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Memories of Stanley McCarty
POOH CAT 1985 TUMoR/17yr, Pepper/LAB 2001 RENAL FAILURE age unk, Miss Molly/GSD 06/10/2004/2:30 PM Cancer 12 yr, Miss Princess/GSD 06/03/2007/5 AM 17 years,11 months,23 days suspected tainted treats, Stanley/GSD 01/19/2009/5:50 PM 10 yr Hit by car&heart attack, Mr. Morpheus/GSD 11/24/2010 12:15 PM Euthanized/heart 14 yr, Mr. Pepperj/Special Lab-mommies boy 03/31/2012/3:45PM heart 14yr, Rosie-- died of seizures on 06/21/2013 at 9:14 AM. Rosie was a beautiful Czech, Black Sable German Shepherd Dog. SASHA date/time to be added, JAKE EASTER 4/12/2020 @ 2 AM

Mr Stanley McCarty, Our Guy. The most wonderful German Shepard of GOD'S creations
On January 19,2009 and at approximately 5:50 PM you walked out the door and crossing the street to check out the neighbors puppy you were taken from us by a passing car. When I reached you you had already crossed to the other side to be with your sisters MOLLY, PRINCESS, PEPPER and distant relative Pooh Cat in Heavon.
As hard as one tries we make mistakes and I hope you forgive us for this mistake. Some how some way the door came open. We were responsible for you and we failed. Maybe if I hadn't called you you
wouldn't have tried to come back across the street.
Your gone and our hearts went with you. GOD is now looking after you as he is looking over Princess, Molly, Pooh and Pepper; In years to come we too will cross over and be with you.
I loved you more than anything in the World. It's been only a few hours and this really has't sunk in yet but it is nearly unbearable with out you. When I wake up tomorrow I hope this was just a bad dream. Stanley, I know you loved us as much as we loved you. I will never forget how you greeted me every time. I don't suppose anyone would believe me if I told them. They would say it was an Alpha Dog Thing. That's their loss.
I know mom is having a hard time with this so she will write you in a couple of days. I'll write
shortly. I love you Stanley, I love you--DAD

01-20-2009 A new President Obama and hope for this country. It has now been about 16 hours and it's coming clearer now. Stanley, you were my only friend and now you are gone. Others wanted food but you bypassed food to get to dad and mom. At the moment life isn't worth living. If I could be with you I would. I know that this is not how it works. In due time we will be together. Your ashes will be coming home Tuesday and when I depart this earth they will be with me. As this may be my living will Molly's ashes, Princess's ashes and your ashes will be with me. Don't worry, mom and I will share because we want to be with you for eternity.
At the moment we must take care of Morph, PepperJ, Jake and Sausha. And we must do a better job. I can't believe I lost you, my best friend in just a couple of minutes.
In due time I tell all about the wonderful crazy German Shepard you were. We must not forget Molly and Princess as they were the epitome of German Shepard Girls.
Till later, Stanley, my only I LOVE YOU-Wait for me. Dad

January 26, 2009 (9:38 AM)
Stanley, it's been a week and you have never been away from home for even a minute. Oops, I believe you spent an overnight at D. Woody's when you swallowed a pork bone. Of course you never seen another bone except a Milk Bone. Quite a few wonderful people have emailed me to comfort me and mom in our sorrow. They too have experienced the same pain. When Molly died I thought the end of the world had come. When Princess died it nearly did. When you died the world came crashing down. Since then we know you had a broken neck and was hit by a passing, speeding car in a no-passing Zone. We now know that Jake, your little GSD brother opened the door standing up trying to get his toy next to the door control. He was caught doing this the next day and did again open the door. Corrections will be made as this will never happen again.

Too all who read this my Princess (GSD) died at age 17 years, 11 months and 23 days of tainted food(first taken off of the shelf because of Chinese food poisoning) on June 3, 2007. Near the end of December I received Jake from another Officer who could no longer take care of him. We had to get his medical records for Dr. Woody. Believe it or not, we had no prior connection with baby Jake the GSD. When we received these records we knew there was something special. Little Jake was born on " JUNE 3, 2007" the same day Princess died in my arms.
Stanley, people say you are at the Bridge running and playing with Gods others. Let it be known that while on earth Stanley always came to be with me regardless. Before food, companions or friends Stanley was always by my side. Stanley would always leave what ever he was doing to be with me. We have been married for 37 years and lived our lives for our Furry friends. Stanley, when I've been down you are the reason I was able to keep going. Not many would understand this with the exception of those who have written me and of course --MOM. With her on many occasions she has lived the "For better or worse" with you. We won't tell all. Regardless she always told you she loved you no matter what you did.
Stanley I have a lot of emails to answer and cards to visit. I'll answer each and everyone again when I stop feeling sorry for myself.
Stanley I pray for you, Molly, Princess, Pepper and Pooh every day and seek guidance. Where you died I will place an Eternal light. Your Spirit lives here and your bed is still where it was. When tired rest in your bed and give me a hug.
As promised I will get your picture on here and tell all about the most wonderful German Shepherd in the WORLD-STANLEY. Give me time. Your DAD
January 28,2009 0300
Dearest Stanley, I hope you are well. Mom and Dad miss you more than you can imagine. You were and still are the love of my life. By now Princess and Molly should be showing you the ropes so listen carefully. Remember, Molly was the BOSS. Be sure to visit and give me your precious licks. Maybe next week I'll see about getting your picture up. Don't get eyes for another, your mine! I'm now starting to realize that on earth our time together is over but I have the after life to spend eternity with you. God will need to give us a Condo to fit us all.
Until next week remember I love you. Life is not the same. You are a wonderful boy and you were mine. Thanks for being my best friend and thanks for being in my heart. Stanley, I love you--DAD.

02-16-2009 @14:45 Hartly Delaware Sunny & Cold
Dearest Stanley, today is Monday. At 17:50 or 5:50 PM today you will have been gone exactly 4 weeks. When I drive to the end of the drive way I always stop and say high to you where you perished. I painted your outline on the shoulder of the road so I would always remember where I can converse with your spirit. You are a very special faithful family member and no one could ever replace you. Your Mom and Me shed tears daily and I don't believe we will ever have peace. On the 20th of February I will be 62. Just one step closer to being with you. Otherwise there is no reason to celebrate. We plan on taking one or two of your brothers or sisters (5) to the beach. It will be cold but that's how you and your big brother liked it. There I will stare off across the ocean sky hoping to receive a sign from God.
I know God is taking care of you, Princess, Molly, Pepper and Pooh. I'm sure you have met the other wonderful residents and they love you as much as we do. Once they met you they knew they were in Heaven.
God, who is the creator of all, I want the opportunity to take care of my Rainbow Bridge residents. I ask of you to allow me the privilege of this task.
Stanley, I promise I'll get your picture up. At the moment going through pictures is a task. I'm all cried out. Stanley, I love you more each day. Our 200 foot driveway is now nearly 200 miles. The 2 minutes it took me to loose you is now a month. Until we are together again time is standing still.
To all the Residents of Rainbow Bridge I ask of you to take care of my Family Members:
Stanley GSD 11 years (killed by speeding car), Princess GSD 17 years, 11 months & 23 days ( died of Chinese Food Poisoning- supposedly best food on market, Molly GSD 12 years ( Lung Cancer)
Pepper- Lab we found, had only for 3 months--Died from Renal Failure and POOHCAT 14 or 15, died of cancer one crazy wonderful loving white, death cat!
I personally want to thank all of you who emailed me or sent a card. I have never been so low in my life. Healing will take a long time. I keep believing that someday we will be together again. Stanley, I'll see you here in another month. I'll need to be conservative for here on out because my word count is decreasing. Remember Stanley, you here on earth only had eyes for me so let's not change that. Me and Mom want to be yours forever and ever. Love you Stanley, DAD Ronald J. McCarty Sr. I'm the proud Dad of Stanley McCarty the most beautiful German Shepherd in the Universe!
04-29-2009@0451 Dearest Stanley, every night I pass where you left this earth physically. I have the road marked so I am better able to be in contact with your spirit. Spiritually we will never be apart again. Our love is our bond and I know this is the way God has meant it to be. Someday soon I will leave this earth and I'll be with you, Molly, Princess, Pooh and Pepper. Just remember Stanley, Mom and Dad love you and miss you more and more each day. Talk with you soon. Love, Dad.

May 28, 2009 I miss you so much Stan, I love you. Mom
July 30,2009 2:18PM Stanley, every day I miss you more and more. I constantly look down the driveway hoping to see you walking back up it. As time passes on my love for you grows as I know we wil again meet in the spiritual world and be together again. I know Princess and Molly are looking after you, Pepper and Pooh. We love you Stanley. Dad.
9-16-2009 @ 0130 I love you Stanley. I'm awaiting your Spirit. I miss you terribly. DaD!!
Sunday, 11-08-2009 7:54PM Dearest Stanley, time moves on but my love for you only increases. Often I return to the location where you was taken from me and I pray hoping that there is a spiritual connection. Your death hurts as much now as it did then. I know you are with Molly, Princess, Pepper, Pooh and now Beau. Someday our Spirits will again be together. Until then remember love you and the rest of the guys. Until then-Dad!!
January19,2010 1300 Hours
Dearest Stanley, as days go by I miss you more and more. Often I look down the drive way hoping that I had a bad dream and that you would come walking back. Today is the first anniversary of your passing on and the first year we haven't been together.
I close my eyes and see you chasing the soccer ball and I can still hear you howling wth your brothers and sisters. Your SPIRIT is still here and it will always be with me and your mother. I pray I will be with you again and I know you will be waiting with Molley, Princess, Pepper, Pooh and Beau. For the record PepperJ was attacked by Rosie and Sasha. I had my finger bitten off but it was sewed back on and is doing well. PepperJ is ok but Molley and Princess need to send a SPIRITUAL MESSAGE to Rosie and Sasha.
Stanley, the day you got killed was the worst day of my life. I will never forget 01/19/2009. You was a beautiful big boy and you were mine. I was so lucky. I loved you more than you can imagine and love you more each new day.
Psalm 145:-9-10,13,15-21
Though all creatures are subject to man's cruelty, God loves all His creation and has made plans for all His children and the lesser creatures to enjoy His eternal Kingdom.
Romans 8:19
The lesser creatures await Christ's return to redeem the sons of God so they, too, will be released from physical death to eternal life.
Revelation 5:13
And every creature which is in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

Oh God, when we leave this world please allow Stanley's mom and me to be with Stanley and all his brothers and sisters and of course Pooh cat. Lord I thank you for the time I had to spend with your furry children. Others brag of monetary wealth but it would be impossibe to buy the wonderful times we had together. Lord, thank you for our Stanley, our Molley, our Princess, our Pepper and our Pooh cat. Amen!
Stanley---My heart cries for you every day. We love you Stanley!--Your Mom and Dad--Ronald J. McCarty Sr. & Elsie A. McCarty 01192010 1410 HOURS
February 24th, 2010 @0121 Dearest Stanley, I'm trying to upload your picture so all can see how beautiful you are. I'll get it done. Need a smaller picture. Checked in to connect with you. Hope you are taking care of Beau, Princess, Molley, Pepper and Pooh.. Never forget Stanley, you are forever. I love you. Love-Mom & Dad.
March 09, 2010- Sunny & 60
Dearest Stanley, Finally I have placed your beautiful picture in the forever. We will always be one forever. Every day I'm closer to being with you. Your brother Morphy has fallen on tough times as his hips are pretty much gone. Your other brother PepperJ is also having his tough times too. I fear soon they will be with you but hopefully not for a year or couple of years. Your babby brother Jake has turned into a big strong beautiful boy like yourself. Sashua and Rosie are doing well. I hope you, Molley, Princess, Pepper and Pooh are being good. Until we are together remember we love you. Stop in when you can. Your bed is still there. Love DAD
March16,2010 1535 hours. Dearest Stanley, I love you DAD. Molley, Princess I love you, your dad.
JUNE 2,2010 Dearest Stanley, how is it up in HEAVON. It won't be long now and we will be together again. Life is hard without you. Morphy has trouble walking now. His hips are just about gone. As time goes on we love you more than before if that is possible. I know Princess,Molley, Pepper and Pooh cat are with you. How's Beau. Don't forget to stop in and be with me. I want to hug you. I will always love you, your dad.
08/12/2010 at 0514 Dearest Stanley, It seams like only yesterday you were here. Often I walk down to where you were killed with the hopes of connecting with you. I believe that is where we have our best opportunity to be with each other. I hope you hear me when I talk to you!. How's Miss Princess and Miss Molley. Someday soon we will be together again. Never forget Stanley that we will always love you, Molley, Princess, Pooh and Miss Pepper. Stop around when you get time. DAD.
09-04-2010 Dearest Stanley I hope all is well. Soon we will be together again. Time goes on as does my love for you. You were special and I can't wait to be with you, Princess ,Molley & Pooh Cat. I hope you hear me when I talk to you out on the road where you departed. Until we are together again take care of your sisters and Mr. Pooh. Love--your dad.
September 30,2010 Dearest Stanley, Princess, Molley. Pooh & Pepper your Spirits are alive and well. We love you guys and I await our times together again. Love dad.
11-24-2010 at 12:15PM Morpheus. Dearest Stanley, at the time and date entered i had to do what I feared most. I had Morpheus put to sleep. The time had come where Morpheus had made a turn for the worst. We loved him and hoped for a recovery. Since January 2010 he has't been able to walk. about a month ago he hurt his front legs and was unable to support himself. I would have gladly taken care of him for the rest of my life.
Stanley, please accept Morpheus. You guys don't need to argue now. Morpheus is/was a big-beautiful Silver & Black German Shepherd dog. He was a gentle giant and he loved Mommy.
Stanley, I miss you, Morpheus, Princess, Molly, Pepper & Pooh and can't wait until we are together again. Our house is your house. When you need to rest from playing at the Rainbowsbridge come to my bedroom where you resided. Let me know you are/were there.
Morpheus, I love you. Take care of big brother Stanley. I love you guys. Dad Ronald Mccarty Sr.
Dearest Stanley, it's been two long years and I still don't want to believe you are gone. A simple error took you away and an error in judgement took Molley away. Stanley, I miss you more and more every day and I look forward to being with you again. Morpheus has now joined you and I hope there is enough room for the both of you. Try to keep your teeth to yourself.
Stanley, you can never be replaced. You are in my heart forever-DAD
05-15-2011 Dearest Stanley, Morphy, Molly, Princess, Pepper and Pooh. Guys,I have 10 working days till I retire on May 29th. There is never a day that goes by that I don't miss you guys. You all remain in my heart and soon we will be together. Love you all, Dad!
AUGUST 5th, 2011 at 307 PM Dearest Stanley, Morphy, Molly, Princess, Pepper & Pooh. Another day without you guys & gals. I hope Heaven has taught you guys to get along. I tell Mom when we hear thunder that is Stanley and Morphy arguing. Princess & Molly had a few altercations too! Nothing much to say that hasn't already been said except we love you all and we will get together again at the Rainbow Bridge. As always, Love Dad.
NOVEMBER 25, 1011
Stanley, tomorrow is Thanks Giving 2011. Two years and a half ago you crossed over to the other world and there hasn't been a day I haven't missed you. Since you passed Morphy has come to join you along with Molly, Princess, Pepper and Pooh who preceded you. I pray God is keeping you well and soon we will all be together again. You and your brothers and sisters will remain in our hearts until we meet again. Love you ,DAD!
12-25-2011 CHRISTMAS: Dearest Stanley, it's DAD. Another Christmas with out you, Molly,Princess Morphy, Pepper & Pooh. I hope you are looking after them until I join you which as Christmas's go by the wait will be sooner. Merry Christmas to all of you as you are in God's domain. We love you guys and will be with you soon. Love, DAD!!
01-19-2012 My dearest Stanley: It is 10:26 AM. At 5:50 PM today it will be 3 years without you. Even though you live in my heart the pain still exists without being able to hug you. Everyday I am reminded of how you were taken from us and how it could have been prevented.
I pray that you, Molly, Princess, Morphy, Pooh and Pepper are well and looking forward to us being together again. On your special day Stanley remember no one loves you more than Mom and me.I love you Stanley-DAD
SATURDAY March 17, 2012 I pray that you, Morphy, Pepper, Molly, Princes and Pooh have worked out your differences and you are all getting along. As the years pass I'm getting closer to being with all of you and very much looking forward to it. Today is St. Patricks day and even though you's were German Shepherds you were still McCartys and thus Irish German Shepherds. Well Pepper was a Lab Irish McCarty and Pooh was an Irish Crazy Cat. I'll be back soon, love you guys--DAD
TUESDAY JUNE 26,1012 Dearest Stanley: on March 31st, 2012 and at 3:45 PM-your best buddy and mommies true love PEPPERJ, our dearest Lab left this earth to be with you Stanley, Morphy, Princess, Molly, Pepper and Pooh. It's taken this long to write this as these events are getting harder to take. I know you especially will take care of PEPPERJ along with Molly, Princess & Morphy as you and the guys were a team. Mom and I love you guys and you all remain in our hearts forever. Some day in the not to distant future we will all be together again as God would only want it that way. Be back with you soon--DAD
12-26-2012 Dearest Stanley, our first year without Pepperj your best buddy even though he was a Lab. He now rests along with you, Miss Molly, Miss Princess, Big Mr Morphy and Miss Pepper up there in Heaven. As I speak Sasha is turning 12 and having many serious health issues. Hopefully she will allow us to be with her for more Christmases to come. Always remember our love for you and as I close out 2012 I realize it won't be too many more years until we are together again. Me and mom love you Stanley, take care of the guys and continue to protect Pepperj. Dad
01192013 Dearest Stanley, it's been 4 years with out you at approximately 5:50 PM, about an hour and 38 minutes from now.Sasha has been failing lately and is on medication for pain, her liver and her eyes. We are hoping that she will be with us for a while. I think of you every day and you are present in our hearts. On this special day I want you to know how much you are missed. I love you Stanley and we will be together soon. Dad
April 10, 2013 Dearest Stanley,we(You and I)will always be one. Every day the pain of you passing seems to get worse. You, Molly, Princess, Morpheus, Pepper, Pooh cat and Pepperj are with you in Heaven playing together. Soon I will be with you for time on this Earth expires for us all. Stanley, I love you--Dad
05/01/2013 RIP but play hard. Love you, DAD
08/09/2013 My dearest Stanley it has taken me this long to add our ROSIE. Rosie died of seizures on 06/21/2013 at 9:14 AM. Rosie was a beautiful Czech, Black Sable German Shepherd Dog. It still hasn't set in that she is gone but when it does, well you know. Show her the ropes and I know that in heaven You and Morphy are getting along or is that the thunder I hear? Stanley, our love for you will never fade and I pray that God will again allow us to be together. Please pass on to Molly, Pepper, Princess, Morphy, Pepperj and Rosie how much we miss and love them. Soon we will all be together. I love Stanley--DAD
12282013 Dearest Stanley, another Christmas without you and our first without Rosie. Sasha is really slowing down and walking for her is an issue. You have accumulated quite an impressive clan including POOH CAT, Molly, Pepper, Princess, Morpheus, your best buddy PepperJ and Rosie. Keep a good eye on them as we will be with you again. Love you Stanley Dad SASHA to be added/my baby love fawn colored German Shepherd EASTER 4/12/2020 at 2AM My Dearest Stanley, our beautiful Sasha has left us to be with you. Our Beautiful Jake has left us to be with you as well. I'ii put the dates in later. It has been too painful. Jake wanted my help and I failed him-- Jake I am so sorry. All you guys have been the backbone of our family and I know you all knew how much you were loved. I thank God everyday for being with you guys. Miss Molley Mutsie started it all and now we have Jaeger, an East German Pup who we rescued. He was tortured for what reason I will never know but he is safe now. Later 11:14 4/14/2022

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