I hope so much that you are happy and I still pray that someday we will be reunited again...You will never be gone from our hearts, no matter how much time has passed. You always were and will always be our baby angel..We love you!!!
Love Always,
Mommy, Patrick, and Brandon.

12/28/2014-Dear Sunny,
I cannot believe that it's been two years now since you went to heaven. For so long I haven't been able to come here because it was too painful. Your pictures hang in our living room and we all talk about you so much still. Brandon insists on keeping your ashes in his bedroom so that you're close to him. He loved you so much!!! You were his best friend growing up. It has been a very tough year. Your Grampa passed away before Thanksgiving. I hope you're able to visit with him in heaven. Christmas was still difficult without you here again this year. I cried when I hung your ornament on the tree. I wish you were here to play with Max and Chloe. He was your friend and little Chloe is now 90 lbs. Sometimes she does things and I swear a part of you is with her... It makes your daddy and I smile.. I hope you know that it will never matter how long you've been gone, the love that we all have for you will never diminish, nor will our memories of how you blessed our lives. I am still hoping with all of my heart that I will someday be able to see you again....We all love you more than you can imagine. You are our sweet baby girl. Love Forever, Mommy, Patrick, and Brandon.


Dear Sunny,
I cannot believe that another year has come and gone. So much has changed in our lives but our memories of you still remain as strong as ever.Brandon and I were just talking about you a few days ago, rememberin what a sweet girl you were and how much we loved you and miss you. I can truly say that Christmas hasn't ever been the same since we lost you at that time of year. I say a prayer for you when I hang your ornament on the tree. I'm still hoping with all of my heart that we will be reunited again someday. I will always hold you close baby girl. Love Mommy and Brandon.xoxoxoxo

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