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Memories of Squirt
Squirt was the most special, golden gift to me from God. He was my little Chocolate Angel and my baby child that shared my happiness and excitement when things were good and forced me to keep the faith when things were bad. I lost my baby prematurely at the age of 10 1/2 yrs. to HSA cancer after trying everything possible to prolong his quality of life. Squirt was my very first bred Siberian Husky, whelped on October 30, 1996. His dam, Raven, had to have a c-section and spay where I lost his litter brother. Raven's milk never came in because of what she went through so I hand-fed and raised this Baby. This precious boy had such a special personality and aura about him. His zest and zeal for life was contagious! He never, ever met a stranger....he loved everybody.

Squirt became an AKC champion on May 9, 1998 and his registered name is Ch. Sutana's Kitchie Manitou which means "Great Warrior" in Ojibawa Indian Tribes. Squirt also sired a beautiful litter of 6 babies of which 3 of them reside with me. His one daughter, Spicee, produced 5 of Squirt's grandchildren in September 2006. Squirt loved to run in harness with the ATV or Golf Car up in the mountains of N.C. Squirt was the most powerful running dog. He would kick the dirt and gravel up in our faces! When traveling in the motorhome to dog shows, etc. on and off for a few years he made tons of friends everywhere he went. When we arrived back at the same location, he knew his friends by sight and let us all know he saw them!! His favorite perch was the driver's seat of the motorhome so he could observe everybody and everything. Squirt also would get to run with our golf cart on the grounds at dog shows. It certainly was his favorite pastime!

I left Squirt one time in his entire life when I went to Westminister Dog Show. Other than that, I only left him for his medical treatment. Squirt loved me as much as I loved him so we shared a strong bond. We were always there for each other. Squirt ruptured a disc in his neck at the age of 8 and was paralyzed until the surgery and the followup treatments got him walking quickly but it took months for him to even come close to the wild and crazy Baby he always was. Then I lost Tushka my Siberian Son who raised Squirt about 8 months later. I lost Tushka to HSA cancer also. He never showed a sign of it until it was too late also. I think that loss depressed Squirt so much. He was never quite the same thereafter. Several vets all pretty much confirmed that Squirt had JDJ and we treated him for that including regular physical therapy treatments, acupuncture, etc. In hindsight perhaps I were fueled the cancer by giving him medications that were to help him be comfortable and have a good life. After all was said and done I was forced to make the hardest, worst, life-altering decision that I've ever experienced. Squirt was such a special, strong and loving Baby that I could not let him suffer any longer for my own selfishness and I was helpless to do anything more to save him. I sent my precious Baby back to God on April 21, 2007. I am coming upon six months now that I lost Squirt and I am not better at all and probably worse.

I thank God everyday for blessing me with His golden gift to me of my Baby Squirt. The bond we shared together is never to be repeated. I know I will be reunited with my precious Baby someday and he'll greet me wearing his silver harness. In the meantime my heart is broken and I'll never be the same without my special Baby. Words cannot even describe what a spectacular boy Squirt was. Everytime I laid my eyes on Squirt he took my breath away. I'll never stop missing him...EVER

There isn't a day that goes by when I don't grieve for you my darling, precious baby Bear! The holidays are never the same since I lost both Tushka, your best buddy, and you! Your son Nacu is doing so well thanks to God above. I think maybe you've been working your magic too as I've seen you often in your son. MERRY CHRISTMAS MY PRECIOUS CHOCOLATE BEAR! Love Mom

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DARLING BABY!! Spring is now approaching which used to be great but since losing you in the spring, it brings back the only sad times we shared our lives together..when you got so sick and then left me to go to Jesus. Squirt, you are always in my heart, spirit and mind. I cannot express how much I will always miss you darling Bear! Your little girl Spicee looks like a miniature, lighter version of you even with her fashion statement!

