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Memories of Star
My Star is a picture of beauty that capture my heart from a post on The Cavalier Rescue U.S.A. Site . I knew in my heart I wanted to rescue this little beauty with Fly Cathers syndrome disease so I filled out the application and meet with the rescue ,it took some time cause they had many inquiries for her but to my surprise they pic me and i was floored and so excited to pick her up In Massachusetts and bring her home to meet her sisters and brother Scarlett,Gabriella,and Sebastian our family was complete .
Star disease was terrible she was always fly catching and nestling under a blanket ,we took her to an awesome neurologist and he gave her 2 medications that worked and it change
Star's life . Star hardly had an episode it was wonderful ,she was just a happy playful beautiful little girl. Where ever we took them I must say Star stole the show not to say my others weren't as cute or pretty it was just Star she had a presence about her. Star brighten up my world and whoever she meet they were smitten by her .She was everyone's favorite .
Star's years were healthy ones thank God ,I must say she was always looking for treats ,which made Sebastian,Scarlett and Gabriella look for them also, Star started the ball rolling with that ,she loved all treats ,Carrots were her favorites I think !!! My family of Cavaliers bring me so much Joy, and Happinesses and my children and Grandkids felt the same ,they are all so sweet and loving ,my fur babies complete my life . Star's passing just put a deep whole in my heart , Star was doing great her health was good until she caught an infection in her mouth on her pallet from this infection you couldn't touch the right side of her face and with this her eye bulge ,it was terrible my poor Star was so sick we did MRI, Blood work there was know cancer just an infection but there was know diagnosis,Star did heal but I never knew how she came to get that it remained a mystery. This happen in late April .
This all happened during Covid19 so you couldn't go in to vet office you had to wait outside what an ordeal that was but Star summer was good after that thank God .
In early October Star started having trouble breathing it was awful ,brought her to vet she stood in hospital for the day ,she had blood work and lung X-ray and ekg ,so that day she went on heart meds. But still she had no diagnosis so I brought her to cardiologist where we did another lung X-ray and a Doppler and the cardiologist found that the results of her Doppler she didnt need heart meds.so we took her off and sure enough in 3 days times it stared all over again so Star went back on Herat meds. I really feel that Star was miss diagnosed , she was always in the vet office for breathing problems we then put Star on a steroid and she was breathing better respiration this week was 38-42 then after a day off of the steroid she couldn't breath rush her to hospital but i knew when Star gave me a look with her eyes that this was over and sure enough Star was filled with fluid and a rupture in an artery in the heart so there was know choice I had to let her go and now my Beautiful Star is at rest and joined her Sebastian and Gabriella at the Bridge .
My heart is filled with sadness but I'm comforted in knowing that my beautiful Star is well and able to breathe normally again.
Mommy love for you is eternal I will keep you in my heart forever and always and Star thank you for your love and for your sweetness and your loving kisses for 12 years you blessed my life with JOY and Happiness and you BRIGHTENED up each and every day I'll love you forever ,you will always be remembered and Never forgotten ,
Good Night my beautiful Star ,we will meet again .
I love you Star ♥️🌈🙏🏼🌈🌈❤️💞

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