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Memories of SUGAR

Sugar was our first rescue baby, from a kill shelter in Memphis. A special thanks to Mary Ruth Rogers who runs Russels Rescue in Columbia,Tn for finding just the right fit for our family. I know God makes the creatures, big and small, and He can take them home and they will be healed. We know our Sugar is waiting at the bridge for us. And we know she will no longer be sick and will be able to run and play until we join her.

Day 4 since you went to the Bridge to wait. At church last night Pastor said something that hit home. When a person has personal sorrow...the devil uses it as ammunition to get into your head, to make us sad and forget the wonderful place you are now. Know what? It worked this morning...I was missing you so much and the tears started again to come. I just said over and over...devil get out of my head, get out now. I am so glad I was able to get comfort that way.I know you are playing and having a great time with the others waiting with you. Please keep watch over us my sweet Sugar. Daddy and Mommie miss you.

Day 7 Well, is one week today,my precious Sugar...Dr Galbraith sent you to be healed forever. I held you as he gave you your rest easy shot. He then gently took you from my arms....and helped you to make your trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I know you have made so many new friends there by now, my sweet girl. Enjoy the fresh air and clouds and all your new friends to play with. Mom and Dad will look for you when we get there too. We love you so very much.

Day 12. Added some pictures of you, and one of your sister and you sitting in your favorite spot, on dad's lap. Hope you enjoy seeing these again. Missing you terribly.

Day 22 Yesterday was 3 weeks that you were released from your sickness and went to the Bridge to wait for Daddy and me. Couple of days ago, I was sitting in Daddy's recliner doing paper work and out of the corner of my eye I cought a glimpse of white and for a split second, thought it was you sitting in the other recliner. Boy, did the tears come then. I knew you were at the Bridge, it was only momentary..we miss you so much. Please dont forget us, and when we do get to the Bridge...bring all your new friends so we can meet them. Sleep well my Sugar, mommie loves you so much.

July 10th...We had some thunder today, first since you went to the Bridge. I was walking in from the car and had to tear up again. And was so very thankful that you are no longer afraid of thunder...all those terrible fears are now gone. Take that thunder!!!!! You can no longer scare my Sugar. Miss you terribly my sweet Sugar

July 15th..Will be a month tomorrow that you went to the Bridge, you are always in our thoughts. Your sister was so sad without you my precious Sugar, and the Lord saw fit to give us another rescue furbaby, just like when we got you. Her name is Gidget and she's 3 months old, but of course you already know that, dont you. Don't ever think she will take your place, as that will never ever happen sweet Sugar. I know you would want us to always help the little ones when we can.

On my way home from church yesterday, there was a beautiful beagle lying on the side of the road, please make sure you watch over him there at the Bridge, and tell him how sorry you and your friends are that he had to be hit by a car. I know he is running and playing with all of you now. Mommie and Daddy love and miss you so much Sugar.

August 2..been 2 and half months since you went to the Bridge...I still see you everywhere...Daddy calls your name when talking to your 2 sisters here..then it makes him sad. We know you are having a great time running and playing while waiting on us at the Bridge. We miss you so very much our Sugar girl.

August 7th: Sugar please go find a little puppy named Morsel. He came to the bridge today, and may be scared. He is so very young, but like you was very sick. He was rescued like you. His fosters tried their very best to fix him, but God wanted him more. Make him feel comfy and play with him until his humans come to cross the Bridge with him. Miss you my sweet sugar.

Sept 16...today is 3 months that you left us to go be healed. It still hurts so much, we miss you so.
Please welcome the new furbys that have come to the bridge, Shoep is a beautiful dog from Canada, whose human cared for him many years. He finally came to the Bridge and got healed, run and play with him our sweet Sugar, and all the others that have recently arrived. You are a great welcoming commitee sweetheart. We still call your name ...and still get so sad. Dr Galbraith has thanked us over and over for adopting you. He knew how special you are. We know you are waiting for us our sweet Sugar. Until that time, you run and play and be happy, we will be there before you know it. Mom and Dad.

Sept 22,2013: My sweet Sugar girl, please take care of a sweet little pit bull that must have just gotten there. Was on my way to church earlier today and saw it lying by the curb. Was in town, but of course you already know that, don't you. Please take good care of this precious pet, who may have really been scared on its journey to the Bridge. My prayers was it didnt have to lie there and hurt before it started the journey there. Show your love for this precious furby and do the proper introductions. Mom and Dad love you so, and know you will be waiting for us.

November 17th......5 months you have been gone to wait on us...not a day goes by that mommie and daddy does not miss you.It is very windy here tonight,we are supposed to get bad storms. I thought of you my sweet girl, and how you no longer have to be afraid. Take that storms, you cant make Sugar afraid any more!!!!!! We know you are happy where you are and are waiting on us. Have fun playing with all the other furbys until you can come find us. :)

December 24th.....Merry Christmas our sweet sugar. I know you and all your friends are celebrating with God this year, how wonderful it must be. Look down every once in awhile and see if you can find us looking up. I know you are waiting for us. We miss you so much. Daddy and Mommie.

December 29th. Hi Sweet Sugar girl, be sure and look for a pretty shepherd mix, went to the bridge today. someone just let him run loose and he got hit by a car and laid by the road over night in the bitter cold. They found him and got him to the vet, and found his back and spinal cord were severely injured...he was in shock and they tried and tried their best. But God took him to the bridge. Please find him, and show him how wonderful it is there. His back is fine now and he can run and play with you until we get there sweetie. We love you and miss you so much. Daddy and Mommie.