This is such a bittersweet time of the year for me. While I want to rejoice and enjoy the new flowers and leaves of the spring, it was also the final weeks of Squirt's life with me. Everytime I look at the pink camellias, cherries, azaleas and dogwoods blooming I remember walking Squirt around the yard while he would stop and smell those flowers. I can still feel him with me in the backyard and everywhere I go because we are soulmates forever! Love you my Baby until we meet again! Love Mom XOXO

So we finally came up to your favorite place in the whole world, the mountains! I can almost see you perched on your rock overlooking the mountain ridges! Now I take your son there. Everytime I come home I look in the front bedroom window hoping to see your precious face waiting for me like you always did. I have the most wonderful memories of our lives together with you my sweet Chocolate Bear! Life just isn't the same without you and Tushka. We'll all be happy when we're together. Love Mom XOXO

The Fall is my favorite time of the year because your birthday and Tushka's are in this season. You're my Baby and always will be. The happiest day of my live was when you were born and I held you in my arms! The saddest day of my life was when I held you in my arms but had to say goodbye and send you to the Bridge and back into God's arms! If you were still here with me, you would be turning 14 years old. I always thought you would live longer than that but I guess Tushka missed you too much my Baby Bear and needed you with him! I keep looking for a puppy that may come close to resembling you and for the last 3 1/2 yrs. I can't find one! Of course I've always known that God made you especially for me and you cannot EVER be replaced!!! You were so special that even your own children aren't anything like you except a little bit with Nacu your son. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING, PRECIOUS CHILD XOXO

Again in 2010 Christmas wasn't the same without you and never will be! You were generous and loving with the gifts you picked out for me, as always! I received the spectacular painting of you and your "brother" Tushka, two days before Christmas. My heart stopped and I cried for a long time after seeing what a beautiful job JoLynn in capturing your hearts and souls. Only God knows how much I miss you both my darling angels!

Happy Valentine's Day to my Chocolate Bear! My heart will never heal after losing you and Tushka. I miss you so very much! Love, Mom XOXO

Baby I know that you and Tushka have welcomed your buddy Snowee and then your girlfriend Icee in the past few months. I am very sad that they are no longer with me but hope that all of you are having a wonderful time waiting for the rest of us to join you. Your son Nacu has been very, very sick but I hope he'll be better and stay with us all for awhile longer. Your daughter Beamie is sick too but she is doing better than Nacu right now. All of this has been way too much to deal with in a short period of time. It also brings back the memories of the last days you were with me here on earth and that makes me even sadder. I miss you so very, very much XOXO Love, Mom

Well Allie, I had to send your "Beauty Queen" daughter, Moonbeam, to be with you, Tushka, Snowee and her Mama Icee. I know you're all having a wonderful time together but I MISS YOU ALL TOO MUCH! Halloween only means one thing around here to me and that is your BIRTHDAY Chocolate Bear! You were darker than all the candy bars when you were born and I ATE YOU UP. HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY BABY BEAR!!! Love Mom XOXO.


I missed you more than ever at the mountain house after Thanksgiving especially since I lost Snowee, Icee and Beamie shortly before. I know that you are all enjoying your running through the snow in your silver harnesses but I can't help but miss you horribly!

No holiday has ever been the same without you Allie Bear but Christmas is the worst without you and your buddies! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Love Mom

Dear Baby, we've been fighting for 3 years to keep your son Nacu healthy and with all of us but it appears he may soon have to join you across the bridge. I miss you sooooo much! Love Mom xoxoxoxo

I know you and Tushka are taking great care of your son Nacu now also. My life and the house is empty without your presence! All of your years with us were the best in my entire life! We sure did have the best time at the mountain house and the motorhome didn't we? Miss you forever.......Love, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxox

My Chocolate Baby Bear, I still hurt without you and always will. Now you have your precious daughter Shugie Woogie Bear plus Beamie, Gracie and Nacu. Life as we knew it is no longer without all of you in our lives. You would have had a really difficult time in the horrible heat this summer until it cooled off in the mountains. I felt your presence in the mountains for certain and could see you tearing down the mountain in harness to reach the stream for a cool off! I hear you running around upstairs and jumping off the bed that you LOVED! Ahh Baby, until we all meet again. With so much LOVE, HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU! Love Mom xoxoxoxoxo

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY PRECIOUS BABY BEAR! LOVE MOM XOXOXOXOX I always miss you but more in the fall because that is when you were born and my life was wonderful!

