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Memories of Spunky
I'm so afraid I will forget about our memories together, or how you felt, looked and smelled. I created this memorial to have a place to go to when I
want to remember how wonderful you are.

I remember the day that I got you and your brother. You were both so shy and it was cold in your outside den. Your dad and I had just become engaged and it was a very exciting day. We then took you and your brother to John's parents house in Ponca City and you ran around the backyard. You were so energetic and happy. I knew you were adorable then, but had no idea how much you and your brother would both become the best dogs anyone could ever ask for.

We did not know what to name you and your brother. I wanted Jake and Elwood, the Blues Brothers (sorry you would be Jake).
Your dad wanted Rocko and Spunky. We put it to an online vote on xenga and the rest is history (although you were
still the blues brothers).

You were always well behaved, and got only more kind and affectionate with time.

You and your brother did very well in your PetSmart puppy training class. I remember you learned tricks very quickly, and
the trainer said you were very "treat motivated." We loved to walk and say heal and you and your brother would always listen.
The clicker always scared you both, so it did not last long.
You did a great "bang"/play dead and spin. You learned the repertoire so well that you would see me reach for a treat and just
do all the tricks in a row just to be sure.

You and your brother always had a good time playing, especially when you were younger. Clover was around when you were
young, and your brother Rocko liked to hump her. So we created the name "Randy Rocko and the Fish Tacos."

My days will never be the same. I don't know when it happened, but you became my alarm clock, post-shower
licker and bedtime reminder. You were the glue of my life.
On weekends you would come to my side and wake me up with some licks and whines. Then you would follow me everywhere, even
to the bathroom. I wanted to take you everywhere with me.
Even when I was in the bathroom or shower, you would briefly peek in.
In the early mornings when I had to get up for work you would yawn and be tired, but still sit by my side while I got ready,
forever my loyal and loving companion.
Then at the end of the day you would clean me up after my shower. And if I watched TV too late, you would remind me to
"go to bed."
And sometimes when I had a rough time and cried, you were there to lick my tears and make me feel all better.

Things I loved that you did:
-yawned making an "aawww, errryor" noise when you opened and closed your mouth
-sat leaning over on the side of your back leg
-while sitting leaning over, scratch your neck with the corner of your mouth pulled down
-dive bomb into sides of couches or anything soft, even the floor or the bed, especially
after eating meals or getting a bath
... I remember once you divebombed right onto something dead and decomposing on a walk,
... and after that I was skeptical of why your neck fur always smelled so sweet, but
... I still couldn't resist kissing and smelling it
-laying down on pillows
-sitting on my lap
-I left you in the car with a bag of french fries and then soon after chocolate chip subway cookie,
wrapped tightly (enough I thought) in a bag, and came back to the car to find you had ripped through
the bag and eaten a good share of said food
... after that you liked to jump down to the bottom of the car and look around for crumbs
-also after eating you would scour the kitchen a few times just to make sure you didn't miss anything
-walking on the curb during our walks, or "the catwalk"
-enjoying a good ear scratch from me
-putting your paws on a book I was studying, or my laptop
-I would put my hands down and you would walk straight into them for a good chest rub and sit down with me
-carrying your toys around, especially your favorite Maguey
-chewing your toys and even eating part of them

Your escapes:
-the first time you and your brother escaped was when Patrick was watching you while we were on our Honeymoon
-then you went to the neighbor's house and jumped to her window and scared her, she didn't know how to
get you back in our yard, so left a note at our house "I have your dogs" which looked a bit like a ransom
-then the Orkin man left the gate open one night, and you were gone all night long, and I was so worried
I had lost you both forever, then the next morning the lady gave her info and I picked you up from her
house, and they looked like you had a great time of a sleepover
-then you both escaped, but you couldn't get back into our backyard like your brother, and John found
you far away by Reno
-you and your brother also escaped from my parents' house in Sand Springs, and from Jeremy's house

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