So very sorry my sweet Sugar. We are thinking of you daily and know you are waiting on us when we come to the bridge to find you.We have a nice young man staying with us as Foster Child. We have shown him many pictures of you. I just wish you could have met him, you would love him like Sassy and Gidget do. Next month will be very hard for our family, it will be a year from when you went to the bridge. Sleep with the angels my sweet Sugar. Mommie and Daddy miss you so much.

June 16th, 2014. My sweet Sugar, one year ago today you went to the Bridge. There is not a day that you aren't thought about and missed. I still think of you each time I drive by Dr Galbraith's office. And we still have tears for you our sweet girl. Run free girl, welcome all the new furby's when they come and show them how wonderful it is there. Until we join you, just remember how much we love you. Daddy and Mommie.

December 26, 2014. Christmas is over now and there have been many changes since I last left you a message. Have had 2 great grand children born, Bentley and Corley. They are wonderful. Have had several of our friends that had their furby's come to the Bridge to be healed and wait. I know you and your friends there welcomed them and made them not afraid. We think of you all the time sweet Sugar, and please continue to wait for us at the Bridge, and keep an eye out for me and daddy when we get there. We love you so much. Daddy and Mommie.

March 14, 2015
Sitting here thinking of you and missing your sweet face. Daddy comes here all the time. We miss you like crazy, Sassy and Gidget say hello. The weather is just now starting to get warm. Please welcome all the new members at the bridge and make sure they are not afraid. We will see you again our Sweet Sugar. Mommie and Daddy love you and miss you so much.

June 16, 2015
Two years ago today, we made one of the hardest ever, the decision to give you complete healing. Oh yes, we could have been selfish, and kept you going, but the end was to be the same outcome. We have missed you everyday, but we have the comfort of knowing you are completely healed, and that we WILL be seeing you again. Please welcome all the new furbaby's, help them not be afraid. Run and play with them as you were welcomed. Mommie and daddy will see you again our sweet Sugar. Until then, rest easy and run and play until we get there, and we can cross the Bridge together to Heaven. Never, ever doubt our love for you.

October 14, 2015: Well Sugar, we just brought your sister home from staying 2 days at Dr G's. She has been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease ..but doc said medicine will help. Have you been taking care of the new fur baby's that arrive? You are such a comfort giver to anyone around you. We miss you and cant wait til we can meet at the Bridge...Daddy and me love you so much.

June 2nd, 2016. Hi again sweetie, is almost the anniversary of when you went to the bridge to wait for us. Things pop up each day that makes us think of you and we miss you always. But wait for us by the bridge, and we will meet you there. Love and miss you our sweet Sugar.

June 2016...3 years today you were healed and went to the Bridge to wait for Daddy and me. We still miss you so very much. That is selfish on our part, because you are right where God wants you, with Him. Please continue to welcome all the new furby's and make them feel comfortable until their humans join them at the Bridge . We love you so much our sweet Sugar. Dad and Mom.

April 10, 2016....Time is approaching again for the anniversary of your going to the Bridge to wait on Daddy and me, completely healed. I still cry when I think of you, but I know in my heart we will see you again. Please wait for us at the Bridge..... Love Dad and Mom

Hi sweetie, almost 5 years now that you crossed over the bridge to wait on Dad and me. Is not a day goes by I dont think of you.Sassy and Gidget both say hello, and ask that while you are welcoming the others to the Bridge, remember to be on the lookout for them too.

June 16th Is 5 years now that you have been at the bridge waiting on us , We continue to miss you, but we do know you are waiting on us and we will be so glad to see you when we get there. Gidget and Sassy say hello too. Please save them a place if they get there before we do. You will recognize both of them. Sassy is 11 now and time is getting close for her to come be with you.
Love you!!! Dad and Mom

August 21,2018...Did you see your sister at the Bridge, she came this morning at 6:30. Please take care of her and show her the ropes to make the other furbabys not so afraid til their humans join them. We love you and miss you our Sweet sugar. Mom and Dad

August 25th...Did you find your sister? It has been 5 years that you hadn't seen her, now you both can run and play again, Gigdet is here with us, you never met her, but you will one day. We love you..Dad and Mom

August 28th 2018..
I put another picture of your sister here, introduce her to all your friends so she is not afraid. Love you and miss you.

August 31st, 2018
Hi our beautiful baby...Did you get to welcome the little black and white kitten yesterday, she got in the road close to town and got run over. Dont know who it belonged to , just take care of her and show her around so she wont be afraid. Love you..Dad and Mom

July 12,2019..Hi again sweetie, we are thinking of you all the time, but we know you are in a much better place, running and playing with all the other furbaby's. I know you will show the new furbaby's around as I know they did for you. We love you still our sweet Sugar and always will. Mom and Dad

August 21st 2019.
Hi again sweet Sugar. Hope you are running and playing with your sister, Sassy. We miss and love you.
Mom and Dad

7 Years today, you went to the Bridge..hated that you had to go, but am so happy you are finally free of your heart failure and are running and playing with all your new friends. Are you still bossing your sister Sassy around?. Run and play until we get there sweetheart, we love you to the moon and back.

October 26,2020
Here we are again our sweet Sugar.We know you are having fun with your sister Sassy, and I know you are still trying to boss her around. We will continue to miss you until we meet you at the Bridge.Continue to sleep with God's angels til we meet you at the Bridge. Mom and Dad

June 16 2021
It has been 8 years now that you left for the Bridge to wait for us. We still miss you horribly, but our comfort is in knowing you are free of your heart failure and are running and playing with the others. We miss you and will meet you soon, be watching for us. Mom and Dad

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