A very sweet dark red puppy Siberian came into my life to help me survive the future. His name is TYEE. You know nobody will ever take your place!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 MY PRECIOUS CHOCOLATE BEAR! This year you have your spectacular son with you and I don't have him with me anymore. I miss all of you so very, very much! Only MR. Z, Tushka's son you grew up with, is with me in addition to your daughters Spicee and Cinnie. Of course I also have your buddy M&M, Icee's son, and your grandkids Bizzee, B.J. and Izzee. I have the new puppy TYEE that loves everyone. I hope they remain with me for many more years since I couldn't have you and Tushka past 10. Your niece, Izzee, is a Princess but you were the only knighted Siberian Husky....Sir Gentleman Squirt! Hugs and kisses to you and all, Love Mom XOXOXOXO

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY PRECIOUS HEART DOG! Hugs and kisses to you and all, especially your precious son Nacu whom we sent to you a year ago. Love Mom XOXOXO

It was the first time I went to Perry since I lost you and Tushka. That show was when your son Nacu won a 5 point major and your daughter Spicee won a 4 point major. Your kids are fantastic! I felt you there Baby Bear! I could visualize you and Tushka going crazy near the sheep hearding events and making your presence known. I could see you running full speed with the golf cart over the grassy areas where you were taken. I could see you running alongside the bike as we toured the whole complex. That show will never be the same without you two precious loves of my life! Most of all Bear and Bootie, I saw your double rainbow!!

Tomorrow will be six years since I sent you to Jesus. The thought of that day still makes me ill. I miss you like crazy and your memories are with me always! We LOVE YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH SQUIRT!! Love, Mom XOXO

It's been really tough this summer in the mountains visualizing you and Tushka everywhere we go! Sometimes I feel like you're right there alongside me. I saw the special rainbow last week and thought of you and Tushka right away! Having you in my life my Baby Bear was the absolute BEST OF TIMES!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BEAR! I can't look at Halloween decorations without ever thinking of you since you were the greatest gift on Halloween! Dylan's 30th birthday cake featured your gorgeous likeness as a special treat. Remember how we always celebrated both of your birthdays! Oh Lord thank you for blessing me with the most spectacular, golden gift of this precious baby in my life. I will never stop missing you or loving you baby! Love Mom XOXO

I now have ZMan, Spicee, Cinnie, M&M, Izzee and Tyee with me. I no longer have Bizzee and B.J. You know what happened and it is very sad.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY MY BABY BEAR! You and Tushka were always my Valentine Boys! I sure do miss you both so very much! Love Mom XOXO

I had to let you go to Jesus on this day 7 years ago! It killed me to do but I knew your spirit was already there! It seems like not so long ago. Baby Bear I miss you more than I can ever express. I am going to have to leave the only homes you ever knew and it hurts me so. I can still see you and Tushka running around and owning these homes and the properties. Those were the happiest days of my entire life with the two of you! I love you so very much my precious boy! I'm trying to keep your two daughters Spicee and Cinnie healthy and with me longer. Your girl Spicee is your clone in a smaller, lighter color! Your grandson's Bizzee and B.J. were taken from me and I miss them so much too! Love Mom XOXO

Baby Bear I sure wish you were with me now as I need your hugs and kisses! Love Mom XOXO. I sent your Uncle ZMAN across the Bridge and then your beautiful, sweet daughter Cinnie wanted to follow him! Your grandson B.J. is up there with all of you, finally he's in a better place where he's happy I'm sure. I know he has missed all of us so much. I'm so sad without all of you!
Now I have M&M, Spicee, Izzee and Tyee left with me. HUGS AND KISSES XOXO

Well my Baby Bear, I am coming into my favorite time of the year which is when you came in to my life and made it a better place! You will always be so loved and so missed until we meet again! Love Mom XOXO

I saw your special Rainbow the other day my darling baby! Oh how I love you and miss you with all my heart and soul! I'm keeping your darling daughter Spicee alive and feeling good. She always was the original Squirtlet and now the final! She looks just like you only she is golden in color as she always was and smaller. Goldfish has your thick velvet ears and your fashion statements! It seems like yesterday you were here with me. I look around at my home here where you were born and raised plus the mountain home where we had so much fun together. Now it is all gone. Just know that the best times of my entire life were spent with Tushka and you! It was my son Tushka and my baby Squirt! Until we meet again my chocolate bear! Love Mom XOXO

Baby Bear I had to leave my home where you were born and raised in addition to all of your family! I know you'll be there checking things out like you always do. I will see you always running up and down the steps to the deck into the yard to check everything out. You and Tushka had the run of the inside and outside of your castle but you deserved it! I have your special daughter Spicee, my Goldiebear, still with me and I'm trying to keep her here as long as I can. I know she misses all her sisters and her brother Nacu! Your granddaughter Izzee is thriving and safe with me. I hope you're being nice to your grandson B.J.! He was a very sweet soul and I miss him so much also. I never got to say goodbye to him so tell him that I always loved him, wanted him to be with me and will always miss him. My life would now be perfect if all my furbabies were with me!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITCHIE, KITCHIE, KITCHIE MANITOU!!!! LOVE YOUR MOM XOXOXO

You left me 9 years ago today. It was so unbearable and the pain from your loss was so great. My heart broke. My life was never to be the same again. I still feel the same way whenever I think of you, whenever I talk about you and see your photos. I do feel so very, very blessed by The Lord that He graced me with your presence in my life all of those years. He knew how much I needed you. Your daughter Spicee is over 14 1/2 years old now, living so much longer with me than you did. She is your little light red clone! Thank you for presenting her to me as she is so very special with her velvet ears like her Papa Bear Squirt!I will miss you and love you until I die and we meet again! XOXOXOXO YOUR MAMA

By now you're enjoying your gorgeous daughter Spicee that broke my heart by leaving me in May. She was your smaller image in a lighter color and she was my Heartgirl! Added to the family across the Bridge too is my sweet boy M&M and both of his sisters, Cupid and Razzee. I don't know whether your grandson Bizzee is with you too as I haven't seen him for many years now! If he is, tell him I always loved him and didn't want Gary to take him away along with BJ!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON OCT. 30 to my Baby Chocolate Bear!! I love and miss you until we meet again!

Your beautiful body left me 10 years ago today 4/21/07. You took a part of me with you but you'll always be in my heart, soul, my mind and entire being. I'll never, ever stop loving and missing you. You were one of the very best aspects of my entire life and I treasure all of our memories together. I hope you're enjoying your little Goldiebear for the last almost year. Your kids were the best! Well there aren't but a few of the family left now. Soon we'll all be together....Love, Mom XOXOXO

Well my Baby Bear, did you meet my Daddy up in heaven yet? He never had the great pleasure of meeting you. Everybody loves you Squirt but nobody as much as me! Your granddaughter Izzee and grandson Spirit are turning 11 years old tomorrow 9/18/17! I don't know whether your grandson Bizzee is still alive but if he's with you tell him I always loved and missed him. I never wanted to lose him. Love, MOM X0X0

A very Happy Birthday Baby Bear! I'm celebrating your birthday in the most appropriate place where you loved to go....VIRGINIA BEACH!! I'm taking your Granddaughter IZZEE and she hasn't been here since she and BJ came with you and Tushka. Boy those were my happiest days being with all of you! I'll look and listen for your spirit while we're there. Izzee's best buddy Tyee will be with us. I'll love you forever my Chocolate Bear. Love Mom XOXO

Well Baby you have your precious Granddaughter Izzee with you now and I know you're all running around healthy, painfree and sound! She was the last of all your family that I had here with me. My heart is hanging by a thred. I love you all forever until we're all together again.
My sweet boy Tyee is alone with me and misses everyone very badly, especially Izzee. Love Mom XOXO

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday my Baby which I know you are having. You're all together now but without me. We will be together with Jesus for certain and we'll have a homecoming like none other!! I hope you're taking care of your precious Princess Granddaughter for me. The day you were born my world became a much better place and it's never been quite as good since you've been gone. All my love, hugs, kisses and cookies my Sir Gentleman Squirt!! Love Mom Forever XOXO

Everytime I think about losing you I feel like I was punched in the stomach. You were priceless and I love and miss you so very much. I think of you every single day of my life. Your Mom loves you forever XOXO

Oh my Baby Bear, I lost my little TYEE and I'm all alone. Please be sweet to Tyee because he was a very special boy to me to help me through losing all of you. I feel like parts of you and Tushka were in his soul. Your Mom is in a bad place now as I am all alone without any of you. I hope I will get a fantastic greeting from all of you. You were all the best of my life! Love Mom XOXO

I saw a Siberian Husky last week at the National walk into the ring looking and acting so much like you which is so rare to see! We're you saying hi to me? It was hard to live that down as I miss you so much. I hope you're being sweet to TYEE that you never knew because he helped me through many bad years and he was such a great boy🥰. I love and miss all of you until we meet again! Love Mom XOXO

Well I was dying without all of you and brought a crazy little girl named Kissee into the house with me. You would love to be playing with her as she's so all over the place! She is trying to help me not feel the pain of all of you being gone. It would be lovely to receive a visit from you in my dreams someday! Love Mom XOXO

It's 16 years since you left me and I'm still hurting and missing you. Did you hear me and feel me rubbing your tummy, It's Kitchie Kitchie Kitchie Manitou! XOXO

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