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Memories of Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks will always be in our hearts.
She was her daddy's Big Baby : her nickname Big Baby is what her daddy always called her.
Stevie loved water. No matter where she saw water she had to be part of it. If taking a shower she would hop in with you. She loved to just lay in the tub & take a bubble bath.
She was so great with her little sister JackDaniels. Stevie taught JackDaniels so much she always left her baby sister win . JackDaniels will truely miss her big sister.
When I was sick she would stay beside me either in my bed with me or just sit beside me on the sofa. She was my constant companion & I know she helped me not only in the beginning but to the day God took her she always gave me peace & comfort. I will never forget that feeling it is hard to describe.
She was her daddy's constant companion & went everywhere with him. All he needed to do was pick up the car keys & she was ready to go didn't matter where. Just loved being with daddy.
I know her daddy will be lost without Stevie Nicks beside him. They slept together, played together, ate together, did everything together..
STEVIE NICKS LOVED IT WHEN YOU BLEW BUBBLES.She would chase the bubbles as they flew in the air. Trying to catch them. Everytime I see a display for Bubbles in a store I think of her.
I know your daddy stopped at the Bridge when God Took him from me on Xmas Eve.
And then God decided to call Your baby sister JackDaniels home a few months later. Last year was so heart breaking for me.
I know you are taking care of your baby sister JackDaniels:
You & JackDaniels suffered so much the last few weeks here on earth. It was heart breaking to see the pain in your eyes. Not being able to stand , walk, run, play were all taken from you and both of you enjoyed life so much.
I cry every time I think of how you suffered my little Baby Girl. If I could have taken the pain for you I would have. You helped me thru my suffering, it was because of you that I was able to walk & talk again. Just having you lay here with me was my best medicine.
I wonder at times if maybe God gave you, JackDaniels & me the same illness.
Know one thing my precious girl Mommy can now walk ( with the use of leg braces) I can talk again, it's hard for some people to understand me, but hey I'm just happy to still be here. I use to call your name and you'd come running with my neck brace, and back brace or bring me a pillow to lay on. At night you'd lay in bed with me but when you got ill, you couldn't climb into the bed, but you laid right beside my bed and I could always put my hand done and know you were there, Thank you for being my best friend, my nurse, my doctor but most of all THANK YOU FOR BEING MY BABY GIRL YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF ME.

No one will ever replace Stevie Nicks in our heart or our life.
RIP my baby girl. I will always have you in my heart.
Mommy & Daddy & Uncle Bill love you.

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