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Memories of Stickers
I rescued stickers from the wild when he was 6 months old - he was covered in snow and sick - I just had to rescue him - and I did. He recovered quickly and I moved him into the house, with our other cat Misty, (12) who was not happy at that time. In time, they became friends. Stickers was a head banger, everytime he jumped on your lap he banged your head. He was the most loving cat - he needed to be in your face! He also was a string eater - so every piece of string had to be cut, especially from balloons. Once he ate string and got very sick. He need an operation that the Vet never performed before and was not sure of his outcome - but Stickers pulled through just fine. I would go to the Vet and squeeze inside the cage to hold him and feed him and I did it 3 times a day. He looked forward to me being there and didn't want me to leave and believe me it was hard to. But a week later he was home again in my arms. He was the greatest - then came Tiger, Cleo, Baby, and the twins Mischief and Rocky. He loved Tiger and she loved him - they were always by each others side. He had a fun time with them all but Stickers was the best and my favorite because he was my first rescue. Stickers loved string on Christmas packages which we couldn't put on anymore. He loved sitting under the tree but it was more like trying to knock down the lights. He loved Easter time especially the Easter grass which we kept up high on the shelf. He loved the spring and summer by sitting in the window watching the birds on the feeder. He loved walking across the paper when you were reading it - he heard the package of the deli turkey being opened. Oh how I miss those days. One morning in March, he was breathing funny. We took him to the Emergency Room, the Vet had to drain the fluid in his lungs - he stayed there for a few hours, we picked him up and took him back home - he was fine - his usual self. I thought he would be fine but on Monday after I left for work, my son had to see Stickers at his worse. (I was very happy that I saw Stickers sitting on the table - I rubbed his head and told him I loved him. I never expected what was to happen next) My husband rushed home and saw him dragging himself across the floor,Baby and Tiger were right there by his side as though they were trying to keep him upwards and not letting him fall. The vet said that a blood clot stopped the circulation in his legs and was heading upward and that Stickers had to be put to sleep. My husband called me to tell me and we cried. I rushed home to see his furry body curled up in a box - no pain anymore. We were all sadened - it hurt so much. We put the box down on the floor and the others came by one by one almost to pay their last respects to him - it was a wierd moment. Stickers is now in the backyard, where he can see the birds and the butterflies. He will always be in our hearts - forever.

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