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Memories of Summer
When she was 2 she went missing and Shelly, Caleb and I searched for her for 3 hours. I finally found her with her head stuck in a badger hole and thought she was dead. I jumped down into the hole to check on her and was afraid to touch her because I was sure she was dead with her face chewed off. When I touched her and she jumped, it was the best thing in the whole world to see she was alive. She had gotten her collar caught on a piece of metal and I scraped my whole hand and wrist up getting her collar unbuckled and off so she could get out. After lots of loves and a shower, we both slept really well that night.

She was afraid of plastic bags and cardboard boxes. She finally stopped jumping so much when I shook out a garbage bag by the time she was 5 but still would leave the room if you moved a box.

She used to have terrible nightmares and howled as if her heart was breaking. It always broke my heart every time it happened and I always woke her up gently and gave her kisses and loves and told her we would never let anything hurt her.

Her hair color was so beautiful, pale gold with shining spun gold hairs every so often and nearly white underneath. She had a tiny crook near the end of her tail. She also had the most adorable cowlick up her muzzle to her forehead.

The way she would dance and twirl when I sang the song "Summertime, summertime, Sum-sum summertime."

Her popups as high as my head.

How she loved to run and would do laps around the property. Her grin when she'd come speeding around the corner and see me. Her "checkins" when she was roaming the property. She knew to come back to me every so often so I could see she was OK..."Good checkin, Summy!"

When she was around 2, she and Charlie took off one day and I couldn't find them. Wes came driving up with them in his pickup. They'd gone visiting. That was the only time they ever left the farm.

Except when she saw a deer. She loved to chase them. But she always stopped and came back after just a couple of minutes. Every evening in the back yard she would bark at them...and sometimes at 2 and 5 a.m.

Her first 2 years here she found 6 antler sheds and loved to chew on them. She never even looked for any after that. I guess she figured she already had a lifetime supply...

She loved winter and snow and made countless snow angels. She would lie out on a snowbank in below zero weather, happy as a clam.

She loved her kitty, Oreo but he had to go live at a farm because I'm allergic to cats and he kept coming in the doggy door to snuggle with her or lay on my feet so I'd wake up with an asthma attack. When Oreo was about 3 weeks old, Summer found him and the rest of the kittens where momma cat had hidden them but he was the one she liked to carry around in her mouth. I always took him away from her because she had been known to kill small animals but I think now she was just showing her new buddy around.

One time in the winter we went outside and I slipped on some ice and fell flat on my back. Summer fussed around me, whining and licking my face, looking all worried. Charlie was there too but he just dropped his tennis ball on my face and ran off, "C'mon, throw the ball, Mom!"

A couple of years ago we had an ice storm and when it was over I took the dogs outside. Summer brought me what i thought at first was a dead dove but it was alive, just half frozen. We took it in the house and put it in a bird cage with a towel over it in the bathroom and it lived there for a few days and we were able to set it free.

Over on Joel's by the big maple tree, as soon as the snow melts it creates a large pool of water that Summer loved to run through, throwing up rooster tails. She also loved swimming/wading in the ditch when it had water in it. She loved water of any kind unless it came out of the shower.

She loved to sit on our laps and get pets. The day she died she came up on my lap twice and I gave her extra pets and hugs and kisses and told her how much I loved her and how glad we were that she came to live with us. I didn't have any premonition of her dying...at least I don't think I did. 😥

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3

To Summer,

My sweet girl,

When you came to us I didn't know that I needed a furry tornado to sweep into my life and wrap it around herself. I didn't know that I needed two deep brown eyes to always follow me, smiling and twinkling their way into my heart. I didn't know I needed a dancing partner to always keep the rhythm of our life together. I didn't know I needed a joyful runner to show me that we need to always keep moving. I didn't know that I needed a lap puppy to warm my body and soul.

I didn't know any of these things then but thankfully you ran and danced your way into my heart and life and for that I will be forever grateful, my sweet. You taught me so much and opened up my heart to life.

You smiled with your eyes, laughed with your tail, and loved with your whole heart.

I will love you forever my Summer, my honey girl, my Summy, my Sum-Sum, my baby girl, my Summertime. Til we meet again...

Mom & Dad

I thank God upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3

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