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Memories of Stockton
Registered name - Stockton II Malone. (1990's NBA fans will get it.) I wanted a dog that was good with children, and man, did we hit the mother lode with Stockton! He liked to bark as almost all Pyrs do, but I would flip on the light and wag a finger at him. His tail and head would drop as he sulked back to the doghouse...silent. I wish he could have taught that to Tiny. Being hit by a car kept him from ever going near a street again. Lightning hitting too close to the house kept him from agreeing to staying outside even during the lightest of rain. He comforted us, we comforted him.

Everyone who met him was awestruck at first sight by his size and beauty. Some fearful. But he proved them wrong quickly being the gentle giant he was. He put up with new puppies, putting them in fear of becoming his feast until they learned their manners. We remember bringing you home when you were 10 weeks old, already the same size as our 6-month old Beau...and watching Beau wake up every morning with a look on his face thinking, "Dang! He grew some more or I'm shrinking!"

We miss you, Stockton, with every thunderstorm that comes through or every firecracker shot. We are reminded of you every time we come in the back door using the handle that you tried to open with your teeth, but almost chewed through instead. We miss you shoving your head under our hands or arms in the car, so wanting to be a lap dog. We miss you huge paw scratching down our legs when we stopped petting you, but you weren't finished being pet. Zuma misses her polar bear. We all miss our polar bear.

Romp in the leaves and snow, Stockton. We will meet again. We love you.

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