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Memories of Squeegee
A Little Gray Cat
Just a little gray cat, he was. He found me one day in my yard and jumped on my shoulder. Surprised, I said, "You're such a pretty kitty. How did you find me?" He smiled to himself.
Looking out my window one day, I saw him again. He was watching me. It was raining lightly. "You're such a pretty kitty, you look like a squeegee cleaning my window, but you cannot come in yet." He smiled to himself. I named him "Squeegee."
But he did come inside. Soon he was in my life. He accepted me and I accepted him. He loved me more than I could ever imagine a cat would. He was such a part of my life and a soul mate. What fun we had! He loved to see me working in the yard. He loved to jump in the leaves as I raked. He loved to jump out at me while I was pulling weeds. He even loved it when I squirted the sidewalk. Yes, he loved water. He was there every morning to wake me up. Somehow he knew what time it was. Somehow he knew he loved me more than any other human being.
I could not keep a collar on him. He would take it off. It's OK, Squeegee, I said. I accept that. I decided, though, it would be best he stayed inside. I was always afraid that someone would hurt him.
Early one morning, a neighbor who knew I loved animals, stopped to tell me that there was a cat lying in the street. Then I realized he had gotten out. Horrified, I was hoping it was not him. In pajamas I ran into the street and found my dear Squeegee dead. I cannot tell you the anguish and shock that I felt. I picked up his poor crushed body and carried him into the house. It was the worst day of my life and perhaps the saddest.
My dear sweetheart, my beautiful little Squeegee was gone forever. He touched my life in a way I can never explain to any other human being. For a long time I wondered why he came into my life and why he was taken from me. I can never replace him. Yet he lives on in my memory. But always, I say to myself, "Why?"
I cannot ever forget the beautiful little sprite that touched my life. He was just a little gray cat, but he was my dearest friend. I'll see you on the other side, my Squeegee. I know you will be waiting for me.
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