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thank you, everybody for the kind words for Suki. she was a little 10# cat. 1/2 Siamese, 1/2 Abyssinian. she was 2 mos. short of her 11 yr. birthday when 2 dogs grabbed her and killed her. one was a pit, the other a cattle dog. she died a horrible death. I didn't find her till next day. I buried her on valentine's day. she was a housecat. she never went outside. I left the door open. on feb. 1st, I had to put my 20 yr. old cat down. I thought I could handle it. something happened. I just wanted to sit and sleep in my recliner. Suki kept trying to get in my lap. I pushed her out. many times. I said leave me alone. or no cat. after putter died, I picked up all his dishes and put them away. and his litter pan. it's a good thing my housemate has a cat. I guess she used his pan or ate his food. I don't remember feeding her after putter died. he would have been 21 yrs. aug. 10th. he was full Abyssinian. I got Suki when he was 10 yrs. old. he made her number 2. she had to sleep by my legs. he slept up by my head. I told her, it will be me and you when he is gone. I think she missed him. she wouldn't leave me alone and I acted like she didn't exist. I think she was mourning him. now, I know she was depressed. she liked to hang out at the sink. the day she was killed, I rinsed my coffee cup and looked at her and thought, her fur looks awful. she is not grooming herself. I never said a word to her or touched her. I walked away. I keep asking God, why? why did she have to be killed? Why didn't You tell me she was outside? she was my sweet talker. meow meow, meow meow meow always at least 5 meows. I took her to the vet when she was 8yrs.old for surgery to save her life. they cut her open from stem to stern. her stomach was full of her hair. she couldn't eat or drink. vet said she would be good for another 8yrs. I feel so bad. I treated her like crap. I ignored her and pushed her away for 9 days. last time I saw her, she was hunched up, like she was cold, about 2 feet from my recliner. I never saw her go out. she probably went right up to the dogs, looking for a friend. I wish I could have a do over. a 2nd chance. I would have picked her up and hugged her. I did when I found her. I hope she knows I love her. i'm so sorry, Suki. if I could get those 9 days back, I would hang on to you and pet you and hold you and protect you. putter and I were best friends for 20 yrs. I just could not handle his death and took it out on suki. i'm so sorry, little girl. my kitten. my princess. I hope you and putter are together. my suki, my baby, my little girl. I found your blue mousie, today. I remember you throwing it in the air and chasing after it. and the sound of the little jingle bell on your other toy used to make you come running. I miss you so much. I totally ignored you and pushed you away and yelled, leave me alone, for 9 days. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. I LOVE YOU! I created a garden where the dogs attacked you. I planted flowers. all shades of pink. I hung wind chimes. and the place where you died. there are more flowers, an angel and more wind chimes. you are buried next to putter. with pink flowers on your grave. and a solar light with pink tulips to stand guard at night. I hope you are happy where you are. SUKI !! the day putter died was fine until we went to the vet. it was not our regular vet we had for years. he was out of town. the vet tech grabbed him by the back of his neck too rough. she had long nails, digging into his neck. I grabbed her hand and yelled at her, don't hold him so hard ! they gave him the shot and putter started softly meowing. I asked the vet, is he in pain ? he said no, he's talking to you. I lost it. I was crying and telling him I loved him. I told him I would find him in heaven. then he sat up ! I was so shocked, I just starred at him. then, he gently laid himself down, and was gone. my housemate was there, in front of putter. he said they made eye contact. it should have been me ! I was behind him. I wish I had grabbed him and held him in my arms. I wish he had died in my arms. putter came to me in a dream. he said he sat up to see me. he was looking for me. I LOVE YOU, SUKI
This is little Cheddar. I bottle fed him and his 3 brothers since they were a day old.His brothers are doing fine but this little guy didn't make it. Please take care of him, Suki. He was a little sweetheart. He will love you and never hurt you. I love you, Suki 💕 We will all be together ♥️
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