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Memories of Steven
Our beautiful, sweet, baby boy, Steven. You came into our lives just 10 short years ago. We adopted you and your best friend, Fred, from the shelter when you both were just a year old. We were told that you and Fred were the best of friends and would pal around in play group together. Not wanting to separate you and not wanting those bonds of friendship to end, we brought you both into our home and our hearts. The shelter described how you would hog the tennis balls during play time, sometimes putting three in your mouth all at once, prancing around playgroup as if daring others to just try and take them from you. You were such a spirited pup--your first night at home you ran up the stairs, turned around and pee'd on the rug, looking right at me as if to say "This is mine!". I remember all of the antics you pulled over the years: eating the eggplant parmesan off the table during a Christmas Eve party; eating several bags of mulch that were not-so-safely stored under the porch; climbing over the gate blocking the stairs and leaving us special little "presents" on the carpet when you got your little nose in a snit...I could go on and on....and then there were the many trips to the emergency room....like the time you ate the baby sock protecting your paw from your constant licking. You sat in the middle of the floor, shot me a look, and slowly peeled the sock off of your paw and spit it on the floor. I would put it right back on and say "No licky-paw!" You waited until I sat down and again, you peeled the sock off of your paw, staring at me all the while, and spit it on the floor. We did this little dance a few times until "gulp! So there!" You decided you would end this stand-off once and for all. Off to the ER we went to make sure it didn't cause a blockage. Your first knee surgery happened when you were just 7. I remember trying to feed you rice and boiled chicken with your cone on. You made such a mess getting food everywhere! When I reached my hand inside the cone, you showed your displeasure by snarling at me. I knew you were in pain, so onto plan B. Out came the big wooden spoon with the long handle to scrape the food out of the cone---once in range you bit down on that spoon and wouldn't let go. Rehab was successful, but you would only walk and exercise when YOU wanted to walk. Oh the lengths I had to go to to get you to walk. I would drive you and Fred to the top of the street and tell you, "If you want to go home, we have to walk there!".... and walk home we would, then Fred and I would walk back and get the car. Even at 4am we would do this ritual to make sure you got your exercise before mommy went to work. That is, until you caught on. Then you would simply sit once we got out of the car and wouldn't move! You stubborn little dog! One particular morning you walked down the street and then refused to go any further. BUT-you also refused to walk back to the car. 4am and I was stuck on the street with a dog who wouldn't budge! Luckily, there was a sign nearby with a metal pole. I tied your leashes to it and ran back up the street as fast as I could to get the car and brought it to you. That was Steven. It really made me laugh more than anything. Stomach surgery came when you decided to eat a piece of a tennis ball. Barely recovered from that episode, you decided to grab off the counter a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I had used it to wipe the stove when the chicken I was making for you and your brother boiled over. You grabbed it and hid under the table. Each time I reached for it, you sucked it into your mouth; when I pulled away, you spit it out. Obviously it didn't taste good, but you wouldn't let that stop you. Again the battle of wills began until you finally devoured it! Off to the ER again! As time went on you mellowed a bit, but you never lost that stubbornness that made you Steven. When you started to feel the effects of some arthritis, boy did our Mr. Grumbles let us know he wasn't happy. We started acupuncture treatments and what a difference! Bye-bye Mr. Grumbles, hello our little snugglepuss! You finally had some relief and started playing again. You started greeting us with a squeaky toy when we returned home from work each night. You were so happy and playful! Our lovebug was back. The Drs were amazed by your change in demeanor and you quickly became one of their favorite patients, even adding your story and picture to a slide show on the benefits of acupuncture. Our little star. Special time for us as a family came each Sunday morning when Glenn would make his special French toast, eggs and your favorite-BACON-for breakfast. You would sit, fixated on the grill and watch Glenn's every move while he prepared the delicacies. While not the best food for a dog, you certainly enjoyed your weekly treat. We have so many photos of you drooling as you watched the grill master at work! One particular Sunday we made the mistake of taking our eyes off of you while in the kitchen. Goodbye pound of raw bacon! Glenn, Freddie and I could only stand by as it was devoured in under 2 seconds. Freddie seemed perplexed that you didn't share---I could almost sense your urgency-"No time, bud, sorry. Maybe next time." Counter-surfing was a talent of yours and many sandwiches and pizza slices were commandeered by you over the years. Your 2nd knee surgery came just last year. You made it through with flying colors despite your limited kidney function and other medical issues. Such a strong and remarkable pup. Even when a severe bone infection landed you back in the hospital, you fought your way back to us. I never underestimated your determination and stubbornness, although I must say I wasn't sure you'd be able to bounce back from such a serious setback. But bounce back you did! Rehab this time was a bit more sophisticated. Alternating acupuncture with underwater treadmill treatments did you a world of good and put you back on the road to health. You were a success story and inspiration to all. The last 6 months with you and your brother have been a blessing. Being out of work, I was able to spend each day surrounded by my boys---my sweet, loving, special boys. Sadly, your little body grew more tired with each battle until eventually your kidneys just wouldn't function anymore. Your last days were so sad, watching you slowly turn away from food, but always welcoming puppy hugs and kisses. And boy did we shower you with those! During our time together you filled our home with so much love. Answering to a variety of nicknames, you were also our Moose, Meathead, Magoo, Butthead, Mr. Grumbles and Mr. Puss. I'll never forget playing in the snow and how you would seek out your squeak toy like a rescue dog on a mission. Some of the best times were when the four of us would just sit in the living room and spend time together. You and Fred got the couch, of course, while Glenn and I were relegated to the floor, but we didn't care. Anything to make our boys happy and comfy. People say we saved your life and showered you with love. Truthfully, you did more for us than we could have ever done for you. You were always there with tail wags and kisses, barks and unconditional love. We saw you mature into such a loving and snuggly pup over the years. We did our absolute best to take care of you, but you did not make it easy on us! But we loved every minute of it. We miss you, Magoo, more than words can express. There is an emptiness in the house and your brother just isn't the same without you. You two remained inseparable through all these years. Know that you remain in our hearts, forever and always. Hugs and kisses, baby boy, we love you. 4/13/14: A year has passed, baby doll, and there is not a day that goes by when I don't think of you and miss you with all my heart. There is an emptiness in our home and our hearts that just can't be filled. I keep replaying your last days with us and I pray we made the right choices for you, keeping you here at home, surrounded by those who love you and trying to make you as comfortable as possible. I still say "my boys" or "they" when people ask about the pictures of you and your brother that decorate my office as if you were both still waiting for me at home each day. But I know you are here, in my heart and memories and your spirit fills our home. I hope you are running and playing and sharing your tennis balls at the bridge...I will be there, baby, to play catch and take one of long walks, but when I do, we will go over the bridge together and never be apart again. Hugs and kisses, sweetie. I love you. Love, Mommy xoxo. 4/12/2015: oh my sweet little pup- it's been 2 years since you've been gone and we miss you every day. We had a thunderstorm the other day and it made me think of how you would dive under the bed or hide behind the couch every time there was a storm. It was so hard to get you to come out even hours after the storm passed! But daddy and I aren't the only ones who miss you- Freddie was under the deck today and although he hadn't been there in a very long time, he walked over to the big hole that you dug, scraped the dirt almost as if mimicking what you used to do...I think it was his way of feeling closer to you today. Each week when we go to NorthStar with Freddie we walk by your memorial brick, stop, and think of you. We miss you baby. Very much. Hugs and kisses, Mommy xoxo 4/13/2016: my Steven, we miss you so very, very much. It's been 3 years-3 very long and hard years-but it seems like yesterday that we were snuggling and getting puppy kisses from you. I hope you are with Freddie and Max, happy and healthy. We opened our hearts and homes to 3 new rescues-the one pup reminds me so very much of you. He's as cute as a button, so full of energy and smart as a whip! He's got a devilish side just like you and the white tips on his paws and chest drew him to me since they were just like yours. I know you are watching us from above- and I am sure the 3 of you are laughing your tails off at the new madness in our home. Know that you and your brothers could never be replaced. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts forever. We miss you, Sweetie. I hope you know how much. Hugs and kisses, puppy. Hugs and kisses. Love, Mommy 4/13/2018: oh my baby boy, I have been thinking about you so much. I can't believe it has been 5 years since you went to the Bridge. I remember all of the silly things you did and how you always kept me on my toes. I miss you so much. I hope you ar happy and with your brothers, looking down on us from above. I look up at the heavens and see you running on the clouds. My special little boy, play nice with the angels. Love, Mommy xoxo

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