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Memories of Springer
I remember the first day we brought you home. It was right after Michael's birthday, and we had to wait for you as you wern't ready for us. It was certainly worth the wait though. You were the sweetest puppy to have around. It wasn't long until you learned to play ball and catch the frisbee. That seemed to be your favorite things to do. You just fit right in with our family and we all quickly became very attached to you. You were always there for us, the most faithful companion. Your love for us was never in doubt.
Through the years you were with us as Michael and Brian grew up and you often accompanied us to baseball games, Soccer games, and Boyscout meetings. Always a part of our family. Your presence with all of the kids friends enlightened and enriched all lives involved. If I wasn't tripping over a sleeping child I was tripping over you.
As you started to get older and the boys moved away you seemed to lose interest in playing so much, but at times we could still see the puppy in you. Always wanting to play ball and run in the back yard. Old age did start to catch up with you as it does with us all. You couldn't see or hear us too well. You always knew we were there and wagged your tail to greet us. Your love was always unquestionable.
We wanted to have you with us forever, but that was not meant to be. I cannot hold onto you when you are sick, and frail and cannot eat any longer. We decided to deliver you into the hands of God and give you eternal peace. I will meet you on the other side buddy. We will always love you.

Its been so long since you left us buddy. We miss you so much. Dad left us the 30th of June. Keep him company until we all meet again.

Its been so long since you left us buddy. Akodo left us today. He was so sick we decided to give him back to God. Please keep him company until we all meet again.

Tootsie got really sick and we had to let her go to God. Watch over her pal.

We lost Bobby the day after Halloween. He had been so sick since he had his back injury. Asthma was too much for him. Keep him company pal he loves animals.

It's been another year to the day that you left us pal. We lost mom the 25th of June. Almost two years to the day that dad left. Please keep them company as I know they always loved you too.

Seems like forever since you left us. We had to put Molly down as she was not eating and falling down the stairs. We all love and miss her so much Please keep her company until we all meet again.

Hey pal been a long time. Please watch over Matsu. We had to send her to God today. She was so sick and in pain. We all loved her so much.

Hey buddy,it's been a long 4 years. We lost Bobby, Dad, Mom, Matsu, Molly, and two of mom's parakeets. I keep thinking that I need to call mom today, but she's been gone for over two years now. The pain of all of your losses weighs heavily on me at times. I just keep trusting that God has more work for me to do before my time comes.

Hey pal, been a long time since I spoke with you. We had to put down Sapphire last week. I have Jade left he is all alone now. I will keep him company the best I can.

Hey buddy it's been a long time since we spoke, but a lot of grief has been in my life. We lost Chewbaca almost a year ago to lung cancer. I miss him so much. I hope he is with you in a better place.

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