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Memories of Stainzy
Stainzy came to us out of a corn field while we were on vacation in Montreal. It was as if, she chose us as she walked up to us as her new parents. Mommy picked her up and the two just snuggled. As we approached the boarder we were asked " do you have anything to declare? Nancy said yes, a loaf of sunflower bread and a kitten". We were told to move along. She slept most of the way home to New Hampshire, but did eat some dry kitten food out of our hands at times. She was such a tiny little thing, and mommy stayed home days and taught her to play fetch with the mice and balls we had. It was so funny for me to see a kitten play fetch I never saw this before. When it was time for bed, Stainzy would always sleep in mommy long hair curling up like she was in a nest. Sometimes at night Stainzy's favorite game to play was walking across the headboard and trying to grab us through the slats in the headboard. She often fell and hit her head on the heating register. When we laughed she would jump up again and try to get us as if saying " don't laugh at me".
As she grew older, some of her other favorite things to do were rip open the cat litter bag, take the toilet paper off of the roll and rip to shreds our shower curtain, but what could we do, she was so cute.
She was an indoor fur-baby but soon ended up sneaking out and exploring her new surroundings. Before we could get her spayed she ended up getting pregnant and gave us her first born Jack. They used to play all the time until Jack just grew too big. Stainzy was always a petite little girl but could take care of Jack with no problem. She taught Jack to climb trees and hunt. She always brought us home gifts left on the front porch. Mommy's least favorite gift was a live snake she left on the porch. We have a neighbor a few houses up in a wheelchair with lots of bird feeders. Stainzy got one of the birds and the lady happened to be outside at the time. Stainzy was running home with the bird in her mouth and the lady chasing her in her wheelchair screaming " I'm going to kill that cat".
Stainzy was so friendly all of the neighbors loved her especially Kelly. She would always start her day going over there and getting treats and seeing her boyfriend fur-baby Sparky.
Stainzy was always petite and only weighed 8 pounds, when she got sick it was very quickly. In 2 weeks time she lost weight and went down to 5 pounds, could hardly walk, and spent most of her time sleeping in the closet. After seeing 3 vets, we found out she had Lupus. It was explained to us that she did not have much longer, there was nothing they could do, and she was in a lot of pain. We were both hugging and kissing her when she passed, it was a heart breaking decision to make she was cremated individually with her favorite blanket and her 2 favorite toys. She is still home with us and will always be a part of this family. We love and miss you pretty girl, Mommy Daddy and Jack.

--09/01/2014-- Labor Day
Hi Stainzy, I just want you to know how much we miss you. I cry for you constantly as does Mommy. She misses you sleeping with her on her lap and loving you. I miss how you used to lay on my chest as I pet your soft coat. Have you found Snowy, Stripe and your babies at the bridge? look over and protect them. Always remember, how special your made our lives. Till we cross the bridge Mommy, Daddy and jack love you.

It has been almost 2 years since you have crossed over to the "Bridge" and we still miss you more than ever. Jackie is doing ok with Emma-Kate and they love each other, but he still misses you and looks for you. Ever since we brought Emma home she has taken over the house and everything in it even Jack. No one will ever take your place in our hearts or home, you are the "Ruling Princess". Mommy misses you sleeping on the chair with her and Daddy misses you at is feet in bed. Your ashes are right by Mommy and she looks at them everyday along with your pictures. We love you and miss you so much you were the "Perfect, Perfect Kitty".

Hi Stainzy girl. Happy Birthday little Princess. You would have been 12 years old this year. I was telling Mommy how I remember how we had such a special bond and when mommy handed you to me I instantly fell in love with you. I knew that moment you were my little girl. How beautiful you were. I remember how you used to attack mommy on the couch when she got to close to me. How you used to nest in her hair in bed at night and how you would play on top of the bed and fall while me and mommy laughed. You gave us such joy and we still see how your son Jack has carried your torch. He is and has always been the best little kitty...just like you were. He definitely has your genes and thank you so much for that. We miss seeing you laying in the sunshine and chasing after squirrels or up and down the trees. We hope you are happy, safe, and have a full belly and that you are with some of your babies and have made many new friends. You loved everyone and everyone loved you...such a good girl. Rest easy and we will see you again someday. Until then, know how much we love you and miss you more as time goes by. XOXOXO

Hi Pretty little Princess girl, Well today marks the 2 years since you have left us and we want you to know how difficult it still is. Just tonight while driving home I could not hold back my tears thinking about you as I was driving. when you came into our lives you brought so much love and happiness. You gave us your first born who has your same characteristics. We could not have asked for another better kitty. I still remember the first time I held you and the last time I held you. You brought so much happiness into our lives and we cannot begin to thank you for that. There will never be another you nor would I want to go out and search for one like you because no one could ever replace you. One of my favorite pictures of you is when you were a baby all snuggled up in Mommies blanket with just your little head showing. Of course there are so many pictures of you that we love. I don't think you could take a bad picture, they are all so beautiful just like you.
Mommy and I were talking a few weeks ago about how you used to attack her and bite her on the arm while we were watching tv. I think you were jealous. And remember the times in bed when you used to curl up in mommies hair like a little bird in a nest. We will always hold you closest to our hearts.

Run, play and be happy. We love and will always miss you. Until we cross over the bridge to be once again reunited with you.
Love always Mommy, Daddy, and your first born Jack XOXOXO

Stainzy, Mommy and Daddy want to wish you a happy birthday. You would have been 13 years old, just a teenager. Going to give Jack a can of tuna in your honor, almost as good as the shrimp you used to get. Jack is doing fine but we still think he misses you, he hasn't been the same since you have gone.
You were taken from us by Lupus at such an early age, the pain you were in was to much and the vet did everything he could but we needed to ease your pain for you. That was the hardest decision for us to make; we wanted to hang on to you but, knew we had to let you go. Tears fill our eyes often. You were so sweet and tiny and sometimes we feel your presence at home. We just want you to be happy, healthy and loved with all at the bridge. Stripe has the same birthday as you and we hope you are both together. Happy birthday to Stripe who was 19 when we brought you home and you and him only had 2 years together, he loved you.
We hope you, your babies and Stripe are all running and playing at the bridge. When we pass we will all be together again loving each other. We love and miss you with all our heart. Thank you for giving us your love and for choosing us to come home with.
Hello little girl. It has been a long painful 3 years since you have crossed over to be with your babies, Snowy and Stripe. We know you are playing and taking care of them. You always were the motherly type, so loving and caring. Jackie still looks for you to come out from the woods, still laying there looking for you. You gave us so much and one of the best things is your first born Jack. We have such memorable moments of you, those we will keep and remember always in our hearts. It still pains us to this day, but we knew we had to let you go to ease your pain. The pain we feel daily is nothing that we can imagine what you were going through. Mommy misses you laying with her and I too miss you snuggling with me. You were taken from us way too early and we wish we would have had many more years with you. You will always be our shining light and little princess. Love and hugs, and lots of kisses go out to
you. Until we can all be together at the bridge, we hope you are happy and with your loved ones and new friends. Love Mommy, Daddy and Jack.<3

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