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Memories of Sunny
Sunny was a terror as a puppy. She used to take off and run if you ever let go of her leash. She would deliberately put down the windows in the car just to bug you. But as she grew older, some of her wild ways disappeared and she became the best dog I've ever had. She was as smart as she could be. She loved to ride in the car. When she saw the leash coming out, she could hardly contain herself. Near or far, she was up for the ride. She also like to sniff walk. I say sniff walk, because she liked to stop and sniff at everything. We sure had the smells down in the neighborhood, but not much exercise.

Sunny was always by my side. If I was in a room, she was right there with me.

Sunny grunted in pleasure when you pet her - not loud, just tiny grunts of pleasure. She also showed affection by licking. Even when she was terribly sick and I knew I would have to put her down and was crying, she still licked me to comfort me.

Sunny snored. She snored louder than anyone I've ever heard before.

If I were gone somewhere, Sunny just stayed by the door or at the window just waiting for my return. When I returned, she would be so excited and come put her head on my legs like she would never let me go.

My heart is breaking with her loss.

7/24/12 - Your grave marker came yesterday. It says, "If love could have spared you, you would have lived forever." Somehow, getting the marker seemed so final. I did love you that much and I miss you.

7/30/12 - My soul just hungers for you today. There is such an empty place since you've been gone. I haven't moved your bed from where it sits in my office. I'm not sure why. I know it won't bring you back. I hope you are having great fun being with Happy. Ya'll had such a good relationship!

10/4/12 - One of the sympathy cards I received said, "Some walks are never long enough." My walk with you was nowhere long enough.

I don't think you every understood me adding Lilly to the household. You had such separation anxiety after Happy died. When I had to leave you for more that a couple of hours, I was worried about you. I thought having a new companion would help you over this separation anxiety. Little did I know that you would see Lilly as a threat and that instead of ending up with one Cavalier with separation anxiety, I now would have two Cavaliers with separation anxiety. Lilly will never take your place -- not then, not now. You are so special to me.

7/13/13 - I can't believe you have been gone a year. I still see traces of you in Lilly. Lilly has started to snore. She is also grunting when you rub her like you always did. Although she will never take your place, I'm not sure I would have made it without her. I hope you understand.

I don't know what to do with your ashes. They are sitting in the living room - near where you would frequently lay. Your marker is in the back yard, but I wanted to be more creative with what I did with your ashes. I have thought about taking them to Camp Paradise Pet Resort and spreading them there. You liked it so much there.

I miss you, sweet Sunny girl. The Cavalier puppy this month in the calendar is black and tan. She reminds me of you. I would love to hold you and get some of your sweet kisses.

7/13/16 - It has been a tough eighteen months, sweet Sunny and I have been very ill. In fact, at this point, I am not so sure that we may not meeting soon at the Rainbow Bridge and what a glorious reunion that will be! I can't wait to see your sweet face, see your running towards me, see your wagging tail and once again feel you licking me. Oh, sweet Sunny, how I have missed you!

You have probably known about my extended illness. In fact, I would not be surprised that during those many nights that I have lain in bed so sick that I couldn't hold my head up and breathing supplemental oxygen, you were lying right there beside me. Lilly has become such a good dog and I see many of your traits in her. However, she will never be the soulmate you were. I love every ounce of her and she is my constant companion. She means so much! However, she just doesn't have that special trait of always being next to me and making me feel extra special like you did.

So wait for me, dear friend. Intellectually, I feel I still have work to do here. My body right now is telling me otherwise. I pray daily that God will heal me and allow me to fulfill my Soul's purpose. I am not sure what will happen. Whatever happens, I do know it will be for the best. And when I do make my transition, it will be a glorious day as my faithful Soul Mate, my sweet Sunny, will be waiting for me. I can't wait, sweet Friend. I love you so much!

So today, on the fourth anniversary of your transition, please know that I am thinking of you and sending you lots of love. Please feel my petting and the rubbing of your tummy. Let me take you for a pretend walk down Derrydown where you can predictably stop and sniff the same things you sniffed four years ago every ten feet. Let us sit down together and let me scratch you behind your ears. When I do, I will hear your wonderful grunts of pleasure. Take in my complete and unconditional love for you, sweet friend. Because it always was, is and will be there! You were, are and always will be complete and unconditional love to me -- God spelled backwards!

I love you, sweet Sunny! You are missed!

November 19, 2016 - Terri Meguiar's loss of KatyAnn has me re-living your loss. I remember telling you to let me know when it was time to put you down. I remember the day you withdrew from me physically and looked at me with those eyes after many days of suffering. I knew the look and knew it was time. It was one of the hardest days of my life.

I could not stop crying. I bawled in the waiting room of the vet's office. Thankfully, I had let them know I was coming and uncharacteristically, they did not make me wait long there. You perked up when we got to the Vet and I wondered if I was making the right decision. Still, I had seen ALL your suffering and I knew how unlike you it was to withdraw from me. I decided to go ahead and proceed with putting you down. You had no quality of life at that point -- nothing that brought you joy anymore.

I was crying so much that Dr. Ellington asked if I would be able to drive home. Even now as I remember, I cry those same tears. I assured her we would and she proceeded.

And then the process did not go well. Dr. Ellington, who is so usually so efficient and capable, did not get the IV in a vein that held. So, only part of the medicine went into your body. It did not seem to matter, but I wonder if you suffered. And it broke my heart!

Thankfully, Lilly was waiting for me when I went home. Had she not been, I am not sure how I could have gone one. But Lilly needed me. She was only eight seven months old and needed to be fed and walked and played with.

Please be on the lookout for KatyAnn. I know enough about her to know the two of you will really like each other. I love her Mom and KatyAnn inspired a whole line of pet clothes -- clothes that keep Lilly now well attired. You and KatyAnn run and play with your whole bodies, enjoy all that Heaven holds, make friends with the other animals and one day, both Terri an I will cross over the Rainbow Bridge separately and find you playing together happily, but on the lookout for us.

I love you, Sunny, with all my heart!

July 13, 2017

I cannot believe it has been five years since you have been gone. I was just looking at a picture of you when you were a puppy yesterday - so seemingly innocent in the photo. Good photos don't tell all since you were probably a character right then.

Kato joined you yesterday at the Rainbow Bridge. Watch out for her. She is a black lab with a sweet, sweet soul. She is gentle and loving. She tolerated Lilly wanting to be the center of attention lovingly. She was sweet Amanda's, Lilly's loving groomer, baby. Please welcome her. Play with her. Tell her to let Amanda know that her soul will never leave her.

And now meeting at the Rainbow Bridge - Two neat people missing two wonderful dog souls with many, many fine happy and joyful memories. Let our love carry us on. I love you - ALWAYS!

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