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Memories of Strudel
Strudel-Apple Strudel, Strudel McNoodle, Strudely, Strudely-Oodly, Stru-dell, Strudscull, Scully, Noodlehead, Noodle. No matter what name we called her by, Strudel always readily answered. She was intelligent, a fast learner and loyal to a fault. Strudel passed on to a better place on the late evening of her human daddy's birthday, January 25, 2009 at the young age of 10 years old. She was a brave dachsie her whole life, right up until the past two months when she was battling cancer. We were only in our house for a little over half a year when Strudel joined our family in January 1999 at eight weeks old. She didn't like going outdoors to do her business because cold temps, snow and even rain weren't appealing to her. It was a challenge to housebreak her. Once we were successful, Strudel never had an accident in the house. She never chewed anything that wasn't meant for her, and there were always things around that could have tempted her. She knew the difference between what was hers and what wasn't. Strudel respected us and our belongings. All bets were off when it came to her toys. She guarded her toys with her life for her entire life. Strudel would spend days with a new toy, lying on it, breaking the squeaker, growling at anyone who came near. It was as endearing as it was frustrating. The same was true come dinner time. Strudel loved pulling the towel out of her bed and burying a toy inside of it. Fuzz was everywhere, including her teeth! She'd bring the toy right up to her food bowl. How she loved her toys! Summer was her favorite time of year. Strudel loved being outdoors in the warm weather, be it basking in the sun or running through her big yard after a tennis ball or chasing birds and squirrels. You couldn't breathe the word "rabbit" without her ears perking up and her head standing erect, ready for the hunt. She loved being our Elmer Fudd to the rabbit population here. Our girl Strudel was so human-like in so many ways. She never went in garbage cans. She always took food by hand gently. Strudel loved bananas so much that we called her monkey dog. Strudel gave kisses freely, but especially when I just had a cup of coffee or her daddy had just brushed his teeth with minty freshness. Strudel genuinely felt remorse for any bad behavior and would quickly offer up kisses to whoever she offended. She liked walking on the stepping stones in the yard rather than the grass in that area. Strudel knew when I was in pain physically or emotionally. She was always there to comfort me. I was there to comfort her when she herniated a disc in her upper back. Strudel had major spinal surgery, but she bounced back quickly with a lot of tender-loving care from us. Her eyes were so expressive-full of love, goodness and appreciation. Strudel loved lying between us on the sofa on a soft, comfy pillow during our nightly TV viewing. In bed she would sleep with her head up against mine. She helped me sleep when I had difficulty doing so on my own. Her warmth and presence were all I needed. All Strudel asked for in return was for her belly to be rubbed. She had the softest, sweetest belly. We both got pleasure from it. On rare occasions, she would sit like a groundhog. It made us laugh to see her upright on her hind legs. She was vocal with a robust bark. We loved how she greeted us with that voice. Strudel didn't like anything that moved in the air-ceiling fans, hot air balloons, planes, birds, even stink bugs! We hate those pests too! She did love the camera. She would pose so prettily for her portrait. Strudel loved her surrogate sister, Spaetzle, our 17 year old dachsie, too. They got off to a rough start, with Spaetzle being the elder and Strudel being Strudel. They came to love each other with time, respected each other's boundaries and learned to share (except for toys, Strudel would have none of that!). I would love it when Strudel would take her snout and nudge Spaetzle when she was excited to eat. They would come charging, barking all the way, as they ganged up on us to eat. We called them the "tag team". We never expected Spaetzle to survive her. It's obvious just how much she misses Strudel too. Strudel loved the morning, a fresh start to a new day with the people who loved her and she loved in return. Strudel we will miss you more than words can say. Your little overbite with your teeth sticking out as you lay on your back waiting to be stroked in the warm summer sun. Love forever, your mommy Wendy, daddy Joe and best dachsie bud Spaetzle.
1/30/09-Strudel, honey, mommy and daddy are still so sad. We found a new little girl to keep Spaetzle company. She will never, ever replace you. We know you would have loved playing with her. One day we will all run around the grassy fields, throwing and catching the bally. Please give us a sign that you don't mind we found another little dachsie so soon after your passing. She's the only way we are able to get through the day now that your gone from our home, but never from our hearts. We love you little Noodlehead.
2/1/09-My little Strudel, it's been one whole week since we last felt your beautiful, shiny coat, warmth of your body and gentleness. We are preparing for you to come home to us sometime early this week. I'm looking through all of your photos, so I can print one and put in a brand, new lovely frame. What a vibrant, happy girl you were! I look on our memories with happiness, but I'm still so sad that we didn't have more time together. Today was a warmer day. You would have been so happy to be outside with us. This winter was so cruel to us. I hope you remember all the hot days you spent enjoying the outdoors, feeling so very much alive. Please be looking down on us while you're having the best moments in the sun yet. I love you and miss you so much Strudel and so does your daddy.
2/4/09-Strudel you are finally home with us! Yesterday I prepared your resting place in our bedroom. I'm going to frame another photo to put next to the one we already have in place, with your collar and favorite toys. Your memorial stone arrived before you yesterday. Once the weather is warm, I'm going to place it outside. We want to have you near us inside the house and outside where you loved it so. Honey, we miss you so much. It's comforting to have you back home, where you belong. Strudel, mommy and daddy will love you forever.
2/14/09-Happy Valentine's Day Strudel, my sweetheart! We brought home an addition to the family this past Thursday, the sister of our new furbaby. It took two puppies to ease the pain of losing you. The new girl looks a little bit like you. That's comforting, but makes me miss you all the more. I hope you're getting all the love you deserve today. Mommy and daddy have you in our thoughts and hearts today and always. Love you, love you, love you! <3
2/25/09-Strudel, it's been one month since you left us for the beautiful Rainbows Bridge. Your mommy and daddy still miss you so, so much. You were and still are a big part of our lives. Time feels like it's moving so slowly. I need to think happy thoughts of you today. Love, mommy.
4/25/09-Strudel, mommy has so many happy thoughts of you today. The weather was beautiful-just like you loved it! We were going to put your memorial outside, but think it may be better in the hallway, near your favorite snoozing spot. Please be well, my little girl. I wish we could be together still, but we will one day. Thank you for all the love you gave us.
7/25/09-Strudel, it's 6 months today since you left us and your little earthly world behind. You know we miss you so much still. I hope you are at peace, unafraid of all the things that shouldn't have scared you. You were so wary of things in the air, like hot air balloons and ceiling fans. May those things make your tail wag in a good way now. I miss your bark and greeting when I come home. If only we could have had one more summer together. You would have been in your glory and brought a smile to our faces. I'll always stop to talk to you at your memorial and here at Rainbows Bridge. We love you little girl. Keep a watch over us all.
9/16/09-Strudel, your friend Spaetzle should have joined you by now. She left us on Monday. Please take good care of her and show her around. Go play and romp with her. She's your best doggie friend. You knew she would join you some day soon. We will all be together again. Have the most fun you can until we can be with you both. Love mommy and daddy.
10/14/09-Strudel, we haven't forgotten about you for one minute. Please take good care of Spaetzle. We will talk to you again soon. Your birthday is coming up soon! Love you little bugger always, mommy and daddy.
11/5/09-Strudel, Happy Birthday, little girl! Today you would have been 11 years old. It's the first year you're not here to celebrate your special day with us. In our hearts and minds, we celebrate our time we had with you everyday. You were a beautiful friend and member of our little family. We love you and miss you so much! We hope Spaetzle and all your friends at Rainbows Bridge are making your day a special one. Love always, mommy and daddy.
1/25/10-Strudel, today marks one year since your beautiful, little soul left us for the peace you no longer had in our world. It's dark on this Monday morning, raining so hard now. It's like the tears I shed for your suffering and loss last January 25 and the many, many days that followed. You never liked your big backyard or going outside on days like this. Maybe you're trying to tell me something today. Maybe you're saying that you're okay, doing great, where you are now at Rainbows Bridge. The sun shines always, yet there's plenty of water for you, Spaetzle, your new friends and all the life that has passed over. Mommy wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, but it was too painful. So, baby I hope that Santa came to visit you with a bunch of toys and yummies. I bet you pulled all the stuffing right out of them all! Today is your daddy's birthday. We want to thank you again for waiting as long as you could to leave us on his special day that Sunday night. I know you held on as long as you could for us. That means so much to us both. Please give Spaetzle a kiss for us. She's your best friend and was the same to us. We miss both of you beyond any words I can muster. It's your anniversary today, not a happy one for us in most ways. We do have the comfort that you are in a place that knows no pain, suffering or fear. We will all be a family again, but you are always with us in our hearts. Love you baby dachsie, Strudel. Be well, mommy and daddy.
11/5/10-Happy Birthday little Strudel! Mommy is sorry she didn't get to wish you what would be your 12th birthday the very first thing this morning. Our furry friend Sienna has been sick and mommy has been trying to get her well. Please send us all of your love and prayers from the bridge for her fast and full recovery. There's plenty of time for you to meet her! You know mommy has enough love in her heart for all of her babies-those here, and you and Spaetzle on Rainbows Bridge. You are all so special and an important part of my life. Daddy and I have been thinking about you a lot. We miss you so much still. I hope you're playing with a lot of toys and your yummy supply is endless on this birthday. It is the second one we are celebrating without you. You are always in our hearts little girl, Studely-Oodly. Love mommy and daddy. xoxo
1/25/11-Strudel, the day you left us for the bridge will always be remembered and celebrated as bittersweet. It's your daddy's birthday. We are still so grateful you stayed with us for most of the day. I am going to get flowers to wish your daddy a happy birthday and to remember you by. The flowers are for you both. So fitting, since you both shared a special bond with one another. I know if you were physically here with us today, you'd be right by his side. Instead, you are inside our hearts and us inside yours. We will celebrate your spirit today and all the wonderful times we were fortunate to have with you. We love you very much and always think about you. Today we remember you more than ever. We love you little Strudely-Oodely! Always and forever until we meet you on the bridge, love Mommy and Daddy. xxoo
11/5/11-Happy Birthday, little Strudel. Today would have been your thirteenth birthday.You had barely just turned eleven when you left us. We had a great decade of fun with you. You made me want to spend time outdoors, watching and enjoying your love for the summer and all its offerings. Now it's getting cold outside, reminding us of how much we loved your company indoors this time of year too. May the sun be shining on you and keeping you warm while you chase the squirrels on your special day on Rainbows Bridge. We miss you so much and will keep you in our hearts always. Mommy loves you little Strudely Oodley! Happy Birthday! xxxooo.....
1/25/12-Strudel, your daddy celebrates yet another birthday today without you at his side. Although today has always been a day we celebrated, it has had a sadness too ever since you left us three years ago. I still can't thank you enough for holding on to this world long enough to spend most of daddy's special day with him. I know how hard it was for you. The family bond that we shared during your time with us is forever strengthened by this. My wish for you today is that your sweet soul is enjoying the sunshine while chasing birds, squirrels and tennis balls-only stopping to have all the yummies and toys a dachsie could dream of. You and Spaetzle both should be celebrating daddy's birthday! Give Spaetzle a bunch of kisses for me. She's your eternal companion until we all meet again someday. All of our love and kisses go out to you, little Strudely-Oodly, today and everyday. You are a part of us always! Love mommy (and daddy too!)
11/5/12-Happy Birthday, little Strudely-Oodely! There's no sun here today and the weather has been horrible. You would have been so afraid of Hurricane Sandy. I know we all were, with good reason. I know that you are only feeling warmth from the sun on Rainbows Bridge and from the hearts that love you back home. I wish I could celebrate with you today, but I am celebrating your spirit instead. May you be playing with all your toys and eating tons of yummies on your special day. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much!! May our love be with you always! Happy Birthday! xxxxxooooo.....
1/25/13-Strudel, today we celebrate the beginning of your daddy's life 52 years ago, while morning the passing of your short life four years ago. Ten years with us on this planet was not that long for you or us. You left way too soon. I think we gave you all that a little doggie could ask for in that time--a good home, a big backyard, tons of toys and yummies galore! I wish we could shower you with all those things again, especially today. I have comfort knowing you suffer no more. That may be the greatest gift we ever gave to you. So today especially, and everyday of the year, know how much we love and miss you, our little Strudely-Oodly-Ooo! The bond we all shared can never be broken! Love, your mommy and daddy. xxxxoooo....
11/5/13-Happy Birthday, Little Strudel! Today you would have been 15 years old. Passing young, you never lost your beautiful, rich brown color. We miss you so much and wish we could celebrate your special day with you. I'm sure Spaetzle will be keeping you company! Know you will always be special to us. I still remember the excitement of getting to meet you the first time, and then again when we went to bring you home with us. You were just a tiny thing! Happy Birthday, little Strudely-Oodely! I hope you get extra yummies today! Love you always, mommy. (and daddy too, of course!) xxxxxooooo.....
1/25/14-Little Strudel you left us five years ago today. I can't believe how much time has passed since we've seen your little face and heard your hearty bark. We have tons of memories to keep you close to us all the time. I had a dream last night that Spaetzle's ghost was in our yard. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. I swear I felt your presence under the pussy willow, and I knew you were with us. You wouldn't believe how tall the pussy willow has grown, providing even more shade. You really loved lounging under it. That's why we have a statue of an angel in that spot--to always think of you, especially on those wonderful, sunny days. I know you and Spaetzle have us in your hearts, as we do you both. The dream was your way of letting us know just that. You aren't missing anything here today. It's VERY cold and snowing. You would have gotten frostbitten ears this winter for sure. My wish for you always is to feel the warmth of the sun, to have a full belly and a heart full of love, knowing your daddy and I loved you dearly and still do. Until we all meet again, my little Strudely-Oodly. Love always, Mommy.
11/5/14-Happy Birthday, little Strudel! It's a cloudy day, with rain on the way. It reminds me so of how much you loved the sun beaming down on you. I hope you are feeling that same warmth right now. Know that our love for you is like that warmth-soothing, comforting and making you feel happy. You keep that same feeling in our hearts every day. Thank you for coming into the world on this day and into our lives a few short months later. You taught us a lot and provided so much joy and nurturing. I hope you have not forgotten our days together. May you be enjoying tons of yummies while lying out in a grassy field with the sun reflecting off your beautiful soul. We celebrate you today! We miss you little Strudel! Love you always, Mommy (and Daddy too!)xxxxxooooo....
1/25/15-Little Strudel, today marks 6 years since you left us. As always, it is a bittersweet day, being your daddy's birthday. I've come to celebrate all that you loved and the happiness you experienced and brought to us. It is a bright blue day, with some clouds in the sky. The squirrels are arounds, as are the birds. I think you may be telling us that you miss us as much as we miss you. Mommy hasn't been feeling good lately. Please get together with Spaetzle and keep a watch on her and let your prayers be heard. I miss the life we shared more than anyone could know. Please be well little girl. We love you dearly! xxxxxooooo...
11/5/15-Happy Birthday, little Strudel! Today, we remember the special place you have in our hearts, and how much joy and love you shared with us. Your life was filled with excitement for squirrels, birds and new toys. I hope with all my being that you are chasing the critters and playing in the sunny outdoors right now! This wish is my gift to you, along with a prayer that you have found peace that your earthly life could not give you. Love you, little Strudel. You are still our baby girl! Love always, Mommy. xxxxxooooo
1/25/16-Little Strudel, today is the day we said "until we meet again" to you. Every year and every day, I thank you for holding on as long as you could to be there on your daddy's birthday. Now I have another favor to ask of you. Could you please keep my dad company and show him the ropes on Rainbow Bridge? I told him you'd be there with Spaetzle to look after him. I know he will spoil you both, if he hasn't already. Your spirit, Spaetzle's and now his, live on in all of us who knew and loved you all dearly. We will be reunited again. I am sure of that. My dad sent me a sign, through rainbows and double rainbows, in January of all times!, letting me know he is there waiting. So, let him throw that ballie for you to run after in the warm, summer sun while he sips on his G&T. We all will be remembering you today with happiness, knowing that you have the best companion and loving granddaddy to spend the time with until we all meet again. I love daddy, Spaetzle and, you little Strudely-Oodley! xxxxxxoooooo......
11/5/16-Happy Birthday, my little Strudely-Oodley! Like your daddy, we miss you and our innocent, playful days that we shared. If you were here with us today, we would have given you a super-cute toy that you would guard all day long! I still look at the spot below our pussy willow tree and remember how much you loved lounging there on beautiful, sunny days. An angel watches over that area ever since you left us. I hope angels are watching over you, along with my dad, Spaetzle and all of the other friends and family that are keeping you company on Rainbow Bridge until the day we can celebrate your life and our bond forever more. Love you little girl, always and forever...your mommy.xxxxxxoooooo
1/25/17-Little Strudel, I can't believe it's been 8 years since we last held you and saw your tail wag with love and joy for just being alive. I miss you and the simpler life we all shared. I truly hope you are playing catch with my dad and keeping both he and Spaetzle company. We always keep you in our hearts with memories of warm, sunny summer days spent enjoying our too short of a time together. We love you, little Strudely-Oodely! Until we meet again, love Mommy. xxxxxxxxxoooooooo....
11/5/17-Happy Birthday little Strudely-Oodely! Each year that passes, you are gone from our daily lives, but never from our hearts. You would have been outside today chasing all the birds away. You loved romping around the yard so much, and we loved partaking in your perky personality. There's no sun here today. I hope you are basking in its warmth right now where you are! You have plenty of company celebrating your soul today. My dad and Spaetzle are there for you always until we meet again. Love you little girl! Always and forever, mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
1/25/18-Little Strudel, can it really be 9 years since I got to hold you and look into your big, brown eyes? It feels like forever ago, yet yesterday, that you were a part of our little family here on earth. We didn't get that much time with you, but we took the best care of you as we were able, to make you happy and comfortable. I especially miss you in the summer when you would stay outside with us and run after your ballie and all of the birds. You are here with us today and in our hearts everyday. I know you are wishing your daddy a Happy Birthday from the Bridge. Know that you have a very special place in our hearts for all eternity. Xoxo xoxo xoxo....Love, your Mommy.
11/5/18-Happy Birthday, little Strudel! I hope you are running around chasing birds (Not catching any, of course!) and getting a ton of toys and yummies to celebrate your special day. You loved the sun. Today is not that kind of day here on earth. I know you are basking in a ray of light on the Rainbow Bridge with all the others we loved here on earth who keep you company until we all meet again. Little Strudel, you were a big part of my life. Today I celebrate the day you were brought here to be just that! I miss you! Happy Birthday, little Strudel McNoodle! Love always, Mommy. xxxxxxoooooo...
1/25/19-Little Strudel, you started your journey to Rainbow Bridge this day ten years ago. It feels like forever ago, yet yesterday. You were the first fur baby to live in our house. I will never forget training you and seeing the joy you got from fetching balls in the yard, chasing birds and getting a new toy. You loved the sun and soaked it in by our side every chance that came. I hope you are enjoying all of the things you loved here on earth right now. Yesterday, we saw the most amazing rainbow with sunlit snow geese flying along side it. Today I wonder who was sending us a message of hope. I know the beauty and mystery is out there. May you be in its midst, running around with Spaetzle and my dad while you patiently wait to see your mommy and daddy again someday. We love you and miss you and our time we had together. You are always in our hearts! Your mommy loves you little Strudely-oodely! xxxxxxoooooo